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  1. Whoever said dreams are not real?
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    Here is this ever changing land, made to hide from the land of evil, many wander. Creatures and people made of ideas and dreams inhabit this world, unknowing of what truly is. They laugh, sing, and love. That is, till there world broke. The line between dreams and reality begins to break, and evil slips into the land of dreams, filling the inhabitants with ideas of evil, and removing who they once were. And just as evil slips into the DreamLand, dreams begin to seep into reality. Visitors find these cracks, and slip into the DreamLand, fully awake, and surprised by what they find.

    Whispers are carried on the wind, and rustle the leaves in fear. Change. Change, it whispers, telling all who listen of what is to come. So few hear their warning, and none understand.

    Kat hears the faint whisper as it reaches her ears, but will never understand, not till it takes visible form. She stops for a moment, and strains to hear. A small rustle of a bush. Her hand reaches for her sword as ideas fill her head. A bandit, thief, wild animal or beast, it could be any number of things, especially in DreamLand. Kat stands readied, waiting for it to show.
  2. Alice looked at the big archway apprehensively. For so long she had wandered her shattered world, where buildings floated in the endless void, and she had to jump from one floating island to another to travel through the destroyed town. Now she was at its end; or was it the beginning? It looked more like an entrance gate than an exit one. Her extra right arm reached up and stroked the weathered stone. At last she was free of the town she'd felt trapped in for so long.

    "For so long along; a crowd of silence. Do I leave the silence for people, and be alone again?" Alaska muttered to herself. Tentatively, she stepped over the barrier.

    The area beyond the town is wild, but, she muses, at least it is not broken. She wanders through a forest until her path is blocked by a bush. She wants to go around, but her extra arm started pushing the branches aside. Had she always had that? She thought perhaps yes. The statues she had seen in her shattered town also had three arms.

    As she pushed to the other side of the bush she found a girl with white hair and soft flowing clothes. Alla thought they looked so much nicer than her own. The girl also brandished a samurai sword, clutching it dangerously in its sheath. Alice wanted to say hi, and that she wasn't any danger, but lately anytime she tried to say something she couldn't form the right words.

    "If the bush has wronged you, I know of a place where there are no bushes," she said. "I would be happy for a bush to wrong me, instead of what the flying lands have done."
  3. Milanor's body laid sprawled out in a hill covered, grassy field that seemed to reach all the way to the sun. He wore the usual attire of his adventures, his toned chest was exposed almost completely, the only thing covering was the sling of his large leather bag. He wore loose white pants with blue symbols and a red and yellow cloth tied to his waist with a rope. A large broad silver blade with rubies encrusted into the edge, and to his left was a large dragon that seemed just as happily asleep as Milanor himself. Most people would have thought that Milanor was stupid and easy prey to such a fierce beast but on closer inspection they were huddled together, warming their exposed skin by keeping close.

    A few more minutes passed before Milanor's eyes opened. He bolted up into a sitting position, his wavy ragged auburn hair still a mess. He glanced over at the beast lying next to him and on command its returned the look. Milanor gave a loud chuckle and patted the rough scales of the dragon.

    "Good ol' Ignis." Milanor muttered quietly as he got to his feet. His hands traced his air whipped hair and he looked at the horizon of the plains. Ignis still laid down lazily, a small snore escaping his large nostrils. Milanor's thoughts went to a couple weeks back when his life had started again.

    It was weird, he woke up in the field once more, but nothing registered in his mind. It was as if someone simply wiped his memories clean. Then he had laid eyes on Ignis. It seemed to unlock a few doors of his past, some memories came back to him, like flying on Ignis, eating a large lamb leg while Ignis got..well the whole lamb, and sleeping every night with the big old dragon.

    Milanor shook his head, guessing that it's futile to try and remember past that point and so he turned back around and picked up his large weapon. Although its rather large size he grabbed it with ease and swung it around in the air before prodding Ignis lightly with it. Ignis replied with a long gruff which caused air that came from between his lips to blow the nearby grass.

    "Get up already, you lazy son of a gun." Milanor spoke in a commanding voice, still prodding the dragon. Ignis let out another long gruff but his eyes opened. The large creature slowly stood up from its sleeping position, its body becoming large and larger as it rose. Ignis' spiked tail swung up and it let out large roar as it stretched his wings.

