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  1. It is stated that the infinite possibilities and conjured fantasies of the mind are only accessible when one is fully unaware of themselves. When a person sleeps, their logic, their common sense, and the restrictions of a normal life, drift into an abyss that no one can understand. The realm of dreams is unlocked to those that sleep peacefully. Nightmares are the price paid when one sleeps without comfort. What if this world of fantasy, of tech, and romance. What if this world of Dreams was allowed to exist outside of the restriction of sleep?



    A local hospital caves in.
    The occurrence is strange if only for the fact that miraculously the patients within the hospital, all have vanished as well. The parents of children distress, and the police stand outside of the grounds. A car pulls up and three men step out. They are followed by an old man who is holding a case. The man opens the case and reveals three bracelets of a strange origin. Each person takes one of these bracelets and approaches the site before the cops or anyone can say anything, and they too vanish.

    The world vanishes with them and instead it is replaced with color. Strobe lights flash with intensity and the place where the hospital once stood proud is now a dance floor. A stage sits at the far end. Extremely scantily dressed females taunt the infinite amount of people with their bodies. A woman with long blonde pig tails sings with all of her heart into a head set and the lights move with the beat of the sound. The sky becomes a net stream of powerful videos to entice the crowd.

    That is the intro. This is the description for those that do not understand what I am trying to create. I want to create a world that is ours, but more so than anyone hopes to realize. Our world is being invaded by some unknown force and in this invasion fluctuations of the Dream world are interloping with the reality of the world. Where one play might normally be a mall, now it might be something entirely different for specific individuals that enter that area. They could go from a mall to an underwater city, or like above a Hospital to a rave. There is no limit to genres, and the rp will be set up in chapters where I and my co gms work out a single or maybe two places that will happen in the fluctuation. We will set the stage for you, that you must dance upon. Before you think that this is all just straight chaos; let me just say that there is an over all plot. You are welcome to ask me about the plot in a pm.

    Everyone that plays in this rp will have the ability to see the dream world and enter it consciously. However YOU never actually enter. A avatar of yourself only empowered enters in your stead, but the danger is still definitely real. Your avatar is who you as a dream. You will have insane power levels and do extraordinary stuff, but IF you die in the dream world, you also die in life. Avatars must be approved but we are allowing a pretty creatively free pull on power-levels for this rp.

    Roles Available:
    Dream Walkers:

    Essentially everyone that will be in this rp will have the general ability to take part in the worlds we create. This is more of a faction, a group of Agents that are studying under a professor. The agents are sent into the Dream machine to find out more about this mysterious world, and what purpose it serves. They are trained in combat and taught how to handle high stress situations. They look to solve the "problem" of the fluctuations.​

    No one understands the truth about this dream world, or why it has come to earth. However, some have found ways to sync computer technology and frequencies to alter the world. They have learned to sit upon the game master corner and set things in motion. Creating more adversity for this world, and becoming virtual Kingpins to a world no one understands. Hackers are valuable to help buff avatars and make them more powerful for their own purposes. However hackers are not so gracious to just give you their gifts freely. (Deciding on a number limit for this)

    The Dream world is strange to all, but if anyone were to hope to understand and adjust, it would be the dreams themselves. They are as real as people and can move between different fluctuations with fairly little difficulty. In their world they are what humans are to earth. This is their home and Earth is the Alien.

    Dream worlds are not the only things being created through the fluctuations. Nightmares are buffed Avatars with a chaotic presence. They watch and wait for the chance to deter a dream from its form and turn it into a nightmare. Corrupt and evil by nature they are one of the most dangerous beings in the dream world fluctuation issue. Often the "problem" Dream walkers may be looking for.

    Civilians: (Seasoned Rpers only) This is a role that requires a LOT of growth. You are not trained for combat. You are a guy or girl who works. You might go to school, or do something else that is mundane and simple. No one can explain why specific people can see the realms but you are one of those people. Now you are entering a strange world as a normal mundane human. You are now forced to either hide from it or progress. This role requires for players to want to work from bottom with little to no ability in combat, and weaker avatars, and work them up. This is the hardest role to take because it requires more from the player themselves than any other role. Thus it is suggested only advanced rpers take up this challenge.

    • All characters must be approved before you start.​
    • All characters must fall into the categories listed.​
    • No God modding with characters. Fights will be planned and agreed upon before they are posted.​
    • Gm's words are law. If there is reasonable motive to debate then please bring it to us in a pm.​
    • Players must remain punctual. GM's will give you a chance to respond but if you take forever and you are holding up others from progressing we will not hesitate to npc your character and move the story.​
    • Try to avoid fluff writing. be concise and post thing that help move things along.​
    • All romance is encouraged. Once clothes start flying get your butts to the pm or make it a black out scene.​
    • Be respectful of all others in the rp. Your characters can be as hateful to some people as they want. Do not make it an OOC thing.​
    • Use Npc's to further your rp. Within reason.​
    • Work with each other. Do collaborative posting. Team work and such is heavily inspired. We want a really big crowd for this rp.​
    • 1-2 paragraph posts Minimum please.​
    • Be creative and have fun!​
    Now! show me Some interest so that I can expand on the idea and refine it.
    Please avoid a lot of ooc here. Contact through PMs is ideal, outside of simple "I am interested" posts that are used to let me know.
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  2. I actually have a role-play similar to this that I could never get past the interest check. Mine is a bit different than yours though ahah. I dunno if I want to join this or not. I'm inclined to....but my desire to get my own dream rp going instead. Agh....I'll keep in mind.
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  3. I have my hunches that this won't make it past interest check either so... XD understandable. =)
  4. well my own got like three people into it? I'm not sure. If this one doesn't work out you can always take a look at mine, maybe we can merge both our dream rps into one.
  5. Its a possibitlity. i got me Key, and one other person so far.
  6. Ill give this another day before I declare it a failed project. Post here if there is interest.
  7. Ooo, I'm pretty interested
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  8. Theres another down Keep it coming people! Invite people you think might like this.

    @Sol-Et-Luna I am happy you like the idea any idea what you wanna play?
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  9. Yeah, I think I might want to be a dream walker, they seem like interesting characters to play.
  10. Definitely a very interesting concept you got going here.
  11. Its gonna be trippy!


    That mean you'd join if it gets goin?

    Invite people! everyone
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