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  1. Chapter 1: Undefined Beginning

    It was night and quiet... too quiet, Wang Zi Qin is a former international star that bomb the entire world that he's retiring during his peak months ago. Opinion was divided into half, one thought it was stupid while other thinks it's due to stress that he got but none of it is true. The sole reason that he retiring is because he want more than he is right now, or simply rather said he want to gain money the faster way and that's through managing his own entertainment company. Wang knew that he would encounter the problem at first, with his limited small budget and small size of production stuff, he believe that when the hurdles has been taken out, he only need to walk straight. During this beautiful night he sat down on a big office chair in his small entertainment company, drinking a glass of wine couldn't be more classy than this. He took a sip of the wine thinking about tomorrow's trainee that'll arrived at here in the morning, while taking a look at their portfolio file.

    Murmuring the names of his soon to be trainees one by one, he's studying the information of each trainees. "Kat... , Daniel..., Titus..., well this could be a hassle but I'll make sure they went through hell before they're a star," giggling alone in the dark room the he sat.

    Note: You'll start the next day after this Event, it'll be your first day arriving at the company (it's located in US)
  2. "Alright, sweetie! Do you have everything?" Asked a woman with short orange hair, looking at her daughter with smiling, caring eyes, "I'm so excited for you! Your going to America to become a star! Ooh but I'm also a bit scared! My darling Miya-chan is all grown up!"

    The woman whiped a tear from her smiling eyes. Miya smiled at her and gave her a big bear hug.

    "Don't worry, Mom," She said with a smile, "I'm a strong girl; I can handle myself!"

    "I know you are, dear," Her mother said, sniffling.

    "Japan Airlines is ready to board! The destination today is America!" A man's voice said of the announcement system.

    "Alright, make us proud," Said her mother, "I love you so much. Remember, you're my smart girl! I love you, Miya."

    Miya waved to her mother one last time before she boarded the airplane. She sat down in the seat that her ticket told her to take. She sat next to a very nice old man, who was going to America to see his grandchildren.

    After many hours of flying, she finally got there. She looked around at the airport, and looked at all the different nationalities, her violet eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. She went to pick up her luggage, looking for the bright red ribbon, and the tanuki key chain, her best friend Satsuki had given her.

    She found it quickly, and rolled it to the bank to exchange her money.

    When she finally exited the airport and hopped in a cab, it was about 6:00 am. She gave the driver the address, and off they went. Happily, she got some more sleep in while they drove.

    When she stepped out of the cab, with her backpack and her suitcase, she gaped at the building, mumuring, "Dream Entertainment... Uwah!"
    She smiled, excited to start her career. She bounced inside, happily rolling her suitcase, just as amazed with the inside as she was with the outside.
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  3. Being already born in the U.S., Kai was being driven to the Dream Entertainment company by her older brother, Danny.
    Her mother was at home, saying she didn't want to come seeing as how it isn't what she wanted her children to do.
    Their father encouraged them, but just couldn't make it to say good luck.
    Although Danny did prefer rap music, he was blasting some of Kai's favorite music and rocking out with her.
    Suddenly, Danny turned down the radio and glanced at his sister.
    "You ready to rock?" Danny asked her, taking his hands off the wheel for a bit to air guitar.
    "Of course I am. You ready to rap?" Kai asked before she started repeating something she heard him rapping in the shower just the other night.
    "Shut up!" he yelled, obviously embarrassed that she heard him.
    The two of them would sometimes be seen as best friends, other times it's as though they want to kill each other.

    Kai shut her mouth just as they drove up to Dream Entertainment. They both got out the car quietly. Kai was a bit excited, but Danny was nervous.
    They both made their way to the building. Kai bit her lip nervously, as Danny lowered his snapback cap.
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  4. Katana looked around egerly as her mom and driver were pulling up to dream entertainment. Her mom gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye and gave Katana the usual lecture of behaving, remembering all of her stuff, have a pretty smile on 24/7, and only sing for what makes her feel right.

