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  1. Have you ever wondered whether you were awake or asleep?Maybe you pinched yourself just to tell
    and felt the pain from it.But what if you were in a dream...where you could feel pain?A dream where you were truly in danger and couldn't wake up.

    "I'm Shiori Watanabe...


    and unfortunately,I'm in that exact situation.I'm searching for a way out of this but someone or something doesn't plan on letting me out so easily."

    The Plot (open)
    Everything was calm in Nagoya,Japan.Until a man had unknowingly freed,an ancient evil in the realm of dreams.Soon strange occurrences started to take place in the waking world.Teenagers were going to sleep and becoming unable to awaken.

    Their families are worried and doctors are unable to find the cause.So far doctors are calling it a sleeping disorder.What ever it is...it seems to be becoming an epidemic.

    But there was far more to it.The teenagers had been trapped in realm of dreams.Where there are many different beings.Some who are good...


    ,some who are bad...


    and some who are mysterious.


    There many mysteries and dangers await them.Worst of all...if someone dies in the dream world they end up in a coma in reality.So far there has been one recent report of a teenage boy dying in a coma.

    Will anyone discover what is going on?Who or what could be causing this and why?The biggest question of all is.With the only way out being to answer a wake up call in time.Will Shiori and the others survive and overcome this ordeal?

    Please click the link below to read the rules and requirements. I like to think I kept them pretty simple and easy to follow.


    If this role play sounds interesting then please feel free to join my group.Things are explained more in the Dreaming Awake Plot Details thread.Thank you.

    P.S. If you want to join to role play your character must be 13 to 17. If your character is 14,15 (or 16 if there is a reason for them being that age in the 9th grade) they will be one of Shiori's class mates. If they're in another class or another grade level that's fine. It will make it more like a school and I will create more supporting characters as need be. If you have any questions go ahead and ask them.
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  2. I am interested in the story of the sleeping town so to speak!
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