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Fantasy, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life, Horror and certain fandoms.

You sighed, settling down onto your bed. For some reason today just didn't seem like a good day. Glancing up, you took notice of the small, porcelain doll that sat upon your dresser. You didn't know why you bought it. Something about the little girl was just.... different. You looked closer at the doll, studying it almost. It had long, brownish red hair and wore a black gown. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about it, but for some reason you found it odd.

Suddenly as you looked on, her porcelain lips curved upwards in a smile. Now you knew you were imagining things. Dolls didn't smile. You knew that much. Climbing out of your bed, you wandered closer to the dresser. It was almost as if the small doll was beckoning you forward. You came to a halt in front of the wooden structure, staring skeptically at the non-living girl. The world around you began to fade to black as you continued to look on. The doll raised her hand in greeting and smiled at you again. That was the last thing you remembered.


Cracking your eyes open, you glanced around only to note that you weren't in your room anymore. There were other people scattered about you on the ground. They looked like they were just waking up as well. You climbed to your feet. You noticed that you were in what appeared to be a forest. Around you the other people began to rise, asking questions abotu where they were or how they came to be there. You were about ready to begin inquiring as well when a clear yet quiet voice washed over you. "You are in the Dreamland.." It stated calmly. Whipping your head around to the source of the sound, you seen the porcelain doll, only she was now your size. She looked at you sadly, almost as if she were regretting what was soon to happen.

"But why are we here..?" One of the other people asked. "..and more importantly how did we get here..?"

The doll sadly shook her head. "He has brought you here.." She said softly, looking at the person. Another question was asked about who he was. "He is the Puppet Master Ace..." She intoned, looking between all of the people that were gathered around. "He brought you here to..." She trailed off, looking at her own hand. "..to make you into his puppets. He believes you to possess qualities that he wishes to acquire."

Another person stepped forward. "Then why didn't he just make us into puppets? Why dump us in the woods where we have a chance to escape?" They inquired, a fierce look on their face. They looked as if they were ready to attack the poor doll. You didn't know why, but you believed that she didn't like this 'Puppet Master' very much.

"He enjoys his games..." She said, giving us a sad smile. "He is giving you the chance to escape, but it is useless..." She said, trailing off again. "He always wins..." With that she disappears in a swirl of leaves, almost as if she were summoned away.

As everyone began to mill about wondering what to do, a voice ran out from the clouds. "Let the game begin, pets..."

~~~~Character Sheets~~~~
Ability- (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen)

~~~~My Characters~~~~

Name- Ace Dominus
Gender- Male
Age- Unknown
Side- Evil
Ability- Creates puppets out of humans. Can almost completely control them.
Personality- Ace is a very controlling person, yet he is also very playful. He likes to give his prey a fighting chance even though he knows that they are doomed the second they set foot into his dreamland. He is sadistic and will find almost anyway he can to torture his prey into submission. He immensely enjoys breaking the spirits of those who he goes up against. He is a strategist, but he is prone to losing his temper when he has been pushed to far. Barely anyone knows how to properly push his buttons though. He prides himself on his class and composure.


Name- Alaina Dolle
Gender- Female
Age- 16
Side- Evil (Wishes to be good)
Ability- None (Was a prototype puppet made from a normal human)
Personality- Alaina has always been very quiet. She longs to help people, and yet she is forced into the servitude of the Puppet Master. She tries to see the good in everyone, and this was her downfall. She stumbled across Ace when she was younger and thought of him as a lost soul. She tried to befriend him and in return he pulled her into his dream world. Alaina was his first puppet, yet she is also his favorite. He often uses her for missions and such even though she isn't that strong. She wants nothing more than to be free of his control. However, no one that has been pulled into his dreamland has been able to save her or the other puppets yet.


