Dream Weavers (rated R for mature)

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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
Yesterday, at five in the morning in Seattle, Washington, a horrid monster slew an entire neighborhood.

But, by nine in the morning, the monster had stopped and disappeared.

In Houston, Texas, a tank rolled across streets, crushing everything in its path.

At seven in the morning, it faded away...


In Russia, a teddy bear killed a man after an attempt of raping a woman, then wandered the streets, causing no apparent harm.

At noon, the cuddly toy waved to children as it disappeared.


In Africa, a ballerina danced in a poor community, no harm was caused.

It disappeared early in the morning.


No one's quite sure of what's going on, but shortly before this predicament, a new drug was being peddled on the streets and in clubs, called "Swiit Driemz".

This new drug intentionally puts the victim into a coma-like state for a good twelve or fifteen hours, for the minimum amount of time. In this time, the person is entranced with the most inner-most thoughts and ideas from their very core.

People have been rushed to the hospital from heart attacks, strokes, seizures, sudden death for no reason, Blood clots, hemorrhages, and more.

All had trace amounts of this new drug in their system.


A group has already reacted to the events, claiming to be able to stop these phantom-like beasts.

They call themselves Dream Weavers.

Not much is known of this group, only that they made a book recently, as a group, called "The Dream Weavers' Bible: How to connect"

The US Military is already scrambling to try and find out what's going on.

Dream Weavers: A group of three women and two men. Not much is known about them, save for the fact that their book is praised as a great read. Though, no one really tries what they say. They claim that the new drug, Swiit Driemz, was actually the fault of the military. Apparently it was an attempt to protect our soldiers while their in a battle when things go south with bio-warfare. They knew the harmful side effects, but kept shoving it down their throats. When they couldn't do that, they covertly sold it off. The Dream Weavers have tried to stop the drug activity, by mugging and fighting drug dealers and stealing the crates filled with the purple tablets.

Drug gangs: They are the guys that profit off their poison. A 10mg tablet costs more than fifty bucks, on a good day. They've already sold and made a huge profit from this new drug.

Police/Government: They condemn both the drug dealers and the Dream Weavers, saying that neither are helping the situation.

Careful where you party tonight, and watch your drinks, those pills can be dissolved in carbonated drinks, put in your food, and much more....

Character Sheets coming soon.
Name on Iwaku: (What's your name?)

Name of Character: (Obvious)



Equipment: (What objects does your character have, besides weapons? *Cellphones, wrist watches, ECT.)

Weapons: (What can they use to defend themselves?)

Position sleeping: (How do they sleep? * On their backs? Limbs splayed? Do they move while asleep?)

Personality: (Obvious)

History: (Brief history)

Likes: (What does your character favor?)

Dislikes/fears: (What does your character not like/fear?)

Anything else/Other: (Anything else you'd like to mention)
*Reserved for Char sheets*
More on the Dreamers:
These odd happenings are controlled by one person. These dreams become physical things, complete with their own thoughts and personalities. They are influenced by the dreamer's inner-most thoughts, favorite things, or fears. These creatures can not be stopped. You have to wake up the dreamer. Although some of them are drugged or medicated. No one has ever tried to kill one of these dreamers before, fearing the possible consequences.

New reports are coming out that some of these dreamers are experienced and powerful enough to be able to conjure up these phantasms when they're semi-conscious, this gives them further control over their respective dream characters....
Name on Iwaku: Razilin

Name of Character: Dr. John Corpuz

Age: 30

Appearance: 5'7", 140 lbs., medium build, short black hair.

Equipment: Cell phone/PDA combination with Internet, Bluetooth, and Windows capabilities; hospital pager; pocket flashlight; wallet; car/house keys.

Weapons: Pocket knife.

Position sleeping: On back, little to no movement while asleep.

Personality: Kind, compassionate, and extroverted; unafraid to try new things, but tempers his curiosity and energy with maturity and a keen, analytical eye.

History: A native of the Phillippines who managed to land a residency in the United States, Dr. Johnathan "Jack" Corpuz is the latest in a long line of doctors in his family. Despite a wild, rough, and destitute youth in the islands, he worked his way into a highly respected profession and excelled. While friendly, compassionate, and beloved by his patients. Dr. Corpuz has had a poor time with romance; the list of ex-girlfriends and lovers can fill a small pharmacologic formulary. He lives alone in an apartment, but spends little time there--most of his time is spent in the hospital, in the clinic, or out clubbing.

