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"Rock that body, body! Move your ass over! Slap that naughty body, move your ass, don't stop!" Kaera was singing along to the music in her head phones as she danced down the halls of the STARBRIGHT Music Studio. Dark hair with highlights would bounce on her shoulders with each step. Other employees would side-step the singing music producer and snicker behind their hands. Kaera's 'singing' was... well. Everyone was just glad that she managed bands, not stared in them.

"Ohayou!" she announced, bursting in to the meeting room where her totally awesome band was supposed to be waiting! Kaera didn't even stop talking to be aware of what they were doing. She just pulled off her headphones and looked down at the clipboard in her hands.

"So, the company loves your sound! But they're not happy about the old band name choices. 'Haruna's Party Boys' is no good, and neither is 'Majick Hippo Love' or um-" she was trying really hard not to look embarrassed while she said it,"or 'Trapezoid Penis'. Who even put that in the drop box? Well, we need to officially decide on a name! If we can do that, we can have our first hit song on the radio by tonight!"
Haruna sat at the conference table, filing her nails and generally trying to ignore her band-mates for the most part when their manager, Kaera-San, burst into the room. The sudden commotion startled Haruna half to death, even causing her to drop her file, but she quickly regained composure, tossing a couple of golden-red curls of hair over her shoulder and smiling widely. Even though Haruna hadn't had her morning coffee she was still perky and ready to take on the day.

"Ohayou Kaera-San!" Haruna waved energetically to Kaera-San, knowing that the woman had the potential to make her a star and away from these crazy boys that typically looked more feminine then her!

"They didn't like Haruna's Party Boys?" She asked with a pout, having thought for at least a half hour on that name..., "And that's totally not going to work 'Trapezoid Penis?' I mean c'mon, Aki, I'm sure you were the one that voted for that one..." She sighed, Aki was a nice enough guy but Haruna thought that he wasn't too fond of her, "of course you probably have one so it would make sense..." Haruna added halfway under her breath.

Biting back her pride she began to think of band names that didn't include her own name in it. The thinking came with twirling a lock of hair around her finger, "Ummmm...how about...Sakura Charms? OOOH! OR Blood Rose? Hm...Lavender Shotgun? Crystal Lilacs? Haruna and the Raging homosexuals?" With the last suggestion she gave a playful glance to the drummer Oh what's his name? I should really know this by now, I got to at least thank him once I become a huge solo success...
Ah~ Haruna, the reason why Aki disliked women.

He merely grunted at her attempts to get a rise out of him, keeping his attention mostly on the game of Go Fish he was having with Leda. It was far too early to be up and awake in his opinion and although this morning he wasn't sporting his usual hangover, he still found himself viciously wishing the manager would tone her 'happy' down a notch.

Mornings weren't that great.

"How about Tokyo Asenburi, since we pretty much were elected for the positions in this band?" he offered to Kaera around the cigarette tucked between his lips. To Leda, he said, "Have any threes?" and tapped the ash from his cig into the tray balanced on his knee. He had never claimed to be good with words, only music. He really couldn't care less what the band was called, even if everyone suddenly fell in love with 'Haruna and the Raging Homosexuals'. That whole left side of the stage was his alone and he was happy just knowing that.
Nao didn't care much about the name of the band, even Trapazoid Penis had a certain ring to it, but he supposed not many would take to that. Was he the one to dropped that suggestion in? He couldn't remember, he just wrote down random english words. He took another sip of his coffee, which he got up a little early to brew. Could use more cream, but Kaera probably wouldn't like it if he left to track some down.

"Haruna and the Raging Homosexuals?" He scratched his head and blinked at Haruna, who looked his way when she suggested it. "Who says we're all homosexuals?" Truth be told, he could go either way, but that was a subject for another time. He took another long sip of his coffee, this time to taunt her a little. He knew that 'I wish I had some coffee' morning face and she totally had it.

"I like Tokyo Asenburi. Blood Rose sounds good too, but maybe a little too dark for us," that was his two cents for the time being.
The look on Kaera's face when 'Haruna's Raging Homosexuals' was suggested could have been compared to a schoolgirl giggle. Professionalism kept it together, as she cleared her throat and tapped her clipboard with a pen.

"Tokyo Asenburi! That should be perfect! Marketing will love it and parents won't ban us from their homes." Scribbling as fast as could be, Kaera was jotting it down on her paperwork. Probably filling out a form. She practically skipped over to the door while she swung it open and shouted.

"ACHIKAAAAAAAAAAAAA! There you are! Take this down, right now! Fast! Zoomzoom!" When she turned back, she was practically bouncing on her feet.

