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  1. I am in desperate need of a Dresden Files roleplay!

    I prefer it not to be Fate-based, but I love dice, so if the general consensus is for, I have no issue with it. Let me know thoughts, preference, ideas, etc if you're interested.

    For those that don't know Dresden Files, it would help you to look up a little if not read the amazing series by Jim Butcher. There is also a show that I would take some inspiration from, but not likely take as canon whatsoever. The way I tend to describe it to people is, "The cheesiest premise you've ever heard in two words: Wizard Detective."

    The world is vast, well-written, and open to all sorts of supernatural mishap. The writing is adventurous, sincere, and entertaining. Now that I'm done exalting the stories, here's how it would apply to you as a player.... anything you wanna be, you pretty much can, and you can expect to have fun and suffer for it. I'll go into more depth per interest. If it helps, though, there are witches/wizards, vampires, faeries (note the ae - these are the legitimate, not-4-year-olds-birthday-part-kind), angels, demons, and their knights, humans with slight abilities, straight-up humans, uh... vikings and valkyries, ghosts of course, ghouls, goblins, shapeshifters (such as werewolves), and a heck of a lot more.

    So... questions, comments, concerns? Anyone straight-up interested?
  2. Hi. I'm Goofy Goblin, and I'm a Dresden nut. I even Butcher's latest Dresden novel, Skin Game, personally signed a couple years ago! I would love to be part of this fandom! It's a rich enough world that we could easily create our own characters in it.
  3. Absolutely! I was working when Butcher was nearest, so I could not get mine signed - all the heartbreaks!! If I can get at least two more people, this can definitely open. I'm thinking no more than 6 or 7, especially if players prefer a more table-like setting to open-writing, and I'd prefer to have a character, but I've no qualms with strictly GM-ing. What're your thoughts play-wise?
  4. Hey! I haven't read the books, but I'm interested in the RP.
  5. A few questions first:
    1. where in the story would ours take place?
    2. While you don't want to play it with the Fate system, it sounds like you want it to run on another? Which would you prefer?
    Personally, I prefer more of a smaller group, as it aallowsthe plot to move along faster and has less chance of confusion or misinterpretation from all the posts that have to be read.
  6. I don't think that would be a problem, amybri, as long as you're patient with yourself when people start nerding about the series, lol. I'll be posting a bunch of the RP and world information, which should help, when enough interest has been generated and things have been decided, such as...

    First, I'm open to all options and discussing it over. The most popular choice I've seen, for what I think are obvious reasons, is immediately following the events of Changes.
    Second, I love dice, so I'm cool with them, but online it tends to feel tedious and I really just want to write a character and/or scenario in the world. Generally, these types of games need some structure. If I need to just GM the storyline and reactions or results ("so next you need to go here", "the bad guys do this", "you begin to feel weakened", etc), I don't mind doing so. For lack of better words, I don't have a system planned.
  7. Ok, I might look the book series up, if I remember... Yes, I'll go do it now :)
  8. They're pretty easy to wiki, and it's not really difficult at all to understand, except some of the specifics and/or physics of magic maybe. I'm not too worried about it, especially if it's not a strict system. If it's more like I described above, then if someone decided to use a little excess energy, I wouldn't tell you that you couldn't do it, you would just have to face the consequences of exhaustion or fallout or whatever. I should probably disclaimer, then, that I would act as much as a disciple of Butcher, the writer, as possible in the respect that I will do everything in my power to levy the odds against you (players in general). I won't go out of my way to kill anybody. Nor would I make your opposition impossible to defeat to the extent of being un-amusing.

    Some of the intricacies worth noting are: that wizards are governed by a body known as the White Council who have ordained seven laws, all of which are enforced by Wardens who will carry out justice with extreme prejudice; creatures of fantasy are generally bound, in action, by their natures - they will always act as they always act because that is how they will always act; faith is a power of its own, and a major one with little understanding amongst the Know; magic comes from emotion, needs direction, and generally must still act within the purview of physics when utilized in the physical realms (there is more than one); and the reason humans "rule" the earth is because of their stubborn herd mentalities, keeping them from seeing the supernatural with heavy amounts of denial and rationalization, and strength in numbers when they do recognize a threat. The books frequently refer to alerting the mortal world to the presence of a supernatural entity as the equivalent of "declaring nuclear war" - which, for all intents and purposes, may very well be a realistic worry.