    "Good job buddy!" Milanor cheered as he pulled himself up onto the creature. Ignis's eyes darted to Milanor and back foward. He let out another slight gruff and Milanor couldn't help but laugh.

    "There ought to be a town somewhere nearby..somewhere near the forest or something." Milanor muttered quietly as he peered at their surroundings, he pointed to what looked like a forest way off to the distance. "Maybe somethings cool over there." Milanor spoke enthusiastically. He patted the head of his scaly friend and Ignis shot up into the air with such force that it left the ground shaken.


    In a bustling cities who's streets were flooded with a flurry of different faces stood a pinked hair maiden who walked casually through the crowd. The enigmatic girl had a white hood over her beautifully carved face and the only thing visible from the neckline up was a small smile formed by her red lips.

    She then all the sudden, against the tide, turned around and walked right into someone else. The persons she bumped into was a man who looked at her with curiosity as she apologized quickly. "I'm so so so sorry~" The girl cooed with a light toned voice as she awaited his reply.

    "Ah..its alright ma'am." The stranger said awkwardly, clearly not used to dealing with women like her. The pink-haired maiden smiled and thanked him with a large hug causing the blush to spread.

    "I've always been such a klutz..hehe." She giggled quietly. "Sadly, I must be on my way now..so goodbye!" She continued after a few seconds she began to turn and walk away but the man grabbed her shoulder.

    "Wait. Wait. What's your name?"

    "You can call me Laylea. Laylea Farron."
  4. Thea woke up with a soft groan, her hands sliding up against the soft fabric of the inn bed as she stretched her body. Her toes, bare of any type of clothing, curled in delicious pleasure at the stretch. She always enjoyed a good stretch after a nice nights sleep. But then her small hand came into contact with something hard and cold, sending a jolt through her body and ending the good mood she was in. ~Not again.~ The thought caused her to groan even louder, this time in displeasure.

    Her hands moved away from the dead body she knew she was touching and she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Her body easily lifted up from the bed, the soft sheets pooling down around her bare hips. Looking back at the man on the other side of the bed she sighed, recalling the nights events was easy to do but things got blurry in certain parts. They had met up at the bar in the inn and he would not stop hitting on her.

    It was cute for a moment, until another guy tried to cut in. Of course she had given her attention to him too, upsetting the first guy. A fight ensued and there was no stopping it. She even acquired a small cut on her knee from the scuffle. And the first guy had won, so she just felt like she had to give him a kiss good night. And one thing had led to another and soon they were back in her room.

    And she was waking up next to another dead lover. It was sad really, especially since she couldn't ever remember how it happened. Not a single bit of it. But it always happened. When things got hot and heavy she lost herself, every single time.

    So now she did what she always did when something like this happened, she got up and quickly got dressed. It was best to just leave the body there, because as she had found out not many people in this world seemed to care about much. Strange things were always happening, and strange people seemed to be turning up at every corner. ~I can only thank the world that I am normal.~ She thought with a small giggle, slipping on one of her heels.

    As she left the inn she paid the man at the front, not even trying to warn him about what he might walk in on when he went to clean the room up. But it didn't matter to her, because why would he think she had done it? Not the girl in the sophisticated black and white dress, which definitely said she had money and wasn't a street walker. Image was something she prided herself in, especially since she had no memory of who she was when she first arrived in this world.

    All she knew was the she had met a very nice man, who was very wealthy, and had let him take her in. And as all her stories ended she woke up beside him and found him dead, but that could have easily been from old age. So she had taken all of his money and had been making do with that, finding nothing wrong with it since he wasn't really around to argue. Since then though she has seen some very confusing things. Evil monsters sometimes randomly appearing, though in shadow, but mostly just some plain weird people walking around. They all had seemed as just as confused as she was though.

    That was how Thea has found a small place in this weird and confusing world. Going from guy to guy and using the money she had gained her first night there. She claimed often to herself that she was just trying to figure out who she was, but something inside her stopped her from completely caring. Like the murders, she had no idea why they happened but never questioned it.

