Dream Interpretation Game.

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  1. Welcome to the Dream Interpretation Game!​

    Here, you'll get “words of knowledge” from your fellow Iwakuians. First, pick any dream you can vividly remember and lay it out clear for said person. After you have everything strung together, sit and wait for the next player to read and grant their take of what they think it means! Oh, the possibilities!​


    1. Keep the dreams and interpretations within a two paragraph limit.
    2. Give the real interpretation you think it may mean, since this is meant to be your honest opinion.
    3. Keep it PG-13 so most can partake in this. It's meant to be fun!
    Let the dream flow begin! No one gets to know you more than by that which is told through the subconscious! 3,2,1. Go!​
  2. Long ago, I had this dream, but I wrote it down. Here it is:

    I was an immortal being with the supernatural ability to turn anything into sand at will (fast, fixed rate of turning a set amount of matter to sand, had to be in relatively close proximity). I lived from the time of ancient Egypt to modernity. I leveled monuments to sand and freed people from slavery by turning their bonds and walls into sand, but also turned people's most precious items into sand out of spite and create chaos. (specifically treasuries, but derived a sick pleasure in watching people weep over mere 'things')

    When America attacked the middle east near Egypt, I infiltrated bases on both sides of the 'war on terror' and turned their supplies to sand, then hitched a ride overseas on a military cruise ship. A strong, agile and cloaked figure in New York, I turned a businessman's cellphone and briefcase to sand while he appeared to be in the middle of an important business call (running and talking into his phone), turned a Farrari to sand, and broke into Fort Knox and turned all the gold in the treasury to sand (like I did in the ancient past).

    People were pretty creative in both time periods; the Egyptians made weapons out of glass because I could turn the rest of their weapons into sand while in the modern US they made glass grenades or attempted to use snipers to pick me off. This one time I stopped a group of chasers by turning one shoe on each person into sand. I never turned people into sand.
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  3. Before I give my interpretation of what I think this dream may mean, I figure it's only right I state ahead of time that I don't ever really take a person's dream literally. Things such as objects, or how one sees themselves in this realm is all figurative and leaves me with a different vibe. I'm giving you what I feel my gut is leading me to say. Which could sound utterly ridiculously, but hey, that's what makes this so fun, right?

    I couldn't help but get the sense that you as this “immortal being” felt the weight and strain of conflicting nations that caused quite a divide among civilizations,cultures and people throughout the centuries. The sand seems symbolic in nature, for you wish to melt away the hatred that encapsulates humanity. As being this superior being, this allows you to break down those barriers brought about through greed, vanity and power mongers that aim to enslave the factions who war against it. You as this being siding with the underdogs. You long to watch it fade away and see mankind as equals. One together, one the same.

    Second paragraph seems to be an exact mirage as your first with a role reversal, only now in this present tense, technological advances and the vision of this businessman in general feel like an outcry to me. As if, turning those objects to sand is to convey a message for those to open their eyes and not be so programmed by the possessions that people glorify. You view humanity's affinity for such things enslaves them leaving a vast void and emptiness that swallows up a person's heart.

    The fact your sand use was only put into play when traumatic things or events were about to pass, is indicator that you shall not be moved, willing to face the consequences when standing against it. You're a strong talker, who isn't afraid to speak your mind. A good quality to have, when lending your voice on such tender affairs. The last bit about people not being turned to sand is quite poignant, because you long for unity.

    At least, that's how I view that. Heh, so much for the two paragraph rule. Baaaah, some rules are made to be broken. -Winks-
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  4. I think the dream I remember the most actually happened a long time ago. It's a little strange, but I'll try to explain it.

    I was walking through my own house, but it was different. Kind of like one of those cheap 'haunted house' things people do on Halloween, but for some reason it still scared me because things weren't the way they were supposed to be. I was dressed funny too, in a long dress. I don't remember what color it was, either white or blue. I kept going faster, trying to find a room where something was normal, but everything was still wrong. I felt like I was being chased. Then suddenly everything changed. I still looked the same, but I was chasing someone. It kept flipping back and forth from chased to chasing, until I was running (being chased at this point) and the floor opens up and I'm falling. Just before I hit the ground is when I woke up.

    I had this dream years ago, but I still remember it really well. I'm not sure why. Thoughts?
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  5. The structure that is your house feels like a representation of yourself. Since I see it as a foundation that will reflect the whole dream. With things not as they were and swapped around it didn't take you long to come upon that conclusion from the very beginning. This means you're a very astute person, and the fear that you felt fester could signify you have some struggles not yet put to rest. Whether it's stress, emotional upstarts or personal relations of people around you, each thing that you view not familiar within your house could be things that need to be rearranged back into their correct places. You in this bizarre dress unfitting of yourself, could mean you've been trying to dress up passable poker faces appearing alright to a said problem between a person or circumstance in real life. You running expresses a longing for normalcy and could be your reaching to confront it but maybe afraid of stepping on some toes or deal with the issue up front. When your dream shifted to the view you were after someone, this could mean rectification could be on its way, but in order for that to happen something has to give. The long fall could be imagery for the length of time you have been running or putting up with a certain situation from (someone or current predicament) and it will only persist until confronted. The fact you wake before you hit the ground, is you taking control over that fear, you just have to take that step.