Likes: Healthcare, the sciences, clubbing, women.

Dislikes/fears: Arrogance, loneliness.

Anything Else: Dr. Corpuz has been working up a number of patients in recent months related to Swiit Driems and is growing increasingly concerned about how many are falling victim to it.
Name on Iwaku: Warmaster Death

Name of Character: Nick Parter (bwahahahahahaha, by changing a few letters....ah who am i kidding, this is a sugar&salt induced alter ego/make fun of myself character)


yup, he wears the M10M gas mask all the time, though when he gets 'hyper' or paranoid, he is likely to don the following armor, though he rarely carries the AK, since you know, its illegal to have such a weapon

Equipment: a Nokia 'slidey' prepaid mobile phone (doesnt work in america since it's with Telstra), His Wallet, including Drivers License (Issued in the australian state of Victoria), several Induction cards (including the Victorian Construction Induction Card), around $2.70AUD in coins, an Australian $5 note and around $45USD in various notes.
he also carries his Commonwealth bank Debit Card in the wallet.
8GB Ipod Nano (4th Gen), Skullcandy headphones
3 Cuban Cigars, a pack of 5 Henri wintermans half corona cigars and a Bic Ciggerette lighter

Obviously, Nick has an M10M Gas Mask, but he also has his other set of clothes in his rather large backpack, he also has the keys to his Rental Car, or rather, cheap rental shitbox (Automatic transmission)

oh, and he has half a bottle of Cinzano Vermouth and two 30 tablet bottles of Ritalin 40mg LA
EDIT: ooh and lets not forget the Asus F750 gaming LAPTOP

Weapons: Nick carries an AK-74SU Airsoft gun, in a few peices in his backpack, along with enough BBs to last a nuclear war. he also has an actual steel bayonet that can be attached to the Airsoft gun, so basically he has a short, breakable knife on a stick that shoots BBs.....looks impressive but doesnt do that much.

Position sleeping: on his stomach, though Nick has a tendancy to wake up in a completely different position, with his pillow on one side of the room, and his blanket on the other (nick tends to move around Alot in his sleep)

Personality:at times, nick can be mature and thoughtful, at others, juvenile and reckless, though he is always impulsive, quick to anger (though whether he explodes or simply smolders relys on many factors, such as whether he's had his meds, whether he was previously pissed off, whether he really cares etc.)
One Caveat: Nick has no confidence when it comes to talkign to chicks he finds attractive, at which point he has a tendancy to get drunk, 'working up the russian self confidence/dutch courage'

History: Born in Australia, Nick went through primary school with relative normality, though eh always seemd like a hyperactive 'dreamer'
in high school, troubles began at first with impulse control/behavior, then with anger control/Behavior, though 7 years later, by the end of year 12, nick had learned several measures to control such impulses and his anger, and whilst he has by no means completed this task, he is much better than he used to be.

He came to America to seak treatment for a bad reaction to the Swiit Driems drug, as it nearly killed him and nearly drove him insane, though with extensive surgery on his heart and lungs, after which he was (and still is) not aloud to fly, so he's pretty much just driving around, looking for a way to do something about the Swiit Driems drug while he's in america.

Likes: talking really fast, food, gaming (Tabletop, computer, console, Forum Roleplaying) anything Russian, most Spirits, Drawing, Painting.

Dislikes/fears: the Dark, Loneliness, being a dickhead, Swiit Driems killing him/nearly killing him again.

Anything else/Other: yes, i do intend to be both serious and take the piss out of myself (im jsut in one of that moods, though if this idea is truely Irksome i will change it to something more sensible)

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Nice work, WMD! Whoot! Two of some of my most favorsome peoples posted char sheets! Actually, WMD, its fine to take a shot at yourself every once in a while. It's also great to build yourself up on a RP. I think I'll join you in the playing of yourself. That's always been a fun way to go.

Name on Iwaku: Trance Kitsune

Name of Character: Julia (Julez) Jean Foxtrot

Age: 18

Appearance: http://Nachan.deviantart.com/art/Where-We-Die-Young-128662665

*Shoulder-length dirty-blonde/brown hair, wears jackets and hoodies that are usually three sizes too large for her, with a black tank top, tight, and skinny jeans. She's almost always barefoot, regardless of the situation. Around her neck is a leather strap, on which a clear stone hangs as a pendant.

