Dream or Reality

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  1. Name: Ryder Summers
    Discription: Grey blue eyes, bright red hair, and light freckled skin.
    Personality: She's strong willed, a tomboy; wears t-shirts, blue jeans, and fadoras when she's not at school.​
    Ryder walked through the cloud of white that greeted her whenever she went into a dream. She looked around searching for a land mark or a friendly face, but instead she found she was walking through the mall. Suddenly she saw people around her, some from school, some just familiar from around town, but she couldn't pick out friends that she normally spoke with, just faces in a crowd. Then she saw the back of a boys head, but she couldn't see his face. She decided to figure out what this dream was about and poked the guy's shoulder, smiling slightly in a friendly way and waiting for him to turn around.

  2. Name: Aaron Ryder
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0

    It had been a long day at school, and now Aaron was just wandering around town and looking for something to do--or at least that was what the dream was tell him. He pocketed his hands, spinning around on his heel and looking into the window which had caught his eye. Sweets decorated trays and tempted those who peered in to come inside and taste what the bakery had to offer. Delicious smells filled the air where he stood and a delicious chocolate chip cookie caught his light blue eyes in particular.

    Just has he was battling internally with himself whether he should go inside or not he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Curiously he turned out she see a redheaded girl smiling up at him, and he smiled back.
    "Hello." He said, turning completely to face her. She was pretty and her eyes were a gorgeous shade of grey/blue. "Can I help you with something?" He asked curiously as he continued to gaze at her
  3. Ryder noticed the boys light blue eyes first, they were friendly and kind. At first she was at a lost for words, what did she want? Oh yeah, "Uh, I haven't seen you around here before, I'm Ryder Summers," she introduced herself, not sure what would happen next. It seemed too real, like everything was actually happening, and even the smell of sweets filled her nose, smelling so nice that she felt entised to try some. She found herself a little too close to the new boy, so she took a small step back, feeling almost embaressed about coming to speak to him in the first place, for he was handsome, and more of the popular boy type, unlike her, a Tomboy.