    Moments later Katana was on the sidewalk in front of Dream entertainment when she saw two people already walking in. Pushing down her fears she walked up to the girl and held out her hand, "Hey im Kat!" She introduced herself hoping she could make friends as soon as possible.
  5. Y U U ♂ I N O U E

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    Yuu Inoue yawned loudly as made his way through the airport. After hours of riding on a plane from Great Britain to America, the blonde had finally made it. Stretching his arms high above his head, the young male sighed as he let them fall back to his side. He didn't have to walk for long through the airport for he saw the driver that was suppose to pick him up instantly. The man was holding a sign with his name written on it. Grinning broadly, Yuu speeded up his pace, maneuvering around the many people that walked around. Before he knew it, he was in front of his driver.

    "Hello, Inoue-san. Are you ready to go?"

    "You bet'cha! And, please, just call me Yuu."

    "Alright...Yuu. Let's be on our way." Yuu's grin seemed to grow at this statement as he bounded after the older man. They exited the airport and walked towards the man's car, where he took the blonde's bags as the younger climbed into the front seat. Hearing the trunk close, Yuu waited patiently as he was joined by his driver before they pulled off.

    "Thank you, Michael!"

    "Anytime, Mr - Yuu."

    Yuu stood on the sidewalk in front of the Dream Entertainment building, waving to the car that was pulling away. Once it was out of sight, the blonde grabbed his bags and turned to the entrance. This was it. From this very day, he was going to be training to be exactly what he wanted to be: an idol. Get ready America!, he thought as he entered the building, taken aback by the amount of people. Shaking away his shock, he bounced towards everyone, a bright smile on his face. "Hello, everyone~!"
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  6. Katana turned and giggled at Yuu's energetic hello and waved, "hiya im kat!" She cheered giggling.
  7. Shinjuro Shun

    Sleeveless shirt and long jeans, it what he expect as he arrived at unfamiliar different climate country. Compare to his hometown, he felt that America was bigger than what he expected but this isn't time to be impressed for him, he have dream to fulfill. Never he had thought that today, he'll be a trainee under an agency, he was a street performer yesterday and yet today he'll be trained to be a star. The scout that scouted him was stood in from of the metal fences while holding a sign up, "Mr. Shunjuro" was what written in the sign. Shun directly went to the scout, "Yo Oji-san, let's go," The scout direct him to a cab where he'll be sent to the company while the scout stood in the airport for the next trainee to come out.

    As he arrived at the company, he was astonished on how small the company was, he thought that it'll be a huge ones that recruit him but this was better than nothing. He went in and greeted the other trainee, "Hi there my name is Shun, Shinjuro Shun" he spoke it in Japanse.

  8. Takinutsu Miyari"

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    Miya turned around to look at him, glee in her violet eyes when he started to speak her language.

    "Greetings! My name is Takinutsu Miyari, and it is a pleasure to meet you, Shunjuro-san," She said in the same language, place her bag on the ground her Tanuki key chain clinking on.the cold floor, "You can call me Tanuki, or Miya, if you see fit! I was not expecting another Japanese person to be here, but I guess since it's America, there will be people from all over the world here!"

    She spoke with her friendliest smile, hoping to make some friends while she was here. Perhaps this was her first chance, as long as it wasn't her only chance. She spoke good English for the most part. Both of her parents spoke fluently, so she had learned from a young age and became decently fluent as well.

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  9. Shinjuro Shun

    Shun was shocked but glad at the same time, he would never thought that there's another Japanese than him, "Yo... Miya-san, nice to meet you too, glad I wasn't the only one that came from Japan." he continued with a smiled, "do you know how to speak english because we don't know any then we're doomed!" Shun wasn't good in his education because he put his dream up front before anything else that's why he got red everywhere apart from physical education that is. He then carried Miyari's bag as well as his language, being a gentleman is what his mother taught him, "so shall we go in?" he asked Miyari. @Ichinomiya Eruna

    Wang Zi Qin

    He can overheard the noise down from below, he couldnt' help but to smiled alone in his room, he called the receptionist to call them in here for introduction and quick briefing. Wang took a look at the trainee for the last time so that he wouldn't misspelled his trainee's name but a knocked on the door revealed the coaching staff made him to abandoned those thinking. "Sire, almost all trainee has come, do you think it'll be a success?" Wang only can smirked and said, "there's no failure in my dictionary... it's showtime people!"
  10. The last arrival soon pulled into the driveway, pulling as he rode in a maroon 2014 Ford fusion. He had been delayed an hour due to a freak tornado in Oklahoma after just getting out of Texas. He leaped out of his car and closed the door, running inside as his hood flapped in the light breeze. He locked the car, joining the others. He was wearing some Nike tennis shoes, a pair of blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a grey hoodie. His black hair was in disarray as he ran in, breathing heavily as he hoped no one would take notice of his late arrival.
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  11. Takinutsu Miyari"

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    "I speak decent English," She said in English with a smile. She sounded as though she had been speaking it for a while, and had, since her mom and dad worked hard to teach her. When he picked up her bag an uncomfortable look grew on her face.

