Dreams that were born to be plots!

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  1. I am plagued with an over-active imagination. So not only do I spend all day daydreaming up awesome stories, even when I sleep I'm dreaming epic plotlines or adventures.

    Last night it was about alien creatures taking over human bodies and the earth. c__c;; It actually started from the beginning of the story with this cool prologue sort of scene, went a couple years later to "present" date... but then the cat woke me up so I dunno how it ended. t__t Alas, it's another plotline to write down and add to the plot folder.

    Do you ever dream awesome plots or stories? What are some badass dream-plots that you've had?
  2. Me too! I always have Armageddon themed dreams, such as:

    1. A dense black cloud is slowly swallowing up the sky, and then once everything is covered in darkness, the sky starts raining fire! Everyone tries to flee!

    2. A volcano has erupted in my backyard and my whole family have to escape but I've accidentally left something incredibly precious behind!

    3. A giant T-rex is storming the city and eating children!

    4. I'm in another world. There's a massive crater filled with water and I'm riding a pterodactyl through the sky trying to escape because they want to keep me imprisoned there.

    And more... much, much, much more....
  3. I had a strange one that really stood out because Nigthwish's 'Meadows of Heaven' was cued up on the i-Pod. I swear I could hear a demonic laugh as Pickup trucks and quad bikes dropped out of cargo planes.

    Here's the thing though.

    There weren't soldiers in the trucks. There were robots and they were going to fight demons on a post apocalyptic version of I-20 here in North Central Texas. What's more is they were kicking demon ass!


    I mean we've seen the likes of Constantine fighting demons with holy weapons but never robots fighting demons with...


    Science and Vietnam era weapons.

    I'm still figuring out how to make it work though...
  4. See-through monkeys killing everyone I know and love.
  5. Mine is more like a video game.

    A bunch of gun-toting agents are being briefed on a situation regarding terrorists and a secret weapon they're planning to use, when BAM! an earthquake occurs in their facility. it turns out that the secret weapon the terrorists were planning to use was an earthquake causing giant armored personnel carrying drill machine.

    So now,the agents have to survive an earthquake while gunfighting with terrorists who are raiding their base.

    It's kinda like Time Crisis 4, mixed with raw danger. I seriously dreamed all this - it even had captain rush in it.
  6. My dreams usually end up with me wrestling some sort of jungle cat, it's a recurring obstacle. Orrr, Some sort of scandalous rendezvous ;)

    But I do get some pretty gnarly stories going... I'll share some when I can remember them.
  7. Don't know if this qualifies, but it was part of a dream i recently had, and yes it was kinda like the c-box.

    *Paces up and down wearing german field-marshal's uniform, large sunglasses and holding a cane.*



    *shows girls in skimpy fatigues standing at ease, in a large square, 20x20. military like building in the background*


    *girls strike seductive poses*


    "I'll be in my bunk"

    I woke up and looked around my hotel room, wondering why I dreamed in cBox-like text about training Asmo's escorts. I did smirk at the firefly quote.
  8. I once dreamed that I was an anime girl running in the forest- and it was snowing and really cold. Then a huge shadow hovered above my head and spread out darkening the already dark woods. Then a huge rumble breaks the silence and the soft, wet snowy ground gives in. I end up falling down an endless hole. Then I wake up. Weird I know. :|
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