Name- Katelyn "Kate"
Gender- Female
Age- 18
Side- Good
Ability- Control over shadows and darkness.
Personality- Kate is very sarcastic and witty. She enjoys talking circles around people and despises being wrong. However, she will occasionally listen to what other people have to say. Well, if their on her good side and she thinks their words might benefit her, that is. She is very picky about the things that she does and will often do the same thing multiple times just to make sure she got it right. She does have a soft side though, but it takes special people to get it out of her. So far, the only person that succeeded was her older brother.
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Name: Lucian Dawn.
Gender: Male.
Age: 19.
Side: Good.
Ability: Blink. A short range teleport. Lucian is capable of teleporting himself, but not others, over short distances. When he reappears out the other side of the teleport a small energy nova is released. This nova acts as a small percussive wave that knocks objects people back at the landing area of Lucian's teleport. The furthest that Lucian can blink is, roughly, thirty meters.
Personality: Sarcastic, even narcissistic. Despite this he is a good person, even though he enjoys mocking others. He can be ignorant of other's feelings and how his words hurt them. All of his life he has struggled to connect with other people. Often Lucian gloats about his intelligence and finds less intelligent people to be boring. Lucian is always willing to help, even if he does it with a lot of back chat.
Name- Rafa
Gender- Male
Age- 16
Side- Neutral
Ability- Darkness Wielder = He can use any place that have, at least an shadow, to his own desire, he, also, can summon Darkblades and teleport from shadow to shadow.
Personality- Friendly, calm but he likes to be alone more than with a bunch of peoples. He's someone that will always show his emotion.

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" My name is Alicia Valery. "
Alicia Valery or (Alice)

" Do you need proof? "

" I am about 16 years of age. "

" Evil is my strong suite. "

" I don't have one, I am a doll. "

"I act my mood and nothing more. "
Depends on her mood

download f.jpg
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"You can call me Matt"
Matthew Brett

"I'm Male if you couldn't tell"

"I'm 18 if you must know"

"Someone has to fight for the right side"

Ability- (This ability is currently unknown by by its wielder. This is why they were chosen)
"I use nature to to help me"
Nature's Caller:
Matt is able to make any plant life grow at rapid speeds and grows it in what way he wants, he is able to make weapons shields and even creating small buildings.

"Be a good person and you don't get hurt"
He is kind to all those that are kind to him and others. You don't want to be on his bad side just saying.

All Accepted. =3
Yup. All of the characters posted have been accepted. Feel free to proceed to the IC thread ^.^
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I Just need to edit my char Ability and his Appearance then I'll post.
Name- Zeath Clark.
Gender- Male.
Age- 19.
Side- Good.
Ability- Manipulating fire.
Personality- Generally caring and nice, but at times can be be stubborn. His emotions can be a bit unstable at certain points- especially if you knew how to mess with him (which would be harsh rumors, excesive amounts of blood, or coldness [like 20°F coldness])
Appearance- He has black hair with silver highlights, blue eyes, and is the average height for someone his age. He wears a cyan hoodie that's two sizes too big for him, a black t-shirt with an MCR design on it, purple sweatpants, and black sneakers. His race is black.
(Gomenasai, I can't take pictures on my device and I can't use the drawing app I draw on at the moment. ;n;)
Tis fine. And Accepted ^.^
OMFG! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!!! So sorry >.< I'm into a lot of RPs right now but will post ASAP AND WON'T FORGET THIS TIME!
Well, I guess we wait for a little while longer to see if we get anyone else then we move to the IC thread and start role playing.
Katalyst Montgomery
"Call me Kat."

"Well, it wasn't like I had a say in that."

"Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyways."

"Persuade me, if you can."

Shapeshifter: Objects, animals, you name it.
"I have this undeniable ability to be awesome. I just can't help myself."

Flirty, sarcastic, witty, comes off egotistical, really self-conscious, doesn't trust others.
"Perfect blend, don't you think?"

Tall, slender, redhead.

"I know, I'm beautiful."
" Riley Sanders "
Riley W. Sanders

" If you touch me I will break your fingers! "

" How rude do you people get? "

" I don't know and I don't care. "

" What do you mean ability? You must be crazy. "
Poison secretion, Crystal manipulation, immunity to poisons.
Ie: She can inject toxins if she can cut, scratch, or even bite you.
She can produce crystals to be sued as a weapon or a defense
but creating these crystals leaves her in a weakened state.
And she is immune to every venom, poison and toxin imaginable.

" Can't you tell? "
Abit bossy, control freak, impatient, a little spoiled, energetic, persistant

" Hands off! "
Accepted ^.^
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