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    It's funny cause it's true.

    I love me some dreams. If you've talked with me on the Cbox or skype or happen to be spying on me through a window somewhere you probably know this. However, the more I talk to all you crazy folks the more I get to learn that I'm not the only person here with some sweet, night time, head hallucinations to share with the world. Lets get started with some fun facts.

    1. By the time we die, most of us will have spent a quarter of a century asleep, of which six years or more will have been spent dreaming—and almost all of those dreams are forgotten upon waking. (though they don't have to be with a little bit of work :) )
    2. The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year. That’s about four per night.
    3. You cannot snore and dream at the same time.
    4. About 80% of a baby's sleep time is REM sleep, suggesting a tremendous amount of time dreaming.
    5. About 96% of Diana's dreams involve doing terrible things to babies as they experience REM sleep. You read it on the internet so you know it's true.
    6. Most of us dream every 90 minutes, and the longest dreams (30-45 minutes) occur in the morning.
    7. The Raramuri people of Northern Mexico make their sleeping arrangements so that they can wake during the night to discuss their dreams with one another.

    So in the spirit of the Ramamuri people of Northern Mexico, I'm making a place you can post up all the neat mental adventures you experience in your sleep. The act of recording dreams in the past has created great pieces of fiction like Pilgrim's Progress, Frankenstein, and even Stuart Little. You never know, your dream in specific might make for a pretty amazing RP.

  2. I don't know about my dreams making amazing RP's...mostly bizarre ones haha

    i thik it's pretty cool that the Ramamuri discuss their dreams like that. I've always been one to believe dreams really are an insight into the person. Not necessarily describing the human subconscious thought (guilt, greed, fear, romance, etc) but just like writing a creative outlet for our minds.

    Hell I've been murdered more than once in my dreams. I posted about one dream where I was killed in my blog here actually :p

    Anyways I haven't had any dreams that I can remember lately. I've been waking up in fogs lately...although I've been waking up with rather unsettling starts as well and having mini freak out moments but that's cuz generally I'm afraid I've slept to late haha next time I have a vivid dream I'll try to write it down and share.
  3. I haven't had a vivid dream that I can remember once I've awoken since I was in elementary school. Might be due to the fact that I have very bad sleeping habits. Which are self inflicted.

    Because I don't like dreaming.

    I can never remember the good dreams, the ones where things are fantastical and everything is peachy. The only ones that seem to stick are the ones that scare the crap out me. Nightmares about being shot in the head, being stabbed (woke up with actual pain once), monstrous creatures that are out to kill me or my friends, somehow being pregnant though that physically impossible...

    Generally the ones I don't want to remember are the ones that stay. I can remember most every nightmare I've had. I recall very few dreams.
  4. I'm similar in some ways Lulu, although I do remember one part of a good dream I had looong time ago

    It involved a prince on a white horse sweeping me off my feet (literally) and a tennis court somewhere in there haha

    otherwise my dreams tend to be like the rp's i enjoy...somewhat dark and twisted.

    or just flat out weird o_O
  5. There's not a night where I don't dream. I have a very active imagination. As well, I have a disturbed mind. Although the majority of what I dream are nightmarish, good comes from them. I analyze my dreams everyday, and learn what they mean. :3 It helps me understand what's been bothering me lately, what I'm stressed about, what I look forward to, etc...

    When I used to GM, most of my roleplays were created in my dreams and then organized better so I could make a story with it. I especially made awesome ones when I fell asleep with a fever, or fell asleep really stoned... I'd wake up with the sudden need to write down ideas. x__x
  6. It would be interesting to take after the Raramuri people, although I don't think I could wake up in the middle of the night and have actual sense coming from me:) Also I rarely remember my dreams either, they are gone as soon as I wake up, I can only recall a handful ever since I was little and never the whole dream only bits and pieces, often I can remember the feelings more than the dream itself.

    Nightmares on the other hand I can remember vividly every time, and I always have nightmares about snakes ever since I was a kid I can only rememeber having dreamt of snakes and I can still recall the oldest ones in good detail. I am extremely afraid of snakes so whenever I wake up I lay practically paralayzed until I fall asleep again, afraid that if I move I will feel a snake in my bed even though I know it is impossible.

    Although my nightmares is perfect material when needing to torture my characters in their sleepXD

    So I've been playing around with trying to induce dreams of various topics by thinking about them before I go to sleep. So far it hasn't been terribly effective, but last night, I told myself "Alright, you're going to fly tonight." Doing this in a matter of fact audible tone before proceeding to imagine superman style whisping around.

