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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

Dream Roleplays

Have you ever said to yourself "Man, I wish someone would do a RP about that" or "I should make a RP about ___________" , but never did for whatever reason? I know I have. Sometimes I come up with ideas or concepts that might be a little odd or far fetched so I scrap the idea before it takes off, but I always am thinking about recreating them someday.


Mine are a little strange.....I actually went ahead and created one that I had been fantasizing about for a while, It was a RP based on the show "Iron Chef" and its actually still going!! Other Ideas I have had involved things such as working in the trades (Construction work) and being in a Metal band, weird ideas I know, but hey I can Dream right>?

What is your DREAM RP idea?

I want to create an RP some day completely based off the lyrics present in the works of early Celtic Frost. Dethroned emperors, the bitterness of delusion, serenades of opposition, and all that jazz.
Last RP dream I had, I was running around as a Black Templar, It was similar to the deathwatch in all but armor paint scheme, everyone was still rocking full chapter colors and trappings.
For once I agree with Darkness. And Thats what the fan-made supplement Dark Herecy - Adeptus Astertes is for GMK.
Heh, yea a RP that ends would be nice. Conclusion is Victory!
Planed by Asmo, GMed by grumpy..... that would be epic incarnate.
Interesting...anyone else>?
Miru tried to have one that would have been awesome but not enough people showed interest believe it or not. :P Don't know what why, perhaps because it'd take a crap load of effort and stuff to get everything figured out.

I would probably lean towards Crossover RPs for this since I've already been in RPs that finished. It'd have to be done Super Robot Wars style, that's the only right way to do cross overs IMO. Be more interesting that way too.