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  1. Inhaling a sharp breath, Ashe ran through the forest, her skin cracking with the freezing air of Freljord. The warriors who swore allegiance to her deceased mother roared at her pursuit. With no weapon at her disposition and in an uncharted territory, she followed the cry of a strange creature that alerted her of those traitors. Panting, she finally dashed with tears forming in her eyes feeling her muscle ache in pain. For nearly two hours she's been escaping those man. The fifteen year old Avarosan leader was outnumbered by warriors with swords drawn out ready to chop her head off.

    '' Ancestors, '' she pleaded feeling like she was ready to break down as she heard a crowd approaching, '' Please help me!'' she begged as she crumbled to the ground, her silver hair falling above her face as she slowly tilted her head to the blue sky above. Her pale skin cold as ice and her azurian orbs just stared.

    '' Please,'' she said almost in a whisper feeling the loss of a battle. Memories flooded her mind as a tear ran down her cheek. The hawk above her continued screaming and she could hear the man who disagreed with her views approach. She pushed herself from the ground with her weak arms and helped herself with a stone that glowed at her touch. Her eyes focused on the warriors that organized a coup d'etat and she could almost hear the rock calling her. The assassins burst into clearing. She lifted the runestone to defend herself against them to reveal a ornate bow carved in Ice.

    Her eyes glowed the same as the bow as she grasped it crying from the frost forming in her finger and with a sheer instinct, she willed arrows made of pure ice from the cold and crisp air. The assassins all perished and Ashe closed her eyes as she fell to her knees from exhaustions. She smiled widely looking up, the hawk was gone and she couldn't help but cry of a joy as she felt relief.

    The Inn was crowded and Ashe groaned as she finally woke up to the sound of some loud champion entering the bar. She wondered why on earth she dreamt of this while taking her nap, and frowned slightly before Gragas playfully patted her shoulder.

    '' Ya did great Princess during the match!'' he said gulping his alcohol like the drunk man he was. Ashe simply shrugged with a gentle smile appreciating his compliment. She met this man a few months ago when he asked to create a certain trade in Rakelstate, her hometown. Since then, his business boomed and so did Rakelstate economy. But there was more between them then a simple professional relationship. He became like family to her, like an uncle. She trusted him and he obviously trusted her.

    '' No need in formality Gragas. We are family. And I'm not yet Queen, '' she said winking at him playful before he burst into laugh seating on the same bench as her ordering for her. '' Give us a gallon of wine friend! We are gonna wake up our champion!'' he shouted and the whole bar roared making her blush a bit as she pulled her cape a bit trying to hide her face from this embarrassing situation. Even if she purposely participated in the field of justice to be more known and to have a growing influence, it always felt very nerve wracking meeting all of these different people and feeling like they knew her, yet she didn't know them.

    She rubbed her eyes obviously tired and sighed before blowing on one of her white locks. Her black and gold cape was loosely around her keeping her warm. Soon, she would have to go back to her tribe. The eighteen year old Avarosan Leader felt overwhelmed by her duty, but above that, she felt very proud. She was determine to unite Freljord with peace, but it just felt like it might take more time than she expected.

    '' Gragas?'' she asked curiously as she tilted her head towards him, '' How long was I asleep?'' she asked curiously seeing that it was already dark outside and, well, she was suppose to meet up with a certain person before nightfall.

    '' For nearly two hours! '' he said laughing with his mouth wide open. showing his missing teeth. With a nervous smile, she looked up at the clock and jumped from her wooden seat. '' I'm late. Again. '' she said blushing as she kissed Gragas cheek and immediately dashed towards the door with her archer strapped in her back as she hoped Tryndamere was still at the meeting place.

    Gragas laughed out loud once again looking at everyone, '' She sure is strong and a great leader, but one thing she is terrible at is dates~ '' he teased as the whole tavern cracked up once again with joy.


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    The fires raged across the fields as his clan was being slaughtered in front him dying one by one . This mysterious figure killing everyone in his way. Making his way towards Tryndamere . Tryndamere worked up his courage and charged at the man but he swatted away like he was nothing . His blood was running was running down his forehead, his body numb . He could not move watching all his friends and clan members dying around him . He was powerless to do anything he tried to move but his body but it would not budge this figure with this unholy sword was killing everyone .