    So that didn't happen.

    But I did have a pretty kickass dream of being on the plane coming home from Egypt... WHICH TECHNICALLY IS STILL FLYING.

    I conclude this experiment as a success.
  8. Familial disputes, surreal strolls, gonzo martial arts fights in crowded business places, gritty fist fights with children's show characters, inhuman stalkers, artsy burlesque stripteases, freaking out about deadlines, self-steering vehicles, emerging as the opposite sex after nearly drowning, not having my homework, falling from great heights, long conversations with euphoric aftermaths, gaining superpowers and using them inefficiently, people with unnaturally alluring eyes, Diana and Asmo kicking me out of my own shower, Diana kicking Asmo out of my shower too, speaking Chinese fluently despite my waking trouble with tones, threesomes with awesome conversationalists, and false gods on talk shows.
  9. Why was Asmo in your shower?
  10. Throwing me out so he and Diana could use it. Then Diana shoved him out a moment later. Funny how that works in dreams, isn't it? I recall the two of us just standing there upset while Diana was all cheery. I think she may have started humming.
  11. This morning. This morning. God, this morning.

    Caution, this may be disturbing.

    So I went to bed at 6:30 in the morning. Before I went to bed, I remember thinking about how I really thought about my family, like my dad especially, and how I loved them but didn't like all of them. The same way they say they love me but don't really like me.

    All I can remember from the dream is this:

    I went on some sort of adventure. Can't remember. After the adventure, I was talking to my dad. He was very rude to me and refused to say he loved me. I retaliated and wouldn't put up with it. I was kicked out of the house. I ended up in town. I felt bad about the things I said to him even though he sorta deserved it.

    So then some cosmic force in my head tells me there's only one thing I can do. I walk through a dark, surreal, twisted high school which is more like a highschool-airport combo. Friends are arriving through planes and doors. I walk through the halls, being kinda....evil to my old friends from school. I shove them away from me and rip up the maps they are carrying, cuss them out. I think I even beat up one of my friends trying to kill him or her. I steal things from them I think I need and put them into my bag.

    There are voices in my head and songs in my head. I sing along, wondering if people think I'm crazy for singing to voices in my head while standing in line at a checkout counter. There's another door in the room. People in the line are looking at me, saying I've finally gone insane, there's nothing more they can do to help me. Some are on the phone calling police.

    The voices tell me to go through the door and jump so I could become a God like I want to.

    So as people start to chase me trying to catch me, I run through the door. The voices tell me to jump off the slide. There is no slide right away, but I'm above a water park of some sort. I jump, and I fall past the water park, I fall several more stories past a hill full of rocks and flowers. I turn my head specifically to make sure I die, so I suppose it was a suicide.

    I FEEL my head cave in when it hits the pavement. I FEEL the blood running down me. This isn't the first time I've felt things in dreams, there was no pain though, I just felt my head mush and felt all the blood. But my suicide didn't work and I'm not dead, I decide to stay on in the dream and I sit up. There's a girl helping me up, she says I'll have to get help----

    Then I'm woken up by the light turning on and mom (I'm staying with her away from dad and stepmom for a few days) telling me my dad has texted her, that he's going to come pick me up because I finally have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow.

    So uh, yeah, a few hours of sleep, nightmare, woken up in the middle of REM sleep. I feel like crap.

  12. That's some incredible imagery o.o Do you know who the girl that helped you was?


    Here's the dream log, enjoy:

    The greatest story never told. Nov 2

    Today was a doosy of a dream.

    So the dream began as I was a work alcoholic much akin to that of my mom with her old company Lasen. I for some reason worked out of the same building she did when she worked for Allen in that firm and I worked out of one of the offices. It was during the Christmas season and 1sg Nevarez (one of the people in leadership of my present army group) was my boss.
    That’s where the similarities end. I get this email from a guy saying he wants to meet me. I agree and I head over to his place. He’s an older man, bed ridden and grey. Looks a touch like how they portrayed Jim Raynor to look in SC2. Anyway he tells me he knows me from way back when and that years ago he and I collaborated on a story that has since become something much akin to dune. I don’t remember him; he jogs my memory by telling me the story.

    The plotline follows the role of this Girl and her transition through a Cyberpunk Dystopia of a world where the Internet connects everything but has since evolved into a living, sentient creature self-designed from the data that makes it up. The people of that world worship the creature, but not in the same way people worship God today, more one of respect like people once did to the concept of Gaia. The intro scene melds as a prelude to the book, where a nomadic crew of operators has been traveling across this semi winter set tundra and they come across the mainframe of the internet. Depicted as a single blue floating ball of light with several large brass rings of ancient technology floating around it like a gyroscope. I see them settle the land there and later I find that one of the character’s I helped the man design (later depicted in the dream as me) was there during the founding.

