Dreams and Darkness

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  1. So this is an older plot of mine that I just won't give up on though it's failed several times. I just fix up the problems that I only noticed during the role-play and try again. I think this time through is much improved since the last one and I hope you like it.


    This takes place in a medieval fantasy world. There are many kingdoms and empires in this world but we will be focusing on two kingdoms which are separated at the northern boundary of on and the southern boundary of the other by a mountain range. The southern kingdom ranges from a Mediterranean climate in the south by the sea to temperate farmland with mild winters in the north. The northern country ranges from fairly mild farmland in the south to frigid forests in the north. Aside from climate, there is another large difference between the two kingdoms--magic. There is no magic or magical creatures in the south. The people there who believe in magic are truly just superstitious. In the north, magic is real and there are significant populations of elves, dwarves, and faeries but they have been subjugated by the human population which makes up the nobility there. Until recently, the northern and southern kingdoms have been at war, on and off, for almost two hundred years.


    Forty years before the start of the role-play, a faerie woman, tired of being ruled by the humans, disguised herself and took the place of an infant girl in one of the most powerful human families. She was raised in the girl's place and eventually she wooed and married the king. Not long afterwards, a baby boy was born. Thinking of his son's future and aware of the growing threats from neighboring countries interested in expanding their borders, the northern king suggests a truce between the two countries and the southern king, aware of the same things the northern king is, agrees. Two hundred years of war, however, are not easy to forget and the treaty negotiations drag on for some time. By the time the treaty is signed, the southern queen has just given birth to a baby girl. In order to cement the treaty for future generations, the infant princess of the south is betrothed to the young prince of the north. The date of the marriage is set for the winter solstice after the princess comes of age.

    Years pass and the children grow up. It is decided that the princess will travel to the north in the spring of the year in which the marriage will take place as soon as the mountain pass that links the two countries is clear. She will live in one of the southern-most residences in the northern kingdom and learn their ways. Meanwhile, the northern queen tries desperately to convince her husband that the prince must take a faerie bride. By the time the northern king dies, shortly before the princess is due to travel north, the queen has failed. She turns to her son, the newly crowned king and fails again. Desperate, with no time left to try again, the queen unleashes her faerie power and curses her son that if he ever sees the southern princess, the Glamour which gives him a human appearance will drop and his faerie heritage will be revealed, bringing his legitimacy to rule into question and throwing the northern kingdom into civil war.

    Determined not to break the treaty with the south, the young king secludes himself in one of the royal residences, replacing the servants with ones who have never seen their king and believe he is the new caretaker of this residence, with the intention of finding a way to break the spell. He sends his cousin out, wearing a Glamour so he looks like the king, on progress to evade questions about the king's whereabouts. The day he arrives at the residence, however, is the same day the princess arrives, having been moved to this residence from the original one she was supposed to stay at after a fire made that one unsuitable. Thankfully, the king is able to use a spell to make himself blind before he sees the princess. His curiosity gets the better of him, however, and he ends up taking the place of one of the princess's tutors in order to learn what kind of a woman his future bride is.

    Things gets complicated when it's love at first sight (or not sight in the king's case) for the two and, after each gets over their initial uncertainties and they begin a passionate love affair. Now the king has to deal with the fact that every moment he's with her he's lying to her and that she may never forgive him if she learns the truth. The princess has to deal with the fact that she is expected to marry another man on the winter solstice and that it may mean war and the death of her lover if the affair is ever found out.


    The princess - This will be your character if you decide to role-play with me. You may decide her age but remember that she is younger than the king, whom I have decided will be 22. She not the heir to the southern throne. Either she has an older sibling or the laws of the south do not allow a woman to inherit (that's up to you). You may decide her personality but keep in mind that she has known all of her life that she will marry the prince from the north (who is now king) and that if the marriage does not take place there will be war and she will most likely be forced into another political marriage. Also keep in mind that she is the sort of person who will get involved in an affair with her tutor, though why she does so is up to you.

    The king - This is my character. He is a half-faerie but nobody knows that other than his mother and a small number of faeries. He looks completely human and, as king, lives like a human. In his tutor persona, he lessens the strength of the Glamour so he looks slightly faerie-like and he uses magic, allowing others to know that he is part faerie despite the ridicule half-breeds get because no one at the royal residence knows that he is actually the king.

    If you're interested, please let me know.

  2. I would love to play this out with you if you'd have me.
  3. I'm interested in this by the way :D. I'd love to RP this with you.
  4. I would love to take the part of the princess ^_^
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