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  1. well...no

    The water from today's snow melt is pooling on the walkway that leads to my car, funny thing is, that spot isn't even lowest spot on our property, there is like a mini trench on the northside of the house, that's the lowest spot on our property.

    Can anyone explain this witchcraft?
  2. nope, not even a slight breeze
  3. I believe your house is haunted.
  4. I shall contact the spirits and make peace with them

    then we'll make a sitcom
  5. Natey Potatey, when did you turn into Bomb?
  6. not really much of a difference imo
  7. Alexander went over to the table and grabbed an open mouthed gag and a small tazer as he put the open mouth gag on Alena.
  8. "I was always watching them, every single one of them, every single day. They were abandoned, not by the one they barely remember but the one who raised them." Kunari said softly, "I'm not the one they cry for in the middle of the night. Except for Ichiru, the girls didn't remember me. You can't miss someone you don't remember."
  9. "Every time my children cry for me. I was there. Be it in there dreams." *alex said with a sigh*

    John looked down and sighed* "I wish I could of but what I did was for the safety of our children."
  10. "Yes ichiru?" *john said as Alexander walked back into the kitchen *
  11. Alexander smirked* "you are both so beautiful and amazing."
  12. "Mars, there are children in the room." Kunari said sternly as she walk between Evelyn and Victoria, "How's the decorating coming along?"

    Mars lick her lips and slowly pull away slightly, "Victoria doesn't mind."

    Diane frown, her cheeks turning pink, "Y.. you're... disgusting,"

    Victoria smile and arrange out her cupcakes, "This one is for red daddy.." the cupcake with a red heart, "And for white daddy.." the cupcake with a white dove, "and mommy.." the cupcake with a rose.

    Evelyn only made one cupcake with a castle on it but she was paying a lot of attention to detail unlike Victoria's slightly messy work.
  13. "Sounds like fun."
  14. John nodded as he looked down at Evelyn * "it's beautiful." *john waved his hand as an image of her cupcake appeared in the air then shot off into the sky*

    Alexander smiled * "your sister is thinking of all of us. It seems you are loved even when I'm not here."
  15. "She's thinking of Victoria's siblings, I highly doubt that includes you." Kunari mutter under her breath.

    Evelyn was distracted by John's magic to hear Kunari.

    Victoria smile happily, "Yes, white daddy, Ichi and Eve loves me a lot and I love them too. Though Ichiru and pretty mommy fights a lot."

    "Pretty mommy?" Kunari look at Ichiru.

    "Lilith.." Ichiru mumble irritably.
  16. White Russians.

    Like, that's just your opinion, man. And this aggression will not stand, man!

  17. That's my drink of the month!



    I'm helping a friend make a website about mixology, will be updating the DRUNKEN BASTERDS group soon.