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    Post a picture of you with your favorite drink!

    The picture above is me with Strawberry Ramune.... I love it, but I like the Melon Ramune more! POST PICTURES!

    I want to see JUICE! I WANT TO SEE WATER! I want to see a sea of alcohol! I want to see milkshakes and drinkable chocolate!

  2. Hrrm let's see. I drink a large variety but I'll go ahead and hit the usuals.

    Wake up Drink: Either Coffee (French Vinella w/ Sugar) or a can of RC Cola (Gets me up quick)

    Average drink: Coke/Pepsi both have a respective place and taste for whatever I'm eating. Also I drink a lot of water.

    Alcoholic: Oh god where to start. Usually I am a man of Scotch and Vodka but my secret sin of alcohol is a WEIRD mix.

    Get ready...

    Rum and Black Coffee.
  3. Nicely done! I approve of your choices... and I'll have to try that last one sometime.
  4. Oh and never feed me Sake...EVER. The results are hilarious.
  5. .... B-but now I WANT TO!
  6. Wake-Up Drink: Rather large can of Relentless; hurray for heart failure in a few years!

    Average Drink: Dr Pepper; I thought I was one of the few who drank this, then I went to Uni...

    Alcholic: JD and Coke remains a favourite, though I like a bit of Morgan's Spiced Rum here and there, plus Gin and Tonics.
  7. not really much of a difference imo
  8. ....I drink almost anything. So...I'll just take a pic of the odds and ends empty bottles in the house still. Granted they are all empty and NOT my favs. Dr pepper is my fav...oh wait thats in the pic. (the whiskeys weren't bad) Right. >_< Anyway I agree with warmaster, Corona is good. I have a pic of another beer I likey up, I'm kinda hiding behind it cause I hate pics of me.

    Note: dear god, don't drink sloe gin unless its the only thing about >_< bleck.

    Note #2!: This is why Corvus no drink, this and other bottles were downed many months ago and stubborn people refuse to replenish the cabinet!

  9. Corona's a pretty good beer, but it's so damn expensive here.

    I'll stick with Carlsberg from the tap. It tastes good, and it isn't frothy as fuck...
  10. I want to try that Ginger Beer that WMD posted. Looks good.
    Best beer I've ever had.


    Best Root beer in the world


    Mostly though, I drink H2o.



    Porfidio Tequila. Expensive as hell, but smooth as silk.




    That's all for now.
  11. [​IMG]

    That is all.
  12. Can I put up pictures of women's vaginas?

    I mean, I don't know, I'm sure most of you know what vaginas look like anyway.

    But besides PUSSY JUIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEE I enjoy beer, whiskey, vodka, apple juice, mango juice, water, lemon juice and papelón juice w/lemon.
  13. Awesome choices people!

    And Darkness....


    I like pussy juice too.
  14. Yeah, I went there. I'm bi. I fuck twice as much as everyone else if having the chance....

    *Sticks tongue out at everyone*

  15. White Russians.

    Like, that's just your opinion, man. And this aggression will not stand, man!

  16. That's my drink of the month!



    I'm helping a friend make a website about mixology, will be updating the DRUNKEN BASTERDS group soon.