"That's it! By tonight Tokyo Asenburi's first single is going to be playing on every radio station in the country. I'm SO excited! And now that we have the name, your first official concert will be this weekend. We'll be doing rehearsal all week in the studio and costuming will be over to help you pick out the clothes. We should celebrate! How about breakfast?"
Leda sat playing Go Fish with Aki. The band manager, Kaera, was talking to the band, looking for a name. Leda didn't give much attention to it, as he knew one of the other band members would pick a name. Leda stared at Aki for a bit, paying more attention to the game than anything else around the room. He flicked a card of three down on the table when Aki asked. It was Aki's turn again and Leda waited. Then Kaera bursted into happyness. Leda giggled a bit. He didn't know what was going on, and had no clue what their band name was now, but when he heard the word breakfast, his ears perked up quickly. Finally, something to wake him up. He needed some coffee and his stomach was empty. Kaera, who wanted all the band members so fucking early in the morning, Leda didn't have time to eat, as he slept in a little longer than he should have. Leda looked at Kaera, "Breakfast sounds awesome to me!" He said happily as he stood up. "You eating Aki?" He asked as he stretched and yawned a bit and went over to follow Kaera.
Haruna didn't mind the band name, Aki had a good idea tch, for once. Haruna smiled to herself and returned to filing her nails as Kaera turned to go yell at some assistant or something. Haruna peeked at the game that the boys were playing but got confused and looked over to the drummer. Dang it, what IS his name? Netsu, Natto, Negi, NAO! That's it! Haruna giggled for second more out of embarrassment then anything else.

Haruna perked up as Kaera came back in and began gushing the great news. They would have their single out all over Japan by the end of the day and then begin preparing for their concert? And getting outfits would be lots of fun!

"Celebration? Count me in! But...uh, question, shouldn't we at least release a promotional video before we start doing concerts? After all more people will come if they know what we look like and either find us cool or attractive. Vanity thy name is youth after all!" Haruna said, placing her file in her purse, Gucci of course, and slung it over her shoulder. She quickly stood up, her heels giving her a nice boost in height, "But we can discuss all that over breakfast, where are we headed?"
Kaera slammed a fist in to her hand. The look of realization dawning on her face.

"You're RIGHT. Without a music video how are the television viewers going to hear the music? We've got to fix this!" But, there was no time to make a professional video fast enough! Kaera nearly panicked. Wait!

Thrusting her clipboard at Haruna, Kaera dashed across the room in her perky little heels and was digging around in one of supply closets. There she pulled out a couple of cameras. They were just there for clients to play around with and were far from professional quality, but they would be perfect.

"Haha! This will be brilliant! We'll film EVERY thing we do today and then have editing pull out the best clips and lay the music over it! By the morning, a music video will be on air and fans will get to see the amazing transformation from every day band members to Idol Sensations!"
Nao grinned at the cameras Kaera pulled out. Now that seemed like it would be fun. "Oh, oooo~," he raised a hand and waved it around a little, "I'll carry one, Kaera-san," he volunteered, eagerly standing and walking over to claim one of the devices. He looked over it for a moment to find all the buttons before turning it on and aiming it around the room.

"Cool~. THIS. IS. TOKYO. ASENBURI!" He said in english, panning the camera over the members. He paused on Aki then, zooming in by practically sticking the thing in his face. "Aki-kun~, you have just given us our winning name. Tell me, how did you think of it?" He asked, his tone suddenly turning professional like an actual reporter.
Snuffing out his cigarette in the ash tray, Aki put down his cards and followed Leda's lead, stretching his tired muscles. "Breakfast sounds g--"

Suddenly there was a camera in his face and although he was inwardly annoyed to hell and back, he gave Nao a sheepish grin and rubbed the back of his head. "Uhhhh.... It's a secret~" he chuckled, winking at the camera. It was a damn good thing he'd taken the time to look good this morning instead of just tying back his hair and wearing his glasses like he usually did.

In the short silence that followed his reply, his stomach growled rather loudly, making him grin even more. "You're lucky I didn't suggest something about miso soup instead." He turned away from Nao then, putting a little space between himself and the weird drummer. It was official now. Aki had an opinion about every single one of them. Kaera was annoying, Haruna made him want to strangle her, Nao was a little space-casey, and Leda was actually pretty much an okay guy.

"Hey Kaera-chan," he cooed, sauntering up to the woman and slipping an arm around her waist. He made sure to glance toward Haruna as he did so and smile innocently. "Are we going out for breakfast? Can we go soon? I'm starving." He even pouted a little for added cuteness.
Haruna grunted as the clipboard was slammed into her stomach from Kaera, doubling over for a moment gasping for air. "Christ Kaera-San...trying to kill me?" She complained quietly. The woman before her certainly was stronger then expected, or her excitement lent itself to her strength. Haruna managed to straighten back up and noticed Nao taking a camera from Kaera who was chirping about making an indie style video.