    Does anyone have an idea what they'd want to play! Or at least what you're looking for from this RP?
  9. I would prefer to keep main characters out (i.e., no one playing Dresden, Murphy, etc.) unless it's a huge char like Queen Mab that can't help but be a part of the issue.

    Other than that, I suppose just a fum world to get involved in.
  10. Ah, yes, good point. No one should be playing canon characters, either as PC or NPC - but I may make some exceptions, like you pointed out. World/Universe-bound characters, such as the sidhe, demons - either of the Denarian or Outsider variety - other leaders of supernatural classes and races, and legendary characters will still be canon for the sake of continuity for the RP. Sorry if this doesn't make as much sense to you, amybri. I promise I'll detail all characters that may be involved at any point in time, even minimally. Just need one more person!

    To continue off this line of thought, there's a thing called the ParaNet. This is, essentially, a social network of small fish (people with limited ability who are In-the-Know of the supernatural) keeping connected so they aren't eaten by the big fish (supernatural creatures and sorcerers preying on mortals or other supernaturals who can't well defend themselves). The ParaNet is an easy start place for most RPs so that players' characters know each other and have a shared goal. Not necessary, but throwing that out there as an option. The ParaNet is canon and created by the main character, so it may have connections to him or other canon characters, jsyk.

    Now talk to me about your guys' ideas/desires, plot and play wise! If we get something a little more solid up, it might entice other players to join a bit more - which I suppose is my job, so I'll go first. lol

    The ParaNet thing is one idea for a starting point. I don't have many others there. For overarching plotlines, I don't want to divulge too much and reveal it all or confuse anyone, especially because, in the nature of the Dresden books, there's never really just one thing going on or one power at play at any point in time. So, vampires? Yes. Ghosts? Absolutely. Fae? I'd bet on it in one form or another. Demons? We shall see... And of course, that's not including your ever-present human influences, good, bad, ugly, divine, and otherwise. I have plans for each of these, but my plans do not necessarily trump anyone else's ideas - they're more like a default setting to defer to if there's nothing else on the table.

    I will say that this will not be a Libertine Roleplay because we are playing with a mixed group. Sexual tension and maybe some content can be involved, but nothing explicit. If anyone decides to do so, you may spoiler heavier dates, but "encounters" must be taken to a oneXone and limited to your actual age group, not your characters grouping - anyone violating this rule by any means (PMs or even off-site contact, such as Skype or something) will be reported and asked, forcefully, to leave. I am all for sexytimes, my opening post will likely have something of that nature, but consider me your Lawful Evil Master of Darkness; what rules there are will be followed. So it's that and don't be an ash-hat. One warning, one report, one goodbye. Sound fair?

    Anyway, I can tailor my plans to whatever you guys are looking for, so it's just dependent where you wanna start and where you wanna go.
  11. Ya know, I think as much as I love the Dresdenverse, I have to think again about this. Sorry, nothing against you, but I prefer smaller RPs on second thought.
  12. How small? One on one? There's only three of us right now.

    EDIT: I don't think I ever clarified for you, either, I'd rather keep it down to three or four players. It doesn't seem like there's a huge, desperate interest out there, but if there had been, I would've been willing to go to 6 or 7. I just want one more to start because, no offense to either of you, but if we start up now and one person leaves... then it's not exactly a group RP anymore, lol.
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  13. I could be okay with that, and up to one more.
  14. Oh, sure. Steal my idea that died when the guy was supposed to gimme the files for the tabletop game got banhammered.

    JK, I'm in.
  15. Great, another person!
  16. Alright! Good enough for me! There are some things to hammer out before we start, so here's the first:

    1. Dice-based?
    • tedious, but accurate
    • allows players more foresight and thus better tactical decisions
    • everything is visible and legible

    2. Writing-based?
    • allows for greater creative license
    • unfortunately, also allows for greater mishaps (which I will take advantage of), including between players
    • players are more likely to get connected to their characters and take it more personally when they die - I mean... *no correction*

    The writing-base has more drawbacks, I just prefer it for online play, so feel free to veto me (a tie defaults to GM preference, sorry). Both will be heavily - if not directly - based off the Evil Hats RP format, just not with the consistent use of dice. Character Sheets still require "buying" aspects or what have you. I'd still like to use Fate coins, it would simply be something handled almost willy-nilly - Life's a bitch, and so am I, that's why we get along - but, alas, up to you guys. Your use of Fate Coins would be to stave off consequences I hand you, or "reroll" an action. In essence, no different, you just don't have to do all the work of actually rolling dice, calculating things up, and grumping over the results. It does mean you get to be more successful - but so do my minions! Muahahahahahahaaaah! Kinda balances, but maybe a little more sense of control.

