Dress of wine

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    How would you feel about wearing this? Do you think it is a nifty idea? Would you want to smell like alcohol all day? Do you even like the look of the 'material'?

    Relating this to roleplay.... would you invent something in your roleplay like this? Would you character want to wear something like this? I don't know what else to ask... >.>

  2. Edible underwear wasn't enough?
  3. ...............

    Well....this is a new look on clothing. Um...I'd have to say that while it would be awesome to be able to get drunk all day (not sure if it is possible by smelling alcohol), I'd have to say that this is strange. I wouldn't ever wear a wine dress like that x_x

    As for roleplaying...no...just no.

    As for these posts, Celest, you have some interesting topics you enjoy/are made to search up ^^
  4. I'm fairly certain every police officer whom smelled you would attempt to charge you for public intoxication. xD
  5. The concept is very interesting...would it hold up in water or the elements I wonder? :p I wouldn't want to be smelling like alcohol all day either though ^^;;

    Taking the idea of having a biodegradable material of some organic matter as clothing might be interesting to incorporate in an RP and I'm sure I could come up with some character that would be all over wearing such things haha

    Very interesting topic Cele
  6. I should really not be surprised by news like this, but this managed to take me off-guard. This idea has a lot of potential to be abused, and to be used for the better. As the article stated, these clothes are pretty much self-manufactured, meaning that they require little labour, and are relatively cheap. I wonder how this will effect the wine industry, though, and I also want to ask the question if it is possible to get drunk if you eat the fabric of this cloth. I am not so sure if the faults of the material can be worked out, though, but if they are, then there will be definitely some interesting developments in the world of fashion.

    As for a roleplay, I would probably not use clothing made out of wine or fruit, except if I want to get some cheap laughs.
  7. I'm totally using the concept of catsuit in a bottle now for a SciFi game at some point!
  8. I wouldn't want to wear it, even if I were a woman. Though, in rp I suppose it could get laugh out of me.