    He suddenly snapped back to reality coming out of his dream state . He looked around it seems he was sitting there for a while waiting for Ashe. As he got up his eye's went straight to the sky it was so beautiful this time of the day he could easily stare at the sky and get lost in it's beauty. He decided that he was not going to wait any longer it seem's Ashe was not going to make it tonight and he has to prepare for a match tomorrow .

    Tryndamere looked around one more time to see if he could catch a glimpse of her. To him she was beauty nothing matched her radiance or her demeanour , she was going to be a great leader one day she had all the qualities of those who would be legend but it seemed she lacked one . Time , he sighed and turned around leaving the pond behind him and slowly started to walk away hoping that she would catch up.

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  3. Ashe smiled seeing Tryndamere walk away the moment they locked eyes. Typical of him. She managed to catch up to him at ease and simply walked next to him in silence before glancing up at him with a smirk. '' Running away I see?'' she said with a playful tone. Both of them somehow had this weird chemistry between them. They were opposites in every way from their physical apperance, their personality and behavior. The way they think though tended to incline in the same direction.

    Ashe followed Tryndamere even if she was the one who invited him out for diner after the last game they won. She felt like it would be in the interest of Freljord if she friended the barbarian chief. If his army grew more and Sejuani's threat were to be executed, Rakelstate would be in great danger. Instead of letting Sejuani snatch powerful man, she would make sure to have a friendly relationship with this fearful warrior.

    '' I never thought the King of the Barbarians would fear a little night out with little me, '' she teased knowing that he probably was just annoyed with her being late....again.
  4. Tryndamere always did have a soft spot for Ashe even if they were polar opposites even if it was in appearance or personalties but somehow they always seemed to got along with each other. Maybe it was because of the respect they had for each other as fellow warriors . They would often work together on the battlefield and when they were together on the same team they were unstoppable almost never loosing. He also felt that if built a good relationship with her he and his Barbarians might be seen as proper people someday not just the savages that everyone seems to think they are.

    Tryndamere simply smiled at her . It was not that he was angry at her because she was late he kind of expected that after her big match today she must of been tired. He was just a little bit jealous since he was not the one fighting in that great battle the way both teams were going back and forth they way Ashe fought against her opponent on the field it was truly a spectacle to behold. He smiled at her statement as just gave her a small smirk "A man would be stupid not to fear someone like you Ashe. Now that you have finally made it here do you want to continue this date " he said with a smile as he looked her in the eyes "Or do you have something else planned "

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  5. Ashe gasped looking at him with a blush dusting her cheeks. She knew that everyone thought of it as a date even if she protested saying it was just a friendly night out, but hearing it by his mouth made her nervous. He was an eye candy for many women and she enjoyed his company, she couldn't deny that. But she wouldn't just go along with him saying it so loosely either.
    Composing herself, she stretched upwards accelerating a bit the pace seeing a very beautiful restaurant ahead. '' Just a friendly date my dear, '' she simply said her face obviously the same relaxed, calm and playful way. She just didn't want him to have the wrong ideas, yet. In her experience, being too available and easy with a man such as Tryndamere resulted in many disastrous and embarrassing outcomes in her reputation. Not because he was a barbarian, but simply because he seemed like the type to take pride at bragging his conquests. Therefore, she was cautious of her every move.
  6. Tryndamere simply smiled as they headed towards the restaurant . As they entered he looked around , everyone was staring at them because he was so huge and barbaric looking and she was the complete opposite. Beautiful and had this certain cold aura that surrounded every movement she made. He pulled out the chair for Ashe and then himself sat down . He felt how everyone stared at him it made him a little uncomfortable he would rather be out there on the battlefield than in this place. He looked at Ashe . She was someone who would put an arrow in your back if you made her angry or went against her , and because of that Tryndamere respected her and feared her at the same time. She always had this way of catching his attention even if she did not mean to. "I am quite hungry after today's battles I haven't had a chance yet to eat or drink." he said with a small smile.


