DreamSelfy Challenge

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  1. It's pretty simple. Check out the DreamSelfy and hit the Random button to produce a character. Then, create a character bio for your result. It can be as brief as you want it to be, and contain whatever information you want to include. Have fun with it, and feel free to randomize until you get something you want to work with. (Special props to whoever works with the first result they get.) Skin tone doesn't randomize, so I'll let that be the one changeable option. Have fun!
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  2. Honest to god first try. Laughed my ass off. I need to use this.

    My Dream Selfy

    Name: Oji-san
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appears to be in his mid-thirties.
    Race: Presumably Japanese.
    Personality: A little ridiculous, if you ask me. Oji-san's a very kind man but also very mysterious. Getting him to talk about himself is like pulling teeth so most of us in the village have just given up. He's got a real love for nature and a remarkably green thumb. When he isn't tending to the shrine, he's usually seen lounging somewhere around the village, smoking his pipe and/or enjoying a nice bottle of sake. I wouldn't call him a drunk, because he's still a very pleasant man when he's intoxicated, but he certainly does love his alcohol, almost as much as he loves speaking in riddles just to confuse us. Some of the women like to gossip about him, claiming that he never ages nor shows interest in taking a lover. Some like to theorize that someone already stole Oji-san's heart a long time ago and that's why he won't bother with anyone. Either way, whenever there is a party, he's invited. The kids love his 'magic tricks' and the adults love attempting to debunk them and I'm 100% certain that he loves performing them and stumping us all. Personally, I think he's a little different than us village folk. Not in a bad way, just that I get the feeling that he'd got this..otherworldly aura about him. I've asked him about it but, well, he's a master at veering the conversation away from himself.
    Appearance: Lanky with soft facial features, Oji-san stands at five feet and nine inches. His hair is unnaturally pale - I don't know how he did it but the color reminds me of buttercups! His eyes are the color of amber, though most wouldn't know considering he is always squinting with a goofy happy smile on his face. I asked him one time why he squints and he said it's because he has poor vision. The crusty old widows who gossip all day say it's because he's not completely human, but that's ridiculous! What else could he be?! Seeing as he's usually intoxicated, his cheeks are generally a softly flushed pink that shows quite well against his pale complexion. As a shrine caretaker, Oji-san is always wearing his hakama and haori, save for on special occasions.
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  3. Pfft... I don't even...

    Name: Freeda "Running Girl"
    Appearance: Good luck trying to get a decent look at her. This girl is always running around town, flowing silver, ponytailed locks flowing behind her, appearing almost tail-like has it whips in the winds. She'd be nearly unrecognizable without her big yellow shades, which serve to give her protection from the elements as she's running. Her eyes, if you're ever lucky enough to see them, are deep blue and sharp, almost as if they too were build for racing.
    Bio: Some say she took off running the moment she was born... but of course she didn't, that'd be silly. And she does have to rest now and then, she's only human afterall. If asked why she's always running, she'd probably but grin that famous slight grin of hers and say, "I do what I want!" as she disappears into the distance.
  4. Kyoko Hashimura

    Home: The Paradise Island nation of Akidara. She stands as the Shield of the island, the Dragon Shield she bears can put up a magical defense around her and those close to her, and is also connected to the spells she upkeep which protect the island as a whole. Her mind is constantly refreshing the spells, and therefore she tends to keep silent, although as a necessity she is often travelling the islands borders, she is unlikely to speak to the people she meets. Her position is that of a noble, and peasants clear a path before her. Kyoko came to this position at age sixteen, and when the island goes to war, she walks among the armies casting protections. Her favourite thing to eat is vanilla rice, her favourite music is that of the drums and bells, and her favourite animals are the songbirds on the south beach which often fly alongside her as she does her rounds. She doesn't feel any particular way about her duties, except that they limit her social life sometimes, and she often misses her childhood friends.
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