Equipment: Drawing equipment (Such as copic-markers, pens/pencils, erasers, bristol paper, ect), ipod and a CD player, a wallet with fifty bucks, her drivers licenses, a credit car, ATM card, various gift cards, cellphone, a change of clothes (Just in case), laptop. She also carries around a small figure of a fox in her purse.

Weapons: Markers (Believe me, an alcohol-based marker hurts more than anything, when in someone's eye), her six-pound portfolio, her cellphone (She has good aim and can knock someone in the head with it).

Position sleeping: Julia sleeps on her back, limbs splayed out, but if there is some one else in the bed, her body will wrap around that person. She's a lonely sleeper and loves to have her head on someone's shoulder. Sometimes when she's emotionally distressed, she'll either kick and lash-out while in the bed, or she'll get out of bed and sleepwalk. The best way to calm her down is just to lead her back to bed and stay with her, hold her hand or something to that form.

Personality: Tries to be as kindhearted as possible, tries to control her anger issues by bottling it up. She's also an obsessive guilty-person. She thinks anything can be her fault. She's a social/anti-social. She likes to be alone, but she needs company. She loves when people sit next to her, but they never talk, just doing their own thing. Most times, however, she's very outgoing towards her friends.

History: Born in Texas, she now in Delaware, Ohio. She attends college for a zoology degree, but also loves art. She had an average life, living among some strange people. She claims to know one of the Dream Weavers, and claims that they are helping her.

Likes: Foxes, animals in general, food, art, drawing, music, singing, dancing, sitting outside on a rainy day, physical contact (hugging, caressing, patting), being with friends.

Dislikes/fears: Mean people, loosing control of her anger, the unfamiliar or unknown, cruelty, cold, being alone.

Anything else/Other: Julia is still very unstable in her thoughts. Someone had slipped Swiit Driemz into something that she had at a party. Later that night, people claimed that they saw a huge, canine creature with nine tails. The next morning the Dream Weavers managed to find her, and explained what was happening. For right now, due to the drug, she's been kept awake for seventy-four hours, and is constantly being checked for any signs of decomposition in the body.
Name on Iwaku: Psychosis L. Neurotica

Name of Character: Tess Faulkner

Age: 18

Appearance: Five feet tall exactly, ninety-seven pounds. Very skinny, very bony. Jaw-length straight brown hair, hazel eyes with a vaguely Asian shape, fair skin. Likes wearing loose t-shirts with funny messages, a thick hoodie, and baggy jeans held up by a plain brown leather belt. Always seen wearing the same ratty old tennis shoes.

Equipment: Her laptop; a cell phone; two notebooks; a case containing two #2 pencils, a large eraser, a manual sharpener, two .5 lead mechanical pencils, spare lead, and two black pens; two notebooks; a novel called Taggerung; chapstick; a small tube of hand lotion; a camoflauge-patterned wallet; and all this contained within a black and orange messenger bag slung over her shoulder.

Weapons: Her entire bag. It's quite heavy. Also has some nice edges due to the laptop. (You better not get blood on it though!) Writing utensils may double as stabbing implements, and she also carries a bottle of pepper spray in her hoodie pocket.

Position sleeping: On her stomach usually. If it's too hot, she'll toss and turn a lot, trying to find a cooler place to lie on. If it's cold, she'll curl up on her side and stay there throughout the night.

Personality: Usually introverted and rather flighty; she essentially lives in the fantasy worlds she creates in her notebooks. While normally very quiet when left to her own devices, if you get her talking, she babbles on for quite some time- especially when you get her talking about one of her stories. She also gets easily embarassed, however, and has a bad habit of lying to people to cover things up.

History: Grew up in a strict religious family; while they don't make her wear dresses all the time and constantly praise God, they are quite steadfast about what she may not do- namely, anything that goes against typical Christianity. She was always addicted to reading, and had many altercations with her parents, not just over certain subject material, but also over her reading habits- to put it simply, if she had a book, she would read it, without stop, no matter what time of day or what she was supposed to be doing, until she was done. Frustrated, her parents went so far as to remove all her books, removing the lamp from her room, replacing her bed with a futon so that she couldn't hide books under it any longer (or so they thought)- even, at one point, taking one of her books, tearing it in half, and throwing one part at her and the other in the trash, when they were especially frustrated about her reluctance to put down her reading materials to help them with work. It was at this point that she began her secretive behavior- picking up habits of lying and hiding things in order to decieve her parents and be able to do what she wanted.

