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  1. So what is everyone's true dream that they think they could accomplish
  2. I thought this was going to be a thread about the dreams people have when they're sleeping. And I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to share any of my usual dream stories: like that one shared dream, or the dream where I was able to control what was happening, or the series of recurring dreams about Paul McCartney that almost seemed to have their own overarching narrative when you put them next to each other.

    *cough* Anyway

    As for the kinds of dreams that you're talking about? Eh... I'm a lot more focused on getting through life in the present, at the moment. >.> I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of any big career dreams or anything like that. Really my ideal future is just one where I have a nice job, disposable income, and a nice apartment or something with just enough space to really make it feel like my own. o_o

    As for bigger "man it probably won't happen but what if" kinds of things, uh... getting to meet Paul McCartney in person before he dies would be pretty nice. Bringing it all back together. Yess...

    But beyond that, I really don't know. >.> I guess I don't have any. :/
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  3. I dreamt of eating a pizza before.

    That is relatively easy to accomplish.
  4. In high school, sometimes I'd dream of making out with the girl I was massively crushing on.

    Looking back though, at the time I probably wished it were true. Now, wouldn't want it to come true at all..
  5. Childish but I always wanted to be a wwe superstar. It's possible but eh, kaga's idea of having a disposable income sounds pretty good to me. Get me all the tattoos.
  6. My dream was and still is to finish and to publish a novel.
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  7. At the moment it's buy a house next year. Very very possible. The real challenge is still having money to actually live after buying the house.
  8. I'm sorry to spoil it maybe some other time XD
  9. Pretty much, I've done everything I set out to do. I graduated high school with honours, graduated college, been to Europe and the US, I had a chance to be a soldier, got my driver's license and a car, moved out on my own, got into a career instead of a job.

    Last big thing is buy a house, which is coming up very soon, and just travel a whole bunch, and I'd like to get into competitive shooting. Other than that, I pretty much hit all of my major check boxes for life goals that I always wanted to do.

    I used to want to be on a competive paintball team, but I never had the budget and time to really pursue it.
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  10. That used to be my dream, but since then I've lost most of my interest in writing and I've let go of the idea. I think it's mostly due to a lack of self confidence, like, I'm simply just not confident enough in my ability to write to ever pull it off.

    Recently, however, I've developed, or rekindled I should say, a strong interest in space. So my dream right now is to do something in the field of astronomy, not sure what quite yet but right now I am looking into aerospace engineering, i.e. building spacecraft; it seems like something I could do.
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  11. For me it's the opposite, writing is pretty much the only thing I'm confident in and love enough to consider a dream.

    Good luck with your new dream! *Send buckets of rainbows*
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  12. Become dinosaur expert 101

    I reckon I can get there after years of training.
  13. I had chicken wings and pasta instead...
    My dream is a failure.
  14. My dream as a child was to become a world famous track runner. That dream died when I got into a serious car accident.

    My dream now? Get an apartment home.
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