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Dream Idols (Invite Only!)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. It's like alien vs human, but little do they know, Rio is gonna haunt their dreams like a sexy creeper.
    Enjoy the Auroun nips, bbs
  2. “I’m.. pregnant. I didn’t mean to.. I guess I outgrown the last spell, I just..” Anya started babbling nervously.

    Alena grab Anya and pull her into a hug, “Breath... you're fine. You know papa loves children anyway.”
  3. Melody nods eagerly, enjoying the yogurt.
  4. Itzlie
    She leaves..I sighed and head back to check on Tegan and Quinn. I hoped she was alright but I knew she was right that the kids needed us here.

    She snuggled into my jacket like a blanket
    "If you're that cold I could just give you a real blanket." I offer her with a shrug
    "Yeah he does. He is just a little slow about how he feels about her." I then say wondering how that turned out. It had kinda irritated me but I guess to him it wasn't obvious and at least he knew know. At least we knew Winnie was in good hands
    "Of course I would think of you that way..you're my friend. Anyways you're welcome" I say with a smile. I was glad the tone has gone back to being friendly instead of how serious it was.

    I ignore him as I head upstairs....I am careful not to run into Warren. I could still smell that stupid smoke and coughed. I quickly go to get the book from my room. I looked over at Warrens room. the door was closed and I think about the papers. I am tempted to sneak around his room to check those other kids papers. To see if their was one that could help before going. I shake the thought off..not wanting to get in trouble.

    "What do you mean?" I asked him still thinking he wasn't being fair to himself.
    "I mean I do know that you are still a good person." I say. I at least think so..he seemed nice to me.
    "Anyways I like you." I then say with a small blush.
  5. A S T R O N O M E R A N D G E O S C I E N T I S T

    Crew Member
    Full name: Marica Kim
    Alias/Nicknames: Mari

    Gender: Female

    Species/Race/Breed: Human

    Birth Date: 25th of March

    Age: 33

    Last Known Residence: Republic of the Eastern Asianics

    Crew Position: Scientist of Astronomy & Geoscience

    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG

    Visual Identification
    Height: 1,71 meters (5'6)

    Weight: 53 kg (116lbs)

    Build: Slim build with some athletic traits

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Brown but she dyes it from time to time

    Skin Tone/Color: Pale

    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

    Description: Cheek Squeeze

    Sexuality/Preference: Bisexual

    Allies: All of her co-workers at GTG

    Enemies: Anyone who bothers hurting anyone from the GTG and the FGA and the NGR

    Likes: Candy (always carries candy with her for sharing), sleeping, space rocks, music

    Dislikes: Nosy and rude people, chaos, smoking, drinking

    Hobbies: Exercising, cooking, singing and dancing

    Personality: For someone who is part of an organisation who has to protect a special key, Marica is very laidback. She usually tries to act calm in every situation and keep things easy and cool. She is very upbeat but has a bit of a temper when things don't go her way with her research. She tends to be very generous and kind to people even if she barely knows them and shares her candies with them and even lets people help her with her research if it's not too dificult. She also loves making meals for other crew members as it makes her feel very fulfilled and good hearted. However whenever needed, she can be ice cold and kill anyone or anything without hesitation. There is also the fact she has a mental scar of PTSD. This causes her to sometimes wake up screaming and trembling as if she was reliving the moment she saw before her.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Combat Attire:
    Show Spoiler


    Accessories/Miscellaneous: N/A

    Fighting Style
    [General/Preferred Style]: Marica likes keeping her distance when fighting. She knows she is quite fragile so she will try and avoid close quarters combat at all times. However when it comes to it, she knows basic martial arts so has some form of defending herself in close quarters combat.

    [Weapon of Choice]: For long range combat Marica will stick to her trusty AR. She is trained in the use of firearms so can handle this piece of metal quite well. When it comes to close quarters she will either use her revolver if she needs some heavy fire powering or if she goes in for a surprise attack her shovel blade. (She also uses the shovel blade to gather samples from the soil or rocks from planets)

    [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Marica has never had anything special about her next to her outstanding inteligence. She is a very quick and smart thinker who thinks in a strategic way rather than a bloodlusty way.