    As Vi stood there in the middle of the streets her gauntlets standing out the most she looked around . After the battles today she returned to her normal job as a fellow officer of Caitlyn's she walked around looking for an excuse to beat anyone up. She was worked up from today's Summoner's Rift match and needed to work off the excess energy. People moved out of the way as she walked past them not wanting to get in her way. As she turned around a corner see saw a gang of thugs up to no good. Ignoring Caitlyn's orders again instead of arresting them she simply beat them all to a bleeding mess of human beings. Once she was done she left with a smile on her face it felt good for her to work of that excess energy.
  7. As he said that, his stomach grumbled. Ashe placed her hand over her mouth as she chuckled gracefully looking up at him. '' I can hear that, '' she said teasingly as she took his rough hands in her delicate hands.'' Now come on before people dig holes with their eyes, '' she said obviously noticing how they were staring so intensily. It annoyed her to be honest, but she was use to it. They stared Tryndamere because of is barbaric demeanor, and they stared at her because of her skills and often her looks. Not that she really cared because she was quite hungry herself.

    Pulling him to the nicest bench, she immediately sat with a thud actually surprised as she bounced making her go wide eyes. '' Well these are comfortable, '' she mumbled a bit embarrassed as she pushed herself for him to seat next to her.

    It took two weeks for the Noxian brother to reach Piltover, their next alliance. Even if this trip was uniquely for business purpose, which Darius repetitively told him, Draven managed to find time for himself. The arrogant man entered an amazing looking store. Piltover was renown for it's technological advancement, but their fashion sense was off the roof! Groovy compared to boring old Noxia.
    '' Oh oh! Look at you girls!'' he said looking at the employees looking at them lusciously. They oblivious rolled his eyes since Draven wasn't of exceptional beauty, but he did have some sexiness in him.

    Looking at some pink looking suit, he felt a hand touch his ass and he ended up turning on his heel expecting one of those gorgeous looking Piltover woman, but he was faced with a bandit. His eyes darkened and there was almost flames forming in them.

    The thief looked at him and immediately ran, with Draven's wallet and with no hesitation, the young Noxian immediately sprinted towards him with his typical and hilarious way of running. '' Give it back you bastard!'' he shouted angrily bursting the glass door.
  8. Tryndamere just grumbled the whole time , he was hungry , very hungry he ordered food and waited . He look to Ashe with a smile and then looked at the hot food as it arrived . "So what do you think will happen to the Freljord in the coming months" he said with a curious tone, he knew that is why she invited him here . Him and his barbarians were a big force and if allied to anyone would add a significant boost to their own forces. He said as he slowly started eating the food . His attention still on her.


    Vi was walking around more until she saw a thief running through the crowd and some one else chasing him . She smiled this was another opportunity for her to release some pent up energy . She smirked and ran after the thief taking back alleys until she came in front of this thief. She smiled at him showing him her huge metal gauntlets. The next thing the thief knew a huge fist came cracking into his face , he fell to the ground bloody and unconscious and she just stood there proud of her work.

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  9. Ashe looked at the waitress with her mysterious blue eyes, '' Thank you very much,'' she said to the lady serving them as she received her hot meal. She inhaled the scent of her lemon and rosemary salmon with sweet potatoes, a huge plate of salad with seafood and the traditional rice of the town they were in '' Aren't these meals gorgeous? '' she asked looking at her food amazed. They didn't have fancy food like this in Freljord. This was her first time in the southern hemisphere of Valoran. She took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes ignoring his question.
    '' Thank you ancestors for this delicious and mouth watering meal, '' she said as a smile cracked in her face. She opened her eyes and looked at Tryndamere with a smile before reaching for her fork and a knife. She cut the salmon and she had to hold herself feeling it cut like butter. She could just imagine how it would melt in her mouth and it was as if her whole surrounding was disappearing as she practically fell in love with her meal.

    Draven looked at the pinked hair woman with wide eyes. He stared at his wallet just a few centimeters away from her but he was all eyes for the woman in front of him. '' This must be love at first sight! '' he said his whole demeanor relaxed and he felt completely marshmallow. He just imagined how she would turn around with glitters around her and her hair would flow with the wind. She was tall and looked very strong, just like him he said to himself, and she was gorgeous. He didn't even realize as he looked at her gasping and just speechless.
    That's when his infamous smirk appeared. He placed his hand to the wall and winked at her, '' Wow, you sure took a bite out of them girl. '' he said in a seductive voice as he wiggled his eyebrows upwards looking at her.
    '' You know, '' he said pushing himself up and passing a hand in his very stylish hair, '' I couldn't have done a better job myself. And I'm not anyone, '' he said giving her a lop sided smile
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