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  1. Welcome to Dream Entertainment
    home of the A* international celebrity

    Dream entertainment was an all around small showbiz company that was recently formed in the mid 2015. The company was owned by none other than Wang Zi Qin, a famous idol turned actor that retired early during his prime but despite his young age, he managed to open up a small entertainment that doesn't lose to big company, quality wise. As scout was sent throughout the world to bring the best of the best trainee, Wang Zi Qin also known as the King hoping that there would be trainee that would able to create a new legend.
    Dream Ent. Facility
    Dream Ent. Facility aren't that much (WILL BE UPGRADE AS SOON AS CERTAIN TARGET REACHED) to see with but The King has said to add more in the future. For now only Dorms and Practice room that's available.

    Practice Room:
    Dorm (3 people / 1 group per room):

    1. All Iwaku Rules Applies


    3. I don't need huge dedication, maybe a post per 1 or 3 days just tell the GM when you're busy to let us know

    4. Romance are allowed just don't let the media know teehee~

    5. you can make upto 3 character for now, if we have less people join I might change the limit

    6.Remember that our company will change later on~ (it will be upgrade if celebrity has reached their goal)

    7.if there's many people that'll join then we might have 2 company as rival.

    8.No drama allowed outside RP, I hate dealing people that just can't stay away from real life drama

    9.Have fun ^o^


    Full name:
    Height: (in cm)
    Weight: (in kg)
    Staff position: (only Staff)
    Trainee as: (only Trainee)
    Prefer to be: Idol/ Soloist/ Band/ Actor/ Actress/ Producer/ Other Role
    Genre: (if on singing career path)
    Likes and Dislikes: (each 3 points)
    Dorm Number:
    Theme Song:


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  2. Dream Ent. Dorm
    1-5= Female Dorm

    5.Makoto and Rose choi

    6-10= Male Dorm

    8.Mark Michaels and Zain Choi

    Celebrity list:



    -Katana Wright
    -Makoto Yukihara
    -Yuu Inoue
    -Shinjuro Shun
    -Mark Michaels
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  3. [​IMG]

    ::Full name::
    Kai M. Alcott

    None, just Kai



    ::