When she started middle school, she also discovered the internet- a veritable treasure trove of stories posted for public reading, that she quickly became just as enthralled with as her books. Just like her book addiction, her parents did not approve of the extent to which she took her habits, and combated her by locking the door to the library in which their home computer was kept. This was also the point at which she began learning how to pick locks and began staying up most of the night, only going to bed when light was just beginning to peer through the window and she was at real risk to be caught.

Then, in the eighth grade, Tess met an English teacher who introduced her to the concept of writing those same tales she was so addicted to. Within weeks, Tess had found yet another addiction, but this was one she could carry with her wherever she went, one that she didn't need to have materials with her to do. Over the next five years, Tess created story upon story, some silly, some dark, some epic, most outright bad. But she couldn't care less, because the fantasies were hers, for her alone to lose herself in.

She has since devoted herself entirely to her story writing. She is currently just starting college, already diving headfirst into the classes she needs to complete an English major and get a degree in Creative Writing.

Likes: Cats, dogs, and reptiles of all kinds- especially lizards. Flowers and wildlife in general. Nature scenes. Fantasy stories. Dragons. Brian Jacques' Redwall Series. Computers. Books. Video games. Watermelon. Sweet foods.

Dislikes/fears: Spicy foods. 'Gross' things. Unsanitary things. Blood. Spiders. The dark. Drowning. Outer space. Suffocating. Aging. Death. Being alone in an unfamiliar or scary place.

Anything else/Other: She enjoys walking around in circles in empty places, talking to herself as she plots out the next part of her latest story.

Expect a DEA agent with military experience.

I'm going to dig through my storehouse of character names I haven't used in a good while.
Awesome so far, Psy! and YAY!
Name on Iwaku: Field Commander Carl McCarthy

Name of Character: Special Agent Nicholas 'Detonator' Macintyre

Age: 32


On operations:

Equipment: Timex wristwatch, i-Phone, dogtags, a PDA, a Playstation PSP (Monster Hunter addict,) SOG Flash II utility knife (last resort as a weapon,) and a Zippo lighter with the emblem of the 10TH Mountain Division.

Sidearm: Sigarms P-220 chambered for the .45 ACP. Nick has a Streamlight TRL-2 rail mounted tac light with integrated targeting laser.

On ops:
Primary: FN-Herstal Mk 16 SFCAR-LW. Fabrique Nationale/Herstal's entry to US SOCOM's SCAR program, the SFCAR-LW accepts the M-855 .223 (SS-109 5.56X45 NATO) and can be fitted with either the M-203 40mm grenade launcher or the EGLM 40mm grenade launcher. Nick doesn't get to use a grenade launcher very often, but when he does he puts the fear of God into whoever is on the business end of his grenades. Nick typically has his SFCAR-LW fitted with an EoTech Holographic Weapons Sight.
Secondary: Sig P-220
Tertiary: Ten pounds of C-4 and detonators. Nick was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team member back in the 10TH Mountain. As such he learned how to manufacture explosive devices and defuse them. He always carries some of his materials with him, just in case he needs them. What better way to defuse a gunfight with a cornered gang than to threaten blowing them and himself up?

Position sleeping: On his back, one hand under his pillow, said hand wrapped around his P-220.

Personality: Hardly seems to take anything seriously. Nick posesses a perpetually upbeat personality, something that always kicks up a few notches whenever explosives are involved. How he passed the selection process for DEA's tactical unit is anyone's guess.

History: A former Sergeant First Class of the Army's 10TH Mountain Division, Nick's career started in peace keeping operations in Kosovo, where his unit was tasked with clearing minefields. He likened the process to playing the Windows game, Minesweeper, something that lightened the mood for the tedious procedure. After 9-11, the 10TH Mountain was called upon for Operation Enduring Freedom, due to the terrain. Nick found himself doing less minesweeping and bomb disposal and more engaging enemies. He made a name for himself as a grenadier, dropping HEDP right on top of Jihadi positions. After a medical discharge in 2003 for a slipped disk he applied to enter the DEA's tactical unit, noting that the application on Military.com asked for experience with bombs. A waiver was written up for his slipped disk and he began training with their tac unit as a pointman. Nick has been with them since and is presently on Ready Alert as the investiagtion team tries to find the distribution and supply points for Swiit Driems.