    Psionic Path
    Path of [Name of the path]: N/A

    Relationship Status: Single.
    Family: None. All family deceased
    Known Languages: Galactic standard, Human standard
    Personal History/Background: Marica was born in Seoul, one of the biggest cities in the Republic of the Eastern Asianics. Her mother was from there herself but her father came from the region around Osaka, a bit further up north. Marica's parents were extremely rich as they were both scientists working for the NGR where her mother helped with the advancements in research in psionics and her father helped with the advancements in cybernetics. Of course they got a nice and large salary which allowed their daughter to go to one of the most highly regarded schools in Seoul. She turned out to be extremely intelligent and she would easily be seen as someone with a very big future ahead of her as an employee for the NGR. Sadly, what Marica wouldn't know is the price her parents paid for allowing her to have such an amazing life.

    Marica would eventually graduate her high school with ease and move over to a university where she specialized in Astronomy and Geoscience. She studies for many years and got the highest degree possible, a PhD in Astronomy and Geoscience. Her parents got her an internship at the NGR where she got to help and learn about the different things around the universe. It went very well and she was taught a lot, even some information they definitely wouldn't teach you at school. Life was good for this now adult woman and she appreciated life. But then things went downwards very, very quickly.

    As important parts of the NGR, Marica and her family were targets for the FGA. Of course, this was their price to pay for them having such a life. And they knew this very well. One day, during dinner at her parent's home, they were attacked. As fast as they could they ran into the basement which they provided of escape routes for when events like this should occur. However, Marica's parents did the unthinkable and stopped Marica along with them. They gave her a card for a bank account and then said their goodbyes. Marica was able to escape while she saw her parents get shot in the head. After this, Marica led a life of fear and hiding. Until she met the GTG. She joined them as their Astronomist and Geoscience Researcher to hopefully make an end to this whole conflict.
    (Extra: She holds her bank card still but will use it only in emergencies when absolutely needed.)
  6. Alexander
    I hear her spinning and trying to get right side up now sitting up straight. I peek open my eyes to see shes alright
    "Alright as long as you say your comfortable I guess." I say closing my eyes again
    "I suppose that's fair." I hear her say as I decline taking back the energy. I feel her put my jacket back on me and yawned again.
    "Yeah I'm sorry. I am just feeling tired...We can talk later" I then say not wanting to kick them out but I felt like I was just going to fall asleep in my chair. I then suddenly someone comes and knocked me out of my chair.
    Alright nevermind I'm up, I then think as I fall over and notice that the force of my desk having some of my thinks fall over. I quickly catch my passport and other electronic things before they hit the floor. I looked over and say that it was Sakamoto
    "Why am I not surprised." I then say. This guy did know how to make an entrance. He is so lucky I was calm. I pushed him off me then starts putting my things back being matriculates about were everything was. I then hear Sakamoto look around and started asking questions.

    I was looking around for everyone but....they seemed gone? I didn't see anyone even after running around. This place was huge thought but I still found it strange especially after I saw those people who had broken into here were gone.
    I think about teleporting to look around..it would be the fastest way and good practice.
    Well, If this doesn't work I can go back to Winnie, I think as I teleport around. I somehow end up in teleporting into Alexander...again.
    "Sorry" I say quickly.
    I am dead, I think but then noticed I had teleported without losing my shoes or anything not hearing what Alexander said.
    "Sweet I didn't lose anything while using my powers." I say then Alexander violently pushing me off him not amused.
    "Sorry." I then say getting up," I was just looking for everyone..no one seems to around anymore. I can't even find the counselors and those people who broke into here are gone as well. So I was teleporting trying to find someone."
    Not who I was planning on finding or how I was planning on finding someone, I then think with a sigh. I get over how scared and embarrassed I was to notice Alexander looked tired. I then noticed their was someone else in the room...I then noticed the cool technology in the room. His room was pretty cool.
    "Um..hello." I say. That looked like the girl from before and looked around the room," What were you guys up too."
    I noticed the board that had notes on it.
    (THIS IS A LOOONG POST...is it obvious I like writing for these two lol XD)

    (Aww he's so cute! I am just waiting for the faze were being called a friend annoys hims)(I noticed I made most of my characters pretty dense when it comes to feelings- like Sakamoto, Rina and Itzlie would be as well)
    I see his face and tilted my head putting the book down
    "Really? you don't seem alright." I say worried as I see his face seeming to be very red. It couldn't be a blush as their was nothing to be embarrassed about to blush or whatever. He then says he got lost in train of thought.
    "Oh what were you thinking about?" I asked him curious.

    I blinked surprised by what he says...
    "What me? Um..I'm glad you think that." I say with a smile moving my hair out of my face," Because of you I have been having a great time here. I know I already told you this but I didn't think I was going to even enjoy coming here. I really do enjoy spending time with you."
    "Although I never thought you would be such a tease." I say jokingly and laughed