    And now...she was lost. In the city. A city that she had only been in for a week. Her only hope was that someone would see her bright red hair and worried expression and ask her if she needed help. She only hoped that it wasn't a man....
  5. The man assimilated into the bustling crowd as Laylea and him had said their goodbyes. Her fixated small smile soon faded as she was sure he could not see, in fact it even curved into a frown accompanied with an annoyed piercing stare from her fuchsia eyes. Her delicate hands moved her equally pink hair out of her face as a long whistle came from her lips.

    "That dumb man better have some coins or I swear.." Laylea muttered under her breath as she pulled a leather wallet previously concealed in her hood. "SHIT." Laylea spat furiously. She emptied the contents consisting of a rather small sum of money before throwing the now useless pouch elsewhere.

    Her glare sharpened even more as she mixed herself into the sea of people. She occasionally bumped into the nearest random citizen, stealing their light wallet, purses and sacks. She kept all of her items on hooks attached to the back part of the leather belt wrapped around her curvy hips and kept them effectively hidden with her ankle-length hood.

    Laylea's stomach grumbled loudly and her thieving spree was interrupted as she buckled to her knees. Her hands clutched at her lower chest as the grumbling grew louder and louder. Laylea hadn't had a warm meal for around a week now due to the low amount of coins she's managed to get from the idiots going on about their lives in this city.

    "Ughh.." Laylea mumbled quietly with her head hanging low.
  6. Kat jumped at the sound of a voice. Her attention was so focused on the damned bush she disregarded the world around her. She spun around to meet the unknown voice, her blade drawn at at their throat. Kat found the tip of her sword at the the neck of a girl of neon blue. Kat scanned the girl with her eyes, noticing almost right away the blatant deformity; another arm. Her eyes fixated on the arm, 'how odd.'

    She cleared her throat after a long stare and silence, "Who are you?" Her grip tightened on the hilt as she waited for a response. Kat automatically expected this woman to be a thief or bandit, as many in this world were. She half expected the girl to fight back or attack, since she had the upper hand... Literally
  7. Alice smiled at the girl.

    "Alice Kasada, Alaska's Sand, Alla Casandra," she replied. "Call me either one, that's fine."

    She took a step back and examined the blade. She knew it was called a sword, but what was it for? She poked at the tip with one of her fingers and quickly drew it back. It hurt. She examined her finger and found something red on it. What was that? Did she need it? She thought she did. Her second right arm balled into a fist. She looked at the sword.

    "Are you the pen and I the ink?" she asked it. "Where do we go to write? What do we write? Are the words worth all the ink?"
  8. Monti lie on the cool grass in the middle of an outstretched field. She was in the forest - Cotton was climbing trees halfway and Norm had run off to find something to eat - while Monti just laid there. Her mind had been trying to recollect anything from before she entered this Land, but to her annoyance, nothing surfaced. Although the young woman should have been used to it by now she was actually quite saddened to know that she would never be able to remember her family or her home or even her friends.

    With a sigh, the young woman sat up and readjusted her straw hat so that it was no longer drooping over her brown eyes. Where the hell is Norm? her subconscious mused as she gazed around the small clearing. Norm, or Norman, was the girl's best friend. They had both met here in this Land and they only guessed they had been together in their lives before (only because they acted like brother and sister right off the bat), but of course that was never proven. Nonetheless, they stuck together through thick and thin and now (since there isn't any more adventures to think up) they spend their time in this small field. They watch the clouds over head, searching for different shapes and sometimes they change the white fluff's forms themselves - although the two semi-adults try not to mess with the world so it seems as if they are still back home. Wherever that home may be.

    As Monti sat in the luscious green field, Norman had started to explore the forest when two voices rang out clear. He had never really met anyone else other than Monti here in DreamLand so he was curious on who could be around. His ears picked up the voices and his feet began to slow and walk carefully in that direction. He rounded up behind a tree and peered around the bark. Two young woman stand before him, one with a sword, and one with an... extra arm? Norman shouldn't have been surprised really since this place was always changing and sprouting creepy creatures, but oh well.

    He continued to watch as the two woman conversed ever so slightly.
  9. Troy could see the faint light of the sun squeezing through his eye lids. He groaned from the sudden brightness of it and sat up, hoping to shield his face with the shade of his body. Everything seemed clear to him when he looked around, everything but where he was.

