Dreamworld fantasy convoluted hyper-plot anyone?

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  1. Okay, first of all, I don't have a whole bunch of details here, just a rough idea. Also, it's highschool based.

    Basically, I'm looking for someone to play a female role. Well, two, technically. Except they're the same person. Interesting? Read on.

    The idea is that lucid dreaming is a way of entering minds. Most people can only enter their own, and can't do anything to change that. However, some people are born with the innate ability to enter other people's dreams, and others with the ability to host the dreams. Those people are called "clients" and "hosts", respectively. The hosts dream up and control/modify the world, with some limitations, of course, and the clients interact with those worlds, and control/modify their own body, again with limitations. There's a catch though. The host has to "invite" the client into the dream. There's also no way to know if you're a client or a host unless you make a connection with someone.

    This brings us to out protagonists. They both go to the same highschool, and are the same age. I'll explain your role, first. The female protagonist is a shy girl that would rather blend into the crowd and disappear than anything else in the world. She's clumsy and soft-spoken, and is awkward with social interactions. However, in her dreams, she's outgoing and arrogant, and basically a complete foil to her real-world self. This is how she wants to be, but she obviously doesn't have the courage to do so. Anyway, moving on.

    The protagonist, me, is the lazy "if it's too troubling, ignore it" type of character. He has complete average grades and spends most of his time playing Monster Hunter on the PSP. However, he's fascinated with dreams and fantasy and the sort, and is often daydreaming.

    The plot:

    One day, the male protagonist (I don't have a name for any of the characters), decides to take drugs to induce lucid dreaming. He's been trying to lucid dream for a while, but can't seem to be able to do it. He takes the drug and goes to sleep, crossing his fingers.

    Simultaneously, the female protagonist is asleep and dreaming. The male protagonist is in her dream, whether because she hates him or because she likes him or some other shit (basically, you have free reign over why he's in her dream). When he starts dreaming, he notices he can control himself, and so does the girl. She successfully "invited" him, and they establish their host/client relationship.

    Now we can either add shenanigans, or an actual plot. Leaning more toward actual plot, but it can be gag if you're up for it.

    So yeah, just lemme know if you're interested, and we can work out the details and you can recommend changes or something. None of it is really set in stone if you feel like you have something interesting to add.
  2. Interested! Very, very interested. :3
  3. That was admittedly way faster than I thought it would be~. It's a little intimidating how experienced you are, but do you wanna discuss details?
  4. I'm sorry, I jumped on this as fast as I could so that nobody else could have it xD It reminds me of a book that I read a long time ago.


    Don't be intimidated, I swear I'm not scary! Cross my heart! :3 Which details would you care to discuss? Ages, maybe? I was assuming seniors around the 17-18 range, but it's your plot ^^
  5. That sounds good to me. Also, I'm not sure how with works. I assume we send each other our character info and then just kind of get on with it with someone starting, then?

    I'm lost.

  6. We can certainly post bios here if you wish, so that we can assume that our characters know each other beforehand -nods- Or we can just outline them in the first posts. I always at least describe what my character looks like in the first post, so if it seems kind of long, I'm sorry ^^; I get carried away with detail >_>

    Would you like me to post a bio? :3
  7. No, please, do what you usually do~! I'll try to keep up with your style :P. I like to try to change things up, so it'll be interesting. I hate doing this to people, but you're gunna have to start, though. I don't know the reason my guy is in the dream. If that constitutes controlling him for the first post, that's fine too. I gotta hit the sack for tonight though, I have a test to take tomorrow. If you send me anything, you'll get a reply first thing in the morning.
  8. Wait wait wait, I don't know where to start! Are they in school first or are we starting right off with being asleep? And, I post descriptions even if we do bio's first ^^; I was just saying..

    Don't be in bed yet o_o I'm lost xD
  9. Hmm... Let's start in school, then. Sorry, not thinking very straight x.x". My duder'll do something good/bad/embarrassing/valiant/etc, or you'll take interest in my character for something. Or you could just start it off in class, and I'll make something up. Whichever direction you wanna take it, at this point, considering this is one of the few choices I gave you, lool.
  10. XD Alright, I'll think of something! Goodnight!