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  1. Dream theives. They steal dreams and use them as weapons against eachother because they cannot dream themselves. They had a higher council in London, but the now independant Clan of Strange Dreams (Was Dream Clan London Division) has destroyed that. Now theres a full out war between the Clan of Strange Dreams (good) and the Clan of Nightmares (evil). Now tell me thief... Who are you fighting for?
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  2. Rules

    Site rules (obviously)
    No romance between your own characters (it gets old fast)
    Please star out the vowls when you curse (Personal preferance)
    Fade to black, etc. If romance gets to be past pg-13 (If you must elaborate to somebody dob it privately. We don't need the details)
    No killing other peoples characters without their permission (That should be obvious)
    No god modding or powers that require god modding (does it even need to be said?)
    If you leave, please arrange some reason for your character to do so (random issappearences=sucky rp experience)
    No Mary/Gary Sues (we all have faults)
    Please post regularly (I will run random activity checks)
    Ooc: separate it somehow (it can be confusing if not separated)

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  3. Theif Law

    Theives must wear there Dream Bottles at all times for identification purposes

    Interclan and human/theif relationships are forbidden

    Treason to your clan is punishable by death

    The word of your leader is law

    Those who expose dream theives to humanity will be burned at the stake

    ((Feel free to be a criminal in this respect))
  4. Other things to know

    The leading party of your clan consists of the leader, the secound in command and the healer

    The leader will act as you judge if you commit a crime, the healer as jury and the secound in command as exicutioner

    Bad things happen to those who question their uppers

    The clans live in seperate apartment style acomidations known as theives quarters


    Theives CAN NOT have dreams or nightmares (this discludes forsight and flashbacks)

    Nightmare clan carries nightmares rather than dreams

    Dream is in the eye of the person who orriginally had it

    Collectors steal dreams or nightmares

    Healers are like magical doctors

    Warriors fight

    Trainees are new theives (please request a mentor if you take this rank)
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Not open for further replies.