Likes: Explosives, Monster Hunter, grenade launchers.

Dislikes/fears: He doesn't talk about it much, but he fears the day he comes across a bomb he can't defuse. He greatly dislikes the Chameleos in Monster Hunter as not only is it invisible for most of the fight, but it also steals items with it's tongue.


Anything else/Other: Nick is a Scorpio, single, and is looking for his intellecutal equal or superior. The woman of his dreams also has to be an albino with attached earlobes, D-Cups (Full of JUSTICE,) and must have a Jack Russel Terrier that speaks Dutch.
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More on the "dream beasts"

Sarah G. McKinserling (One of the leaders of the Dream Weavers, in a thesis about these mysterious beasts):

"These beasts are physical representations of the person's inner dreams, thoughts, fears, or comforts. They have their own personalities, wants, and needs. In the case of Swiit Driemz, these beasts are usually more violent. This drug is more likely to draw off of the sleeper's nightmares than their good dreams."

In a call, one of the reporters asked for further clarification on the matter and the woman chuckled before going on about the matter:

"Swiit Driemz is a drug that was created for soldiers, to hopefully help in the battlefield.... I doubt anyone in the civilian life needs that kind of a drug.... Besides, it's not helpful, at all. They stopped the trials after two years, after trying to make sure that NOTHING ELSE was causing the problems. The only thing that they found is that Swiit Driemz works more easily with women than with men, also, teens are more susceptible than people in their twenties or thirties [....] It's a dangerous drug, and it's very highly-priced [...] The people who have been effected by Swiit Driemz need to be in a hospital [...] We have, however created a program to help the victims of this drug, and we've already helped five people. I'm under contract to not release their names. They will do that on their own. These people are still recovering, and you must understand, this drug was NEVER meant to be used, EVER, but civilians. These poor people are not able to deal with this drug as a soldier would. They lack the discipline and control to even be able to soften the effects. Some lack the vaccinations to protect against some of the side effects that this drug brings on [...] I advise all to stay away from shady bars, and watch your drinks and food. Be vigilant."

Shortly following that, the group visited the numerous victims in all different hospitals, trying to figure out the answers and how to help them, coming to differences with the doctors.

There is now a difference in how the doctors treats the victims than how the group helps. The doctors focus on treating the physical ailments of the victims, while Dream Weavers insist that it's a smarter move to try and help the victim's mental state....

Give me a break, this is my first year in college, RAZ!

*Pokes Raz*


Yeah, IC will be up before the end of the week hopefully.
A Note on Patrick the Barman\owner of O'Reilly's Pub : the 'Shared memory' is the memory of losing someone to drugs, in Patrick's case, it was his son Sean, who died of a heart attack after a long addiction to Heroin, for Nick, a fact that he has only told Patrick and the Australian Police, is that his Dream monster, a 8' tall Chaos Space Marine of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 fame, brutally murdered several people, before actually turning on Nick himself, though Nick was passed out on the ground at the time.
Admittedly the people that died were not 'innocent' as they had spiked Nick's drink, eager to see what the drug would do to someone, but they were people all the same, and Nick had seen through the creature's eyes as they died, and that causes him horrific nightmaresd, usually in which the marine gloats and tells Nick that he will be unleashed again, and other such threats.

the reason Nick was not suspected of the crime, and his story beleive by the police, is because as a Police car, sirens wailing and tires screaming, came to a halt and the officers, .32 revolvers drawn and loaded, approached, nick was still unconcious with the creature stomping towards him, the officers each fired six shots to no avail, and it was only Nick having a bad reaction and a heart attack that brought him into a semi awakened state, he was quickly rushed to hospital, though he was only had the surgeries, the surgeon explaining that no australian facility had the capacity to deal with the rehabilitation Nick needed, and that the US had somewhat better facilities.

Nick was unconcious for the entire time, though he spoke clearly, as though hypnotised, and the officers were able to peice together the facts before he was boarded on a special Qantas flight to the US.
i jsut wanted to explain why the old irish bloke is being so nice to Nick, as i realized that with VERY limited funds, he'd end up a hobo and probably stabbed before long......