    To Troy this world was somewhat familiar. The world around him reminded him of a far off place from his dreams. "Where am I....?" Troy asked himself aloud, not expecting an answer. Easily he stood to his feet and stretched his arms far above his dark orange hair and stretched his tired muscles. After a moment of a yawn and rubbing the sleep from his eyes Troy looked around some more and began to walk. "Hello?" he called loudly, hoping that where he was wasn't out in the middle of no where.

    He took note of his surroundings. Lot's of trees, soft grass, and the sound of bugs chirping and making noisy noises as the moved with their bug friends. Troy walked further and further down what he now realized was a forest like area. He enjoyed the breeze that lightly kissed his face. It was cool and reminded him of when he was younger, when his little sister was turning 5 and had never muttered a word. Everyone they knew thought that she was a mute for the rest of her life and that she was just born that way, but Troy knew better. Since the age of three Troy had worked with his little sister on random words. If she picked up a fork, he would tell her that that's what it was, a fork. She'd nod and smile, understanding but never talked. On the day of her birthday everyone hoped that she would say at least one word, but as the day grew dark, nothing was said from the small child. Troy accepted the fact that she would never talk.

    Him and his sister had shared a room since she was born. He would tell her stories of his dreams and the adventures he had in them when ever his sister would get nightmares. It was just something he knew comforted her (that or she would crawl into bed with him). That night on her birthday she had woke up screaming from the things that haunted her. She crawled into bed with him and again like clockwork Troy began to tell her some made up story about a hero who had to go save a princess. She told him that she wanted to be that princess. He'd never forget that, but she never spoke again.
  10. Thea watched as the woman she had been tailing for a while now fell to knees on the ground. She had been stealing from the people she bumped into or talked to. Granted they deserved it for being idiots, and it was fun to observe, but it seemed a little mean. ~Then again I did take money from a man I killed...Certainly I'm worse then she is.~

    So she had followed behind the girl, having nothing better to do. And no where better to go. And when the girl fell to her knees she found it the perfect chance to go up beside her and ask, "Are you alright, love?" Keeping a certain distance away from the young lady Thea knelt down beside her, tilting her head in a curious manner. "Or have your evil deeds caused you to fall to the ground in repentance?" The very idea of such a thing caused a small giggle to bubble up inside of her. But she quickly pushed it back down, not wanting to come off as weird.
  11. Emelia stepped out of her water bed. Fins transforming to human hands, to human legs, to a face of human proportions. It felt as if she had been a fish for a very long time. She doesn't normally stay in either form for long extensive periods. She wondered why this time, it felt much longer, as if she were trapped. Her memory was limited and only certain thoughts and pictures returned to her. She could not recall what she was doing before this moment nor what she was like the day before or the day before that one. She could recall things about herself, like her favorite snack of strawberry milk or the feel of grass under her bare feet. She could recall things about her past, her youkai friends, her first love.....him. But she could not---as hard as she tried---she could not recall the memory of the day before. It bothered her with each passing second and she felt an overwhelming feeling of frustration tightening in her palms.

    She would simply have to wait. It would come back. She was sure of it.

    She nodded her head with her inner confirmation. She smoothed out her dress, water trickling down the hems and slowly disappearing as if trailed down her legs. Her hair was beginning to dry and fluff within seconds and the water that once touched her skin was evaporating as she walked on land. Her body began to recognize her human properties and the characteristic that came with being a fish were slowly disappearing. The gills by her neck were decreasing until they were simply lines along her neck, small scales forming on the edge, but they were only visable if one were to invade her personal space.

    She stretched her arms out, soaking in sun light with a blissful sigh. It felt so nice on her skin, so much different from the scales. She enjoyed the smooth properties humans had. It was comforting. As she reached a stretch in her arms, she dropped them to her side and let out a glorious breath. Even breathing was a change. As a fish she breathed in water, as a female human she breathed in air. Air that could have otherwise killed her as a fish. How ironic. She stared down at her feet, wiggling her toes, feeling the fresh grass beneath her bare feet. A smile curled on her lips, a laugh hiding in her throat. She loved--oh how she loved being in her female form.