As Nao swung the camera around, Haruna smiled and waved sweetly at the camera before the drummer said something in English then turned the camera directly onto Aki, asking his comments on deciding on the band's name. He made some smartass comment and something about food, Haruna didn't really pay attention to what he was saying, she was sure it was some form of crude joke.

Then Aki did something even more dramatic, he went over to Kaera and placed his hand around her waist. He even has the nerve to add chan? He is gutsy. Maybe she'll thrust a clipboard into his gut next time... She thought to herself, remembering the one she had in her hands and setting it on the table behind her.

"Hey Aki-Kun," Haruna said sweetly, almost mockingly so, "Isn't your type less...her, and more," she swung her arm around to point at the two boys in the room, "them?" She smiled darkly but then turned to Nao, and pulled his arm and the camera to gaze at her. "I'm super excited and honored to be the lead singer for this band!" She said, smiling widely. "But let's get going to breakfast!" She said with a hair toss, walking past Aki and Kaera and out the door.
Kaera was grinning at Nao being all official with the camera. This would be perfect. But the moment Aki slid an arm around her waist, she was looking like a dear in the headlights! Aki was so cute, not that they weren't ALL cute. Well, Kaera was still a squealing fangirl at heart, even if she was their manager.

But squealing wasn't professional! She was clearing her throat, brushing her hands on her skirt trying to be calm, collected and demure. Haruna wasn't helping pointing out that she wasn't Aki's type. And that the other guys were. That was almost too much for mental imagery!

"Y-yes, breakfast! I think Tamagoyaki would be great, what about you guys?" Haruna was already escaping, so Kaera turned stiffly to follow her before she had the urge to cling to Aki!
"Oh, I'm sensing some tension between our singer and bassist~," Nao pointed out, turning the camera onto himself for a moment. "Should make for some nice footage, ne?" He asked the camera before turning it back around. He was walking out the doorway when Kaera suggested Tamagoyaki, which sounded good to him. At the moment he was more interested in getting a good shot going down the hallway.
Leda watched at Nao got out a camera and stuck it in Aki's face as Leda giggled a bit. Leda stuck behind everyone else in the room, avoiding the camera in Nao's grasp, and ignoring the two women. He saw as Aki put an arm around Kaera; this made Leda a little jealous, as he held a little crush on Aki. He never showed his feelings like that, so no one knew, but he did get jealous when Aki would do things like that. As Aki added a little pout to the end of his sentence, Leda wanted to go crazy and take Aki away for himself, but he kept his cool with it on the outside. Haruna then said that she was also hungry and started for the door. Leda went to follow at the same time Kaera did. Karea suggested Tomagoyaka, which sounded good to Leda but everything sounded good to him. He was hungry and wanted food and anything was good. Nao came after with the camera. Leda, getting annoyed with the camera shit, walked behind Nao, avoiding to be in the shots. He noticed he ended up walking by Aki.

Already a little jealous for what Aki did earlier, Leda's face almost went red. He couldn't show that he liked him though, it would be a little weird. Leda walked a little behind Aki so he wouldn't be noticed as much. But from this, Leda the back of Aki, which made him want to grab Aki for himself. He blushed a little, hoping that no one noticed this. What was with him and men who could be complete jerks? They were attracting to Leda and Aki seemed to have the most affect on him. Leda looked down at the floor as they all walked through the hall.
Haruna trotted down the hallway happily, getting food did sound good to her and getting to know the rest of the band mates seemed good. Turning back as she hopped in the elevator she noticed Leda blushing a bit while looking at Aki, a small, yet devious grin flashed across her face before she shook it off, pushing the "door open" button. As she stood waiting for the others her mind drifted off to the concert that was coming up.

-Haruna's Daydreamland-

Haruna stepped out onto the stage to the roar of the crowd. The venue was spectacular, the Tokyo Tower visible right behind the stage, the lighting and everything was wonderful and Haruna loved the spotlight right on her. As the boys began to play a rock song Haruna stepped to the front and began to sing, belting out over the audience much to their cheers. The audience calling out her name chanting and singing along with her words, She ends the song with a crashing beat and she smiles, "Domo Arigatou!" She cries out raising her arms and waving to the audience.

