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  1. So recently I've been having this dream and I sorta just gotta rant about this because it's like a constant voice in my head screaming to get out but I can't even though I want to.
    This dream has been reoccurring for two nights now and I've gotten three? four? hours of sleep in the past two days and now school is dragging me through a forest of anxiety and pain and well I guess here's the dream.

    Me and my mom are driving and laughing as we are in the car having a good time just joking around talking and having a fun time as we get to the mall.
    Her and I are walking to the mall just having so much fun when I look at her and ask "Did we lock the car?"
    So her and I start walking back to the car as a man goes to the car and opens it, so I start running feeling angry like I want to beat the man up, as I stop a car I try to run across the road as the wind or something holds me back as my Mom runs to the car and gets on the side I can't see as I'm held back and I see the feet as my mom drops down in vision past the front of the car and I'm on the other side of the road trying so hard to get to her but I can't as he sits on too of her and punches her over and over and I'm literally useless and I can't do anything, that feeling of helplessness.

    Even in a dream it was extremely traumatizing, I keep checking on my Mom at random times at night because I can't sleep cause it's all I see the dream and I can't wake up and I have to watch my Mom get beat up and I dont do anything and it's horrible and now I realize my biggest fear is not being able to protect my Mom, and sleeping is replaying my dream over and over and I just it's so bad and I literally can't stop crying when I think about it because it's such a vivid dream and I want to sleep but I can't because I can't watch my Mom get hurt. Honestly she's sacrificed so much for me and to watch her die every time I dream is I just can't handle this. ​
  2. I have a lot of dreams like this too, where if I am worried about something, or stressed about something, I will have dreams and nightmares about it. >< It sucks cause you end up so tired and feeling weird all day.

    I have noticed that in order to make those dreams stop, you have to try and come to a resolution if possible, and when not, you have to try and let it go and think about other things.

    Like in this case, if your big fear is not being able to protect your mom, and this is our of your control for whatever reasons, you have to try and focus on the things you CAN do for your mom. You can't protect her from bad guys, but you can help her have less stress in her life by taking care of yourself. (Do good in school, be healthy, don't get in to trouble.) You can also do things like helping her around the house with cleaning, cooking, buying dinner sometimes, watching siblings, etc.

    They seem like little things but they help SO MUCH to a person who has a lot of responsibility and she will really appreciate it! Then if she gets in to a scary situation, she will have more strength to handle it because she has a strong baby. :D
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