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  1. I am in great need for a romance role-play! So I made one! Here it is!

    A young witch watched the world fall into evil and sin. Love was but an idea and all seemed lost. She hated this world and wanted a new one; a world of her own makings. So she did. She cast a spell that sent her into a deep sleep that would hide her from the world. And in her dreams she made her own world that had not been soiled like the real world. And in this world she created others to share it with her, dream people per say. She filled these people with the ability to love and care. And the world was perfect... For a time. But the evil of the real world seeped into her dream, causing things to corrupt. Her spell protected them from most harm, but a tiny bit got though. The dream world and people still could love and care, but had other ambitions as well. All their past memories were erased as well and they had to start anew.

    So in this role-play we are not real, but that doesn't matter. This is just like the real world but with magical and dream properties. We can make the world as we please as we go alone. The whole idea is that we can be whatever we want in any kind of world. There is next to no restriction. Just a more fantasy theme in medieval times, but can have some modern ideas, clothing, simple technology, and other things. I would also like a little romance. Doesn't have to be the theme of the role-play, just a little sugar to add in.

    Now enter the dream land.

    Appearance: (No real life pictures. They bother me. Don't ask why... >.>)
    Story: (Who are you?)

    DreamLand Wanders:
    RedWinter: Kat Dancer
    Name: Kat Dancer

    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Kat Samurie.jpg
    Story: Before sin entered DreamLand, Kat was a traveling performer that went all around the world performing for others and showing off relics from far away places. She wore the most elegant gowns and was known for her exotic dances.
    Once sin entered the world and Kat forgot her memory she became a new person. She took up sword play and became skilled using the samurai sword, now she dances with a blade. She continues to travel though DreamLand, not quite sure where she is going, or what she is looking for.
    She wore a cat mask in her past life, and still does today. Her swords name is Grace.

    MurasakiXTakusoXNexass: Terin
    Name: Terin

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wolf/human


    Story: He lived with a small pack of white wolves who he grew very close to but once the sin entered the
    dreamland his fellow companions turned against him and attacked so he was forced to kill them
    now he is wondering the dreamland for someone who was un affected by the chaos

    Psychedelic: Alison
    Nightstealer: Ezekiel and Alleya Renwin
    Secluded-Inkling: Maegelin Alder
    E-Claire: Hanna Chise
    Quite One: Alice Kasada
    Lightning: Milanor Teyl and Laylea Farron
    BoredAsUsual: Thea Blackwater
    Ravenleonardo: Troy Sterling
    Koala Chemist: Monti Danielle Luffy and Norman
    Simplicity: Emelia
    SakuraNoHana: Bunny
  2. Name: Terin

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Wolf/human

    Apperance: [​IMG]

    Story: He lived with a small pack of white wolves who he grew very close to but once the sin entered the
    dreamland his fellow companions turned against him and attacked so he was forced to kill them
    now he is wondering the dreamland for someone who was un affected by the chaos​
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  5. Name: Alison
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human witch

    Story: In a kingdom where magic was outlawed, it probably wasn't great that a noble daughter was born with it. Though she was sheltered for some time, Alison eventually took it upon herself to flee at the age of 16, not wishing to be a burden on anyone else. Since then she has wandered, and due to the fact that she has zero knowledge of how to use her gifts, has inadvertently wandered into the dreamland. Oops.
  6. (is it alright if i make two characters? i promise i can handle them)

    Name: Alleya Renwin
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Race: Allenara (demon-shifter)
    Appearance: dark_spirits_by_bvandenberg-d4o3e2a.jpg
    Story: Her parents were a demon and a shifter, both of whom, once they saw the horrible being they'd created, abandoned the child in the dream realm. Such a tainted creature could not be allowed to exist in their own realm. So when the chaos crept into the realm, they found the crack and threw her into it. She grew up alone, afraid and living on her own instincts, though she was kinder than most would expect of a demon's child. Being abandoned, though it closed her heart to most contact, didn't make her murderous or bitter. She simply doubted her own being.
    Other: She's powerful, with the strengths of both races, the ability to shift from her mother, the unholy strength of her demon ancestors, though she ius weakened greatly by holy artifacts. She can blend easily and has some dark magic but not much.

    Name: Ezekiel or Zeke
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Nature Mage
    Appearance: tumblr_m6tidwjQJl1r8y0a5o1_500.png
    Story: dragged into the dream realm he wandered aimlessly for a while, forgetting his own past, forgetting who or what he was for a time. Eventually he remembered a little, his name, what he could do. he's still figuring it all out. His main interest is finding people to talk to, to find a way out if there is any. or to find a companion.
    Other: Can commune with mother nature and create life in plants. He can will it to do his wishes and can create certain plants from nothing.
  7. Guess if I'm to join this for my lovely Red, I shall play a male role to make it even.

    Name: Maegelin "Aegil" Alderíon
    [May•Gay•Lynn A•Geel Al•De•Ree•On]
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elven
    Story: Once the nice, gentle soul of a caring man. He had it all for happiness. A mother and father who loved him dearly, a sibling who he hardly fought with, the perfect little ranch home surrounded in trees, that often lead him to enjoy the outdoors. All this came crashing down as the impurities flooded into the world. His family split, sibling randomly disappeared, then him pushed into an abusive orphanage where he escaped, and became a thief for the less unfortunate. The dream resemblance of a modernized Robin Hood, maybe? A sin that has been turned to a slight good, at least in his own eyes and those of poor helpless kids. The past he once seemed as a fantasy daydream that withered away and carried in the wind.
    Other: His love for nature gives the keen instinct of survival. Aegil is also efficient with close range fighting with knives, in case if ever needed. The man still cares much for people, even secretly urns to have the chance at love, though he feels as though no one could possibly love a criminal as he. This often tends to beat him up inside and hardly shows. Emotions of sadness, madness, and worry are often not showed, but can be seen if snuck up on at those moments.
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  16. Name: Hanna Chise
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tree spirit (Liquidambar Styraciflua tree spirit if you wanted to know)
    Appearance: (Can't shrink it, sorry)
    Hanna was created by the witch who also made the dream world she leaves in. Hanna used to live in a beautiful forest (picture below) with her friend Imre (picture below). Exceot one day, when the sins of the real world started leaking into the dream world she lived in, her forest became haunted by shadow beings. They killed Imre, but she doesn't even remember him because she lost her memory. Yet she still has the staff he made her long ago (which she's holding in her picture). She has become a mage- mainly using the element of earth- and travels around the dream world helping those she meets now. Hanna is a timid and clam character, who is always courteous to others. She is quiet, which she makes up for by being good at magic. Hanna's fairly intelligent, but sometimes too serious.
    Forest_light_by_chiri_chan.png <Forest
    View attachment 18680 <Imre
    Other: Hanna loves sweet treats. Also, her favourite colour is mint green.
  17. Alright, welcome E-Claire! Glad you decide to tag along. I think I'll start this tomorrow. Sounds good?
  18. I'm not typically into romance, but you have my attention with the whole "be whatever you want" thing. Might I try making a character?
  19. Of coarse! I'd love it. And yeah, its very lose, free for most everything, that's why I put the setting in a dream; creative freedom. Creative freedom, not random stupidity. (Though stupidity is fun sometimes!)