    But a small tingle of sound entered her garden---Her head snapped up. Her ears perked as she heard a distant noise. A crack of a branch. A crunch of leaves. Someone. Beyond her pond, beyond her garden, there was a sound in the forest. She felt an a sudden overwhelming emotion of timidness, of shyness. She wasn't good with other people. Humans, she didn't know how to act. How should she react? What is she to say? What is it that humans say anyways? She bit her lip. This was most annoying. Most aggravating. Most frustrating. Her curiosity was nibbling at her toes, to run, to see who it was---but her shyness was planting her to the ground. Her green eyes met the trees across from her, as she saw a figure move in the distant, her legs began to move on their own. she walked silently towards a tree, hidden behind it's great trunk.

    She didn't need to say anything. Not really. It was only a glance. A peek. She just wanted to see who it was and then for sure, she'd become a fish again and swim in her pond with content.
  12. Troy paused in his tracks. He felt as if someone was watching him. He turned sharply on his heel, something he learned from his dad when they were out hunting.
    "Hello?" he called loudly again. "I..I'm lost, I don't know how I got here. Please, if anyone can help me that would be great." he felt frustrated as if he might get more help from the bugs or the animals around him than anything else.

    No one was around and this made Troy crazy, it made him feel crazy. God...now I'm talking to myself.. He muttered in his head and leaned against a tree.Troy let out an agitated sigh then a yell. This is how his dreams always turned into nightmares. It started with him lost, alone and confused; and quickly it would end with him being chased and killed.

    He heard something take steps, the crumbling leaves and old dry twigs gave it away. Troy snapped his head up in attention at the sound, and just in time to see a figure move to behind a tree. "Hey! I-I...I wont hurt you, I just need help. If you can help me..please?" He stood up to his feet and slowly took a few steps forward towards what he hoped was a normal person; lost like him.
  13. Laylea glanced over at the new arrival, she didn't like the idea of someone watching her as she did what she did for her daily fees. A scoff escaped her lips an she crossed her arms, the hunger wasn't helping but she manage to fix up a strong glare.

    "Repentance? Who ever thinks about that nowadays? Tch." Laylea retorted in a equally strong voice, she got to her feet, trying to ignore the inner groaning of her stomach. Her hands found her hipbones and she sharpened her glare.

    "Well? Get on out of he-" Laylea began before a loud groan of her stomach interrupted her. A peach-colored blush found her face and Laylea turned away to conceal it quickly.
  14. Thea's eyes widened slightly, both at the girl's rudeness and at her weakness. "You're hungry...Oh." She paused, trying to consider what to do next.

    She didn't want to be robbed, it had happened before. But that man hadn't lived very long to get away with it, because she had woken up next to his dead body in an alley way last week. So this girl didn't really scare, not really. No, Thea was scared for her.

    "Let me buy you something to eat." Her voice was soft when she made the suggest, trying to be warm and inviting. It wasn't a false thing, just something to try and help the girl accept her offer without losing much pride. "Please?" It took all her will power to not tilt her head to the side again, it being a quirk of hers whenever she was curious or confuseeed.
  15. Emelia saw the man. She heard the question. And her heart jumped 5 times outside her body. His question was loud in the silence of the forest. It echoed and crunched with his footsteps. She urged herself to answer his question, to say a reply or even move...but she was in shock...she suppose she didn't exactly expect it to be a person. A part of her expected it to be an animal or a youkai. Not a real person.

    She bit her bottom lip, and tapped her knuckles against the bark of the tree. She would reveal herself. It was the only solution. She had already been heard. There was no point in hiding herself, if the person she was spying on could hear and know that she was there. However, as the thoughts of revealing herself passed through her mind, other thoughts crossed her mind. What if this person wasn't safe? Sure, his voice and words sounded safe enough. But how could you really know? How could anyone know? It was always a leap of faith, a chance you took when meeting the unknown . It was risk one took, when dealing with people. Which she didn't do often.

    She taped her knuckle against the wood once. If anything happened...she could always turn into a fish. She tapped again. It would be fine. She tapped once more, before pushing off the tree and peeking her head out from behind the tree. She almost immediately came into contact with the person she saw before.

    A male. Human. That is what she gathered instantly.