    The dream at this point jumps ahead and instead of the aging author, I’m talking with a Girl (Depicted as the girl who the plot’s following) as she has later years after the initial publication has created offshoots of the plot with the friendship of two characters, the girl and the male character I helped create. For some reason me (The workaholic) can’t remember any of this or even meeting the pair of writers. As she tells me this she shows me that not only has the unlikely fictional pair carried out an almost inferred romance, but the books had come to create a widely popular sci fi series. She continues telling me about the plot and the focus goes back to the character I apparently had helped create years before.

    The story continues as I see myself as the man depicted in the story. I carry out my life doing something mundane as depicted in the fantasy world (like blacksmithing) when I come across the a woman being chased down by this crew of people in well to do attire. I intervene and lead her off to try to ward off the attackers. We make our way to the Gyroscope of the internet and attempt to hold out amongst its corridors.

    So as the attackers follow, they began to attack the internet, trying to soil it or break its walls and the like as they’re trying to get to us. This activates the rings and in a fashion, turns the internet on. (Actually now that I think of it, I believe the male character hadn’t come into play yet and I was just watching the female being chased into this.) As the internet activates, it draws the lot into the world and a complete change of scene happens.

    The world from inside the internet is a dystopian city much like that of Transmetropolitan. Cyber punk in nature, the city is dirty, the people are overcrowded and everything from drug deals to cyberization to car like things are scattered about the city. As the girl comes through the rift, she slams into me (in character form) she remembers me, I do not remember her (Much like as with the author) she grabs me and pulls me off as her crew of attackers continue to peruse her.

    As the dream continues It follows this crawl through the cyber world where My character is relearning the old acquaintance with the female while avoiding this suit wearing evil business man type guy that’s trying to usurp the internet for his own devices and plans to do so by kidnapping the girl and using some manner of important information that she has available to her. In the process the business man breaks several laws along the way and makes a very unsightly image of him that later gets him perused. As the dream progresses it turns into a cat vs. mouse game where the mouse is stirring up the dog to make him aware of the cat’s progress. Eventually weeks into the venture, we manage to get the business man caught, become self-designed heroes of the realm, and in the process save the internet. I get a number of boons granted from notable figures about the internet. Weapons ranging from swords, axes, knives and other bladed stuff. For some reason, the weapons are all extremely cheap and have been fashioned from plastic and cardboard. I’m asked to use one of them for the public execution of the business man. I make the mention about them being so shoddy and my counterpart tells me that the use of them should be done because they were gifts from notable people, to not use them would be rude or some such. I remember one sword in particular was called something particularly epic, had two handles and a skull embedded into the hilt, but was completely made from a single flap of cardboard. All the weapons bore some semblance of this.

    So the dream cuts back and from here, I’m back talking in a two part conversation that’s happening both separate and at the same time with the two authors. I tell the female that the fact that she took a character I created and incorporated him into his world as one of her main characters was an absolute honor, and I thanked her for it. She blushed a deep shade of red. It was a very moving scene and the paragraph isn’t doing it proper justice.
    It’s here that I get the whole of the dream summed up almost in a bullet format, as scenes play out from the dream had in previous REM cycles. I watch every pivotal plot in the progression of the world but with one fatal difference. When it cuts to the intro scene where the nomadic tribe discovers the internet gyroscope and decides to settle there, I see the female character serving as the leading figure in the crew of operators pointing towards it and in the background I see myself off to the side. I realize that the both of us belonged in the founding of the village the dream started in and at some point; my character must have been lost in the gyroscope. Separated from the people and later found within its walls.

    It’s here that I find myself back in the eyes of me, the author, as the beginning of the dream plays out on a later evening. I find myself going into work at the Lasen firm. 1SG Nevarez is in the main atrium of the building on Skype skying his family for the holidays. He asks me what I’m doing there so late (Which is ironic considering the building seems packed of people doing the same thing.) In my mind I know that I couldn’t go back to sleep after the meeting with the authors, so I tell him that I couldn’t sleep and that I’d instead figured I’d come and get some work done. He nods and I go back to my office. I sit down, I sigh and then I start to write about the whole experience.

    Here is where I wake up, an hour before I usually do. Just enough time to write it down. The dream felt as if it lasted several weeks, and I could feel a honest to goodness progression of time as it carried itself out.