    "Ah! There's a bunch of stuff in their so I'd appreciate if you'd let me just c-"
    Just as she was about to grab it from him, a set of earplugs fell out of her bag. She caught them but pulled a bit too hard, and the plug cane out of her disk player. All of a sudden, one of her favorite anime openings started playing from her bag. It was an opening from a show she always enjoyed, called, "Gurren Lagann," and it would always have a place in her heart.

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  12. 'I... wanted to be recognized by the world. That is why I've decided to NOT renew my contract with IME and move to America.'

    This was the controversial statement the once popular child star, Makoto Yukihara, or better known as Tora, said during a press conference in Japan about the rumors and speculations of her so-called "termination of contract with IME because she wasn't popular anymore" that had been headlines by many tabloids. Which the starlet neither confirmed nor denied. It was true that Makoto hadn't been appearing as fequently on television as she had been after her long and very popluar television series Tora (a magical girl-like sailormoon kinda thing) ended--which was ten years ago. No one can seem to look past the young 4 year old girl wearing a tiger costume and see a young sophisticated actress that she aspire to be--people still continue to call her Tora even though that is not her name. Although she is truly grateful for the show but sometimes she couldn't help but hate it as well. Whenever she wanted to audition for mature roles, the auditioners would always mention "Tora" and she would end up becoming 'the childish-naïve' character which no one will take seriously (even new actors/actresses wouldn't take her acting skills seriously). After having enough of that, she decided to rebel and start anew. Maybe in another country where no one will know her. And if she does end up becoming famous, she wanted Japan to see how much she has grown into a young woman and as well as an actress.

    That was five months ago.

    "Yo, Tora!" a blonde haired, blue eyed, six foot three, teenage American guy called out to the picked haired, petite, Japanese girl who had just stepped out of her apartment and hopped inside his car. "You sure, you really want to do this? I mean, I have connections in L.A. that'll--""It's fine. I really want to do this on my own. I don't need you to babysit me all the time, Jason." Tora spoke (in fluent english) to her blonde freind as he drove out of the curve.

    "I'm not. It's called 'doing you a favor' sort of thing." the blonde spoke.

    "Which I don't need. And besides, I already found an angency that may help me." the pink hair replied.

    "Okay. I don't get why of all the agencies we've applied, it has to be that small one. I just don't get you Japanese and your principles." Jason pointed out.

    "Same goes for you Americans." Tora retorted which they both just ended up laughing and converse in silly topics the rest of the drive to their destination: Dream Entertainment.

    "We're here. Man, it's really small. You sure you really want to do this? I mean, I have a friend at--""It's fine. Thank you." again he was interrupted but he stopped pestering her once he saw the look of determination in her eyes. "Fine. But if you ever change your mind. I am just a call away, ya'hear? Break a leg!" he said as he drove off.

    So she is finally here. She couldn't help but feel rather anxious as she slowly entered the building of her new angency. Questions keep poping into her head as she stood in the middle of the lobby of Dream Entertainment. Can she do this? Can she really do this? Was she too naïve? Too childish about quitting her acting career in Japan to start anew in a foreign country? Is she really doing the right thing here? Whatever answers awaits her, she needed to find out on her own.

    Calming herself down (which she wasn't aware that she had been nervous the entire time), she breathed in and out slowly before dragging her bag towards the receptionist table.