-Real world-

"DOMO ARIGATOU!" Haruna can't help but bounce, waving her arms in the air, completely forgetting the button and the doors almost closing. Haruna gasps and lunges at the button, opening the doors again. "I'm sooooooo sorry everyone!" She bows deeply, her finger still on the button.
Pondering Haruna's question, Aki barely noticed what was going on around him. Did he like guys more? Hmmm, possibly. But girls were easier to manipulate. All he had to do was flash a sexy grin or pout cutely and it usually got him what he wanted. Well, save for Haruna.

That woman must be a lesbian.

He only realized they'd come to the elevator when he bumped into the back of Nao and, muttering an apology, he shuffled back a few feet and ended up bumping into Leda. "Hey now~" he chuckled. "Don't be hiding in the background. You have to be in this video too." He drapped an arm around the guitarist's shoulders and tugged the guy against his side. It was around then that Haruna had a little spaz attack and he couldn't stop himself from snickering like an ass when he passed by her to get into the elevator, arm still around Leda's shoulders.

But once they were all inside and the doors had closed, he grabbed the camera up out of Nao's hands and stuffed it into Kaera's. "Ne, Kaera-chan. Get a shot of me and my... type." He made sure to make a ridiculous, sarcastic face at Haruna as he said 'type'. He then dropped his other arm around Nao's shoulders and made the 'rock on!' gesture with both hands.
Nao got a shot of Haruna's little episode as he headed down the hallway torwards the elevator. And people called -him- weird. He noticed Leda seemed to be avoiding the camera, and while he was tempted to turn and point it right at his face, he held back the urge. He seemed like a nice guy, so Nao thought it was better not to mes with him so much. But he couldn't help but wonder... why join a band if you don't enjoy attention?

As he entered the elevator he went right to the back and leaned against the wall, filming the other's with the doors closing in front of them. That is until the device was suddenly pulled from his hand. He blinked as Aki placed an arm around him, though he was still frowning a little like a kid who'd just had a toy taken away. Though after a moment he did give a wide grin for the camera, showing off his dimples.
Leda walked in a dazed until he was bumped into. He looked up and saw Aki looking at him. Leda noticed that Haruna had accidently let go over the open button for the elevator. "It's alright, I don't being--" He was saying to Aki as Aki then draped an arm around Leda's shoulders and walked into the elevator. Leda blushed a little as he was being dragged on Aki's side. Leda wanted to get away. He realized how big of a crush he had on Aki and how much he wanted Aki to himself. He wanted to snuggle with Aki and perhaps feel the touch of his lips.

Leda shook his head knowing that was just a dream fantasy. Aki didn't look or act like the type of guy who would actually like men. He was nice to Leda, yes, and he had a good attitude when Leda was around him, but that didn't mean he also liked Leda.

Leda noticed that Aki had taken the camera from Noa's hands and give it to Kaera. Aki put an arm around Nao also and when he said 'type' Leda almost blushed more than he wanted to. Leda looked away from the camera and at the floor. This was getting uncomfortable for him and he didn't like it. If there was going to be a camera in his face the entire day, Leda was going to punch someone.
Having all of them squeezed in to the elevator, Kaera was laughing as she zoomed in on Aki and Leda!

"That is a good question, though!" she responded, turning to focus the camera on Haruna. "Very soon we'll be contacted by magazines with reporters asking lots of questions. We've got to be prepared!" Kaera turned around and backed up until she was against the elevator doors, trying to get all of them in to the shot.

"Like, what is your ideal first date! How do you like your coffee? If you were trapped on a boat in the middle of the ocean, what underwear would you wear?"
Haruna watched as the boys fiddled with the camera, Nao pointed the camera at Aki as he swung his arm around Leda, trying to coax him out into the video. Haruna couldn't help but agree. Sure she deserved the most screen time but that didn't mean she had to completely hog the spotlight. That, and well he's not trying to hinder my solo career that I've been striving for. Just have to get my name out there first and then I can thank him when I get my first album out.

"Get a shot of me and my...type" Aki said, Haruna returned the sarcastic look that he gave to her. Haruna then realized that she was being filmed by Kaera and smiled to the camera again then Kaera opened her mouth and questions came pouring out. It took a moment before half of them registered to Haruna seeing as Kaera seemed to talk a mile a minute.

"Well, my ideal first date would be a nice trip down Harajuku Street, stopping over in Shibuya for more shopping, a really nice dinner. Maybe with a nice American guy..." She giggled, blushing slightly. On the inside she was rolling her eyes, she had no time for dating or boys, even though she liked them, she had to focus on her career. Before continuing she placed her finger on her chin, pondering her answer. "I don't like coffee, but I love a nice honey latte! And of course if I were on a boat with nothing but my underwear I'd wear this really cute pink bra with matching panties." She smiled, flashing a peace sign with a wink.

She raised her eyebrow at the rest of the boys, waiting to hear their responses.