Dream made into "Reality"

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  1. IDEA: girl sleeps with best guy friend because they got drunk; she and he later find out the guy is the father and they're shocked

    GENRE: Modern/Gangster Crime

    This scenario came into play within a dream I had. I want to do it. A few requests I have to make for it, though:

    1.) No one-liners. I expect at least two paragraphs or more.

    2.) Please be detailed in your writing. Use sensory details and lots of descriptive imagery.

    3.) You play the dominant male. I play the submissive female.

    4.) Contribute to the plot and add your own twists as long as they're realistic and fit in with the story.

    5.) Follow all general Iwaku roleplay rules (i.e. no metaplay, no godmod, etc.)

    6.) Be patient. I'd prefer someone who can reply at least one post daily to someone who can do a few posts a week. If you're faster than that, that's great, but be prepared to wait, as I have college classes and lots of dirty homework.

    7.) This idea WILL be fleshed out into a decent plotline. Be willing to offer your ideas and/or suggestions to help enhance my dream idea.