    "Excuse me. Where can I audition? I wanted to apply here. I have my documents here if you need them." she spoke calmly and as confidently as she could. Apparently she Tora is a walk-in applicant and was hoping that if she was confident enough to walk through their doors they might consider her.
  13. [Shinjuro Shun]-[Wang Zi Yi]

    Shun overheard the opening of Gurren Lagann and his otaku sense started to tingling, "did heard Gurren Lagann's song from your bag?" he asked Miyari with his face shines. He then showed Miyari his limited edition keychain of Gurren where he acquired from local store that require one day worth of queue war, "I love the anime!" just as Shun wanted to go inside, the owner appeared right in front of them. Wang doesn't have the patience to wait them all so instead of sitting down, he went down to directly meet them, "Ni hao, I guess you're Miyari and Shun? nice to meet you I'm the owner of this company, and what do we have here? the others had arrived as well but there's a person that's isn't on the trainee list, who might you be girl?" Wang approach the girl with a smiled, knowing her real identity.

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  14. Wang Zi Qin. She just couldn't believe the very Wang Zi Qin was there; standing right in front of her; in the flesh, talking to her!!


    "Kyaaaaaaaa!!!" shrieked Makoto, obviously star strucked by the very man whom she had always idolized since she was a little girl; the very reason why she pursued acting in the first place. Quickly rummaging through her bag she took a poster which was the first movie Wang had starred in, taking a sharpie pen she held it towards her idol obviously wanting to have his autograph--completely forgotten what she had intended to do. "Please? Can I get your autograph? I am a huge fan!" she told Wang and as well took out her camera phone. "And picture!! Can I take a picture with you?" she asked excitedly.
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  15. Katana tilted her head slightly in amusement as she watched one of the girls begin to freak out over Wang Zi Qin. She wasn't to up to date on media and who was who but she had seen his face on a few magazines when she was at stores before.

    Walking up to him she held out her hand, "hello my name is Katana. Im one of the auditioning singers here." She greeted him with a smile hoping to make a good impression. Then she asked, "so um Mr. Qin how do the auditions here work? Do you have any tips or suggestions?" She asked him trying to get a handle on things here at dream entertainment.
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  16. Wang zi yin stood there with chuckled, he patted Makoto, "wow there there, girl no need to be rush, I can give as much as you want," Wang appreciate that someone still knew and adored him. He grabbed her phone and took a selca quickly as he noticed another girl was asking about audition, "well you were scout not to be auditioned but to directly train under my entertainment," his narcissistic laugh was in comprehendible. Swiping both of his hand anime style, he would smiled fabulously, "so all in all you've passed the audition even before coming here, but for Makoto, I knew what she capable to do so she can directly come in as well without a scout."
  17. Katana smiled and bowed, "thank you sir, I'll try my best to succeed!" she stated before standing up right again and walking back over to the others. Her head was filled with questions such as, What will the training be like? Where are we staying? and other necessary questions she should of asked the man when she had a chance but as always she felt as though he had his hands full with the fangirl and decided to leave him alone for now.
  18. Makoto was having a mild heartattack. Not only was she in front of her idol but he knew her name! Makoto! Not Tora. But Makoto. Tears (of extreme happiness) suddenly fell down eyes as everything seems to be surreal to her. This was going to be her new life now. The start of Makoto, and not Tora. But Makoto was finally going to be free of the cage that she was trapped in for so long. And this man was that one that freed her.

    "T-thank you!" Makoto said bowing her head down in respect to Wang. "I-I'll do my very best, Wang-sama! I won't let you down! I promise!"
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  19. Wang Zi Yin

    Wang patted Makoto head while thinking he just struck a gold mine, after her decision to retire, Wang saw an small opportunity that she would come back to entertainment world. Wang looked at her data throughout years before he sent the scout just incase he can asked her to, he was going to sent and take her to the company days later but instead she came on her own. "Very well now, I'll assign you to dorm room and pardon for the small and squeaky room, I hope it doesn't bother you as I'll promise for a better ones." Wang handed them papers regarding on their schedule apart from Makoto, "uh.. Makoto since you just got here, I haven't had a copy of the schedule for but I'll soon give you the copy by the time you're done with packing your staff." Wang then asked his secretary to quickly made one and sent it to Makoto's designated room, "Ah.. and Makoto you'll be in dorm 5."

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  20. Katana smiled and gave a small bowed in thanks, "thank you sir." She said to him once more before walking over to her stuff and started to head to her dorm, "I wonder what this life will be like..." she said more to herself then anything.
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