    I could be totally off basis but as I've said before, I just roll with my inner pull that prompts me to type what I do. I hope if anything you found this amusing, and if you find it to be of some clarity, that would be awesome too! Dreams are the damnedest thing, aren't they? Thanks for sharing!
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  6. I remember in the beginning of the dream I was in a warehouse building where plenty of gurneys with strangers chained hands and feet to the poles and I also. As I came to full consciousness, there were those standing in gas masks, like the ones that have the pig-like appearance and wore these outfits that were donned in plastic. Some on the gurneys voiced their protest, others embraced like it was inevitable, others terrified beyond belief and myself, I was quiet trying to rationalize a means of escape. Like clockwork, a spontaneous beam of white light flashed into the room in a zig-zag. The menacing forces had dropped the tools they carried in hand and all froze in place as if they had been put on pause.

    The shackles on every person mysteriously unlocked on both hands and feet of all strapped to the gurneys, and I cautiously passed one of the stilled perpetrators. It surprised me that those who were in fear wouldn't move forward, but instead opted to follow where ever I would go. I can't give an exact number of strangers in this predicament like myself, but I'd wager to guess ten, maybe?

    I find this ventilation unit and kneel kicking it in and begun to crawl into its dusty pathway with all choosing to follow. Halfway in I came to a portion of it that had one curve to the left, middle or right. I had three choices to choose from and would take the right. All the others followed suit. As I reached the end of the vent itself, I kicked down another screen cover of the vent that would lead to outside. I crawled out, as did everyone else. Once outside all could hear the booming loud bombs going off in the background, black ash was falling from the sky. I was standing in an alleyway and up ahead was a street, busy intersection. I begin to head that way as all did the same. There was a helicopter with a spotlight looming above the sky and a rocket blows it out of the sky.

    All looked on in horror, as a man decided it was too much and opted to run ahead. The propeller from that helicopter came spiraling down out of control so fast it behead him.Before the head could hit the ground, all that which was around me began to take a backward track as if on full rewind. The man's head going back to reside in its proper place, all walking backwards to the vent itself, crawling backward, back to the three way tunnels, back to the inside of the warehouse, back to the dark force frozen in place, back to the gurneys where all were chained back onto them hand and foot, back to the light force and its backward zig zag pattern, back to those unconsciousness and my own.

    That's when I go another round again. When I awoke, I am aware of that whole premonition. Repeating the whole process I described all up until we're standing on the street looking upon the helicopter. Of course, this time I am wiser to what's about to happen. As the man runs out into the open, my hand grasps the back of his collar before he can carry on any further, and the propeller collides against the asphalt and does some random sputters and spins until coming to rest at a stop. Then, I woke up.

    A wild, wild ride. I can't begin to express the vivid nature of it, because all the noises, all the fears, all the mayhem, all the series of senses and feeling were so real like a breath to a lung. It still to this day gives me the chills, and it didn't help that it reoccurred a few years later. It was verbatim as the first time. Anyway, I rambled on long enough, but eerie indeed.

    I love how I broke my own rule but ehhh, as you can see the dream left me no choice but to be descriptive.
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  7. I will do my best for analysis, though with dream analysis, at least when done by me, there's a risk of being too convoluted.

    I'm first going to think about the perpetrators. If they have pig-like masks, then they must think like pigs also (my speciality!). So, why are the perps hanging strangers by gourneys with hands and feet? It is a play on animal farming and butchery, devaluing humans to bodies to be stretched and slashed. The gas mask is to hide their face and look menacing and also to hide the smell. Sweat stinks, and so would fresh cadavers. I wondered about the plastic for a while. Why plastic? Pigs love to be unclean. The perps live in the shadow of a mockery, accepting a callous world as is. You might see that humanity is trapped in a philosophy that seems alright in devaluing life whether animal or human. The perps revel in the unclean, but society has some wear plastic, a trivially cultured thing that doesn't really matter in racking humans wholesale. Reasoning? Mob mentality rule to morality. If at least one remains clean, then our actions can be justified.

    However strong a mockery is, it freezes in the light of better reason and analysis, releasing bonds of preconceptions. Your first trip leading strangers suggests a desire to lead others out of their comfortable ideas to better understand the truth. However, that truth is harmful; as harmful as the lies you know. It was salvation through ascension denied, taking the form of a helicopter shot from the sky. The man who ran ahead desperately wanted a truth, any truth, that he could trust again and be complete, and in so doing made his fatal error.

    Your second trip is a blessing, the first being a premonition. You decide to do the same, but now you actively shield the man by being his emotional brace against a truth that would do more harm than good. All in all, I think this dream means that you are a pragmatist with a good heart, taking the burden of a truth best unknown to others.
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