    Her eyes stared at him curiously. Human. She hadn't seen a human in quite a long time. She took a step forward, curiosity moving her. "I-I don't know the forest well...but I could guide you to a main path..." she suggested. Her soft voice, suddenly loud in the silence of the forest.
  16. "Oh-" Troy jolted backwards slightly at the sight of the random girl. "T-thank you. Sorry, you startled me. I didn't expect to see an actual person." He let out a small chuckled and took a few steps back putting much needed space between them. "so...you're... you're not gonna kill me right? If so, I'd like a running start."

    Troy put on his best smile, already feeling uncomfortable in talking to this person. He hadn't had much practice in a long time with talking to someone, let alone a woman. Her blue eyes reminded him that of his sisters, which strangely drew him in.

    "Um...If you aren't going to kill me after all, can you tell me where I am. I'm not from around here- if you couldn't tell- and I'd like to get back to normal civilization so I can find my way home. I have 'things' that need tending to." Troy spoke this time with sternness, hoping to get his point of seriousness across; even though his apparent gave of a 'goofy' or 'sweet' look. Don't kill me, Don't kill me, Don't kill me he thought over and over again his head.

    Troy crossed his arms still smiling. In fact he had confused himself. He was smiling, yet trying to be serious with this stranger. What am I doing? he asked himself again in thought.
    "...Please?" You are so bad words‚Äč the little voice in his head sighed sadly with the words.
  17. Kat raised an eyebrow that the mutants odd question. 'Ink? Words?' it baffled her. Her grip loosened on the sword, and the tip lowered to the ground. "Alice?" Kat began, her voice dry. "Alice... You can call me Kat..." she spoke real slow, narrowing her eyes, so unsure what to think of this girl. Was her childish questions there to throw Kat off, or was she earnest in their asking? What was this girls intents, why was she here, where had she come from, where was she going? All these questions; they were for the both of them.

    Kat tried to pick her question carefully. "are you doing here."
  18. Happy that the thing that hurt her was no longer pointing in her direction, Alice smiled and stuck out two right hands to shake. The Kat, however - who lacked a fluffy tail or pointed ears, but seemed to make up for her missing claws with the sword - did not shake either of them. The arms lowered, and her lower one started to pick at its nails. How should she answer the question?

    "I come from a land where land flies," she said. "It was lonely there - only me. Only me. I left the flying lands to find something...else. I'm not sure. I did not expect to find a young woman with such a sharp pen. If you want to see my land, it isn't far, but I don't want to stay there long. Already long. So long..."

    A lost, sad look crossed over her face. Only for a moment, and then she was smiling sweetly again.
  19. Norm stepped out from the trees - obviously bored - and gave a mock bow to the woman named Kat and her three-armed companion, "Hello, ladies." A stupid grin crossed his face as he straightened up and rubbed the back of his neck. He was acting a little sheepish only because he had been afraid to scare the two when he emerged from behind the tree, but he couldn't sit there and wait any longer. "The names Norm. And your world sounds so strange," a dent in his forehead formed as he watched Alice's third arm like it was going to morph into a cannon or something, "Not that strange is bad or anything."

    He smiled at the two before shoving his hands in his pockets.
  20. His honeyed yellow eyes shook rapidly from the darkened crack of a wooden house door frame. The thought of getting caught wasn't one that was lightly brushed away. The starved and helpless children waited for him to return to their rescue. Food, clothing, even a bit of money was the common thing he snatched from the rich bigots in high he stole from. Luckily they often had too much to notice. There had been a time where he was caught. The sight of the beautiful woman that tried to punish him with no mercy wandered across his mind. He was in love with no way to even meet back up with her. Sadly it'd been quite a while so the image that he thought was really her was a fantasy version that morphed from her. She wasn't real. Sucked for him.

    Maegelin tip tied out the few storied building and crept along tree lines just to venture away. The small village type seemed like a great place to stay for the rest of the day, now was the problem to just find one. Minutes passed and yet all he saw was trees. A few farms were passed but they only brought back the memories that were left to haunt. His eyes widened at the village figured place before him, still a few minutes out. Aegil brushed his dark brown locks behind his pointed ear then began towards civilization. His feet took him to a building with a sign that hung above the door. An inn. Just what he wanted.