    In Dice-based, I might have some modifications, but I haven't looked heavily at them. Fate Dice are six-sided dice with three outcomes "-", "+", and "=" [blank]. You can add to your power, subtract from it, or leave it unchanged. I drew too many negs and spaces, so I haven't found preference for it - though there is a certain satisfaction in feeling dice between your fingers, the sound as you throw them to the table, and a "fuck yeah" kinda moment when you nat awesome - but Fate's a bitch, and so am I, which is why we don't get along. Anywho, aspects/characteristics/skills/items/etc do give you a boost to those rolls, so it's not assumed failure. In fact, for Dresden failure is good because that's part of the theme. BAD THINGS HAPPEN! Deal with it. If you do well, you look cooler.
  17. I prefer not to combine dice games and online roleplay, sadly. So if the group prefers using dice, you are more than welcome to of course, but I will have to sit out.
  18. Doesn't matter to me in the slightest.
  19. I never saw your Interest Check or totally would've joined!!! Swear, not trying to be jerk. In fact, I prefer playing to GM-ing... then again, that's because I'm a harsh mistress, so... Still, not trying to swipe your idea, just dying to find a Dresden RP!!!

    Also, I will never deem myself a God of the RP. If you have an issue with me, let me know, I would be a hyprocrite if I didn't allow fact-checkers or a lil rebellion. It doesn't mean I'll bow to your wishes, but I'll hear you guys out. If I pull rank, it's because one of us is getting out of hand or the issue is controversial/equally-favored and I will default to my preference as I have to deal with and lead it. I was in Debate and enjoyed it, so be warned: you will get a response. lol. Even if I agree with you, you may receive an argument for the other side. It's in my nature to play devil's advocate, protect the small, whatever you wanna call it, so, just a heads up. But there won't be any repercussions for coming to me with an issue - of any kind; if you upset me, my SO will get to hear all about it, then tell me to Calm Down at his or her own risk, but you'll be fine. That's my promise to you as a GM. I'm not afraid of admins, either, so if you think I've made a wrong decision, please feel free to contact them cause I would, too, if I was desperately uncertain. I don't believe "tattling" is a thing once you're an adult. The definition of adult is kind of fluid in itself, though...

    Anyway. I get carried away with these clarifications, can you tell?

    2.5 for writing, so the veto fails. Hope that's okay AmyBri! Onto the next question:


    1. Chicago, current timeline
    • Simplicity and Continuity for readers (namely location accuracy)
    • Direct Canon interference
    2. Chicago, pre-canon
    • Simplicity and Continuity for readers (namely location accuracy)
    • Indirect Canon interference
    3. Chicago, post-canon
    • Simplicity and continuity for readers (namely location accuracy)
    • Potential Canon interference, low
    4. [Other City], current timeline
    • Assumptive/Creative location accuracy
    • Potential Canon interference, low
    5. [Other City], pre-canon
    • ASsumptive/Creative location accuracy
    • Potential Canon interference, low
    6. [Other City], post-canon
    • Assumptive/Creative location accuracy
    • Potential Canon interference, minimal

    I, personally, would like to be out of Chicago during the timeline, pre-Changes. Seattle area is my first choice - I'm on the West Coast, so it's pretty easy for me to recognize but not actually residing there, so I won't be accuracy hard on anyone. In the timeline makes things more continues for me, so it feels more involved. Out of Chicago makes it easier not to run into canon characters. Pre-Changes allows for lower level monsters/bad guys so we can get the hang of things sooner. I will make exceptions for templates regardless of level (You can be a Wizard or KoC without being up to your chest in trouble). I will make exceptions for Knights of the Cross ONLY IF feesible with canon.

    There is also the option of a lesser-known town or po-dunk lil place, but I would prefer a city for recognition amongst the players, diversity for the supernatural, and I actually want to look up stuff about the city and build a custom story and such for you guys. It'd probably take about a week. Otherwise... a little more maybe? Again, everyone wants a small town, that's fine, even if it's one that's made-up. Just let me know!
  20. Well, the cities I know best are Philly, New York, and D.C., so that's what I can contribute. Personally, though, I'd prefer A) anywhere that's NOT Chicago, and B) Pre-Changes at the least
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