Drifters of the Omniverse

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    There is a legend; a very old tale. One that few know of, and even fewer believe. However, those that do know of the tale also know of great power. It begins far into the past, farther than your mind could comprehend. Before the first mortal creature walked on land, before the creation of worlds, before the birth of any god. Before the first [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Light[/BCOLOR] pierced the [BCOLOR=#000000]Darkness[/BCOLOR]. There were only the Primal Mountains. Below the mountaintops was the Void, an everlasting nothing that can drive mortal men mad. Atop, however, laid the ever so powerful Primogenitors. These ancient beings slumbered all day and all night; even though the concept of time was not created yet. Nothing existed, all that was were the Void, the Primogenitors, and the Primal Mountains. The Primogenitors had immense power to bend reality and create worlds. They however, chose to slumber instead, and saw such activities with their powers as useless and unnecessary. One such Primogenitor however, thought other wise and stood up to the others. There, he created the first world; a mere droplet in the future ocean of the Omniverse. He spread the word to his fellow Primogenitors, and they soon chose to create as well. Universes, worlds, realms, planes, realities, even multiverses were forged in the power of the Primogenitors. Gods were born and mortal creatures thrived in the everlasting ocean. Soon, these worlds flooded and surrounded the mountaintops, leaving only small areas of them for the Primogenitors to slumber atop. The void was buried under all the worlds, being a dark place nobody wanted to visit. Through the ocean of the Omniverse flowed Time, in the form of a current.

    All was well and thriving, but things were to change after one fateful decision of a Primogenitor. As the others created the concept of Mana and Magic into the Omniverse, one such Primogenitor wanted to give it a try. Thus, she took a beautiful, glowing pebble from the highest point of the mountaintops and tossed it into the ocean of the Omniverse. The pebble shattered and splintered into countless particles of Sparks. Of all the magics created that day, the Sparks were the most amazing. They would latch onto mortals, turning them into something more; a half mortal half Primogenitor, called Drifters. They are called so for their ability to not create worlds, but travel among them, or 'Drift.' Not only that, but they also have the talent to use other forms of magic in any world, summon creatures from the most alien universes, and use ancient artifacts and technologies from the farthest reaches of the Omniverse. Though they are very rare in the Omniverse, as some worlds usually have only two or maybe even four if their lucky. Drifters are either born with the ability, or activate it at any given moment in their lives. Though hard to control at first, some Drifters have dedicated their lives to helping the novice master their abilities. Others however, might have different intentions; some wanting to collect or discover, socialize or conquer, destroy or heal. The path is up to the Drifter.

    The diversity of the Omniverse was endless, and almost impossible to comprehend even to the Primogenitors. Some worlds were full of lush jungles, dry deserts, or large mountains holding and incubating odd and alien creatures, while others were flooded with civilization and nothing more. Some were actually universes holding many worlds, either in the form of planets, floating islands, or even multiple universes themselves. Some were full of magic, either it being voodoo, spiritual, illusion, divine, or any other sort that can and can't be imagined. Others had science, being large advanced concepts, technologies and studies created by mortals. Some were ruled by gods, demons, spirits, or were only walked upon by mortal creatures. Some held powerful relics of magic, or amazing techs of science. The diversity of events to unfold in each world was even greater than the actual number of worlds existing.

    Of all these worlds, only one such is most common to all the Drifters; an ancient world called Hub. Hub is the main home or meeting place for Drifters, acting as a market, hangout, and even society. A capital city lays in the center of this world, where the Drifters mainly meet. There, a council of the oldest and wisest Drifters lay to discuss matters revolving around Hub, Drifters, or more important matters of the Omniverse. Though the capital city of Hub may look like a utopia, there is very much a criminal society in the below. In a sort of underworld of Hub live a bunch of the more wicked and malicious Drifters, who thrive on crime and devious activities. Either it be through organized groups or through anarchy. To enter Hub is a bit tricky, and more of a privilege. You must be escorted by a Drifter who can travel to the Hub. Thus, once you go to Hub once you have full access to return and leave, unless you are punished.

    Character Sheet
    This is not the real format of what your character sheet should be. It's simply a list of the things that are necessary for you to apply on the RP. You can always rearrange or add things to the application for additional info. I would also like that you somehow make your application look pretty.

    (Please be reasonable depending on your race)
    Gender: (Can be both, none, or other depending on your race)
    Race: (Please describe the race, such as universe/world of origin, appearance, culture, history etc.)
    Appearance: (Either describe it or include a picture)
    Personality: (Describe how your character acts, mental illnesses, sexuality, etc. Also include other traits, such as a list of their likes/dislikes, fears, habits and such.)
    Skills: (What are your character's skills? What form of magic are they more comfortable using? How can your character fight?)
    History: (What was their life like before they became a Drifter? How and when DID they become a Drifter?)

    1. Standard Iwaku rules still apply here.

    2. Keep it mild with the explicit content. Anything sexual should fade to black and swearing should be kept to a medium; no racial slurs or anything that could offend other roleplayers.

    3. Feel free to throw some of your ideas for events, NPCs, or worlds to me via PM. Get creative, there are no limits holding you down for this.

    4. Along with ideas, you may ask me questions about anything via PM as well, or over the OOC chat.

    5. There will be lots of arcs and things for each character to do. Either they be split up with their own separate arcs, or a big event that holds all the characters together. Shoot me ideas for this as well.

    6. If you read these rules, please put this symbol somewhere in your application Ω

    7. Rules are subject to change if needed.
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  3. WIP
    Azra Makhata'an
    Gender: Female
    Race: Amazoni (Ah-mah-zon-eye)
    The Amazoni are a people who live in the Goddess' Empire, a world populated entirely by women. The women in this world are either completely female or intersex. The women born intersex are held in high regard as they are responsible for the reproduction in the world.
    The ruler of the Goddess' Empire is a woman named Chaja Daka'tir, who was chosen to rule because of her victory over the antagonists of the Goddess' Empire, the Fenjh. The Fenjh are a group of women who believe that intersex Amazoni should be slaves and simply used as reproduction tools. They don't view the intersex as women and don't approve of the way the Goddess' empire is ruled.

    At the moment, the Fenjh leaders are imprisoned for treason, but their followers are planning an attack on the Amazoni and their ruler.

    Apparel - The Amazoni wear numerous wooden and metal bangles, on their arms, legs and necks. They wear fur clothing that consists of sheep skin leggings that are lined with wild cat fur, to keep them warm. Most Amazoni do not wear tops, as nudity does not bother them, however, if you are a Mlinzi, which is a Goddess protector, you wear a wild cat fur top that covers your breasts. This is to show that you have taken an oath to never start a family (or bear a child if you're intersex).
    To set themselves apart from the Amazoni, the Fenjh wear the same clothing but they paint their skin with white and red paint. The reason for this being that the Amazoni believe that white is the true color of death and red is the color of hatred. In the Amazoni culture, white is only worn when someone has died, and red is never worn unless they're going into battle.

    Political System - Their are two main groups in the Goddess' Empire; The Amazoni which makes up more than ninety five percent of the population, and the Fenjh, which makes up the remaining percent.

    Appearance: (Either describe it or include a picture)
    Personality: (Describe how your character acts, mental illnesses, sexuality, etc. Also include other traits, such as a list of their likes/dislikes, fears, habits and such.)
    Skills: (What are your character's skills? What form of magic are they more comfortable using? How can your character fight?)
    History: (What was their life like before they became a Drifter? How and when DID they become a Drifter?)

    WIP :3
  4. I will stick around to see how this turn out. However, I probably can't get a cs until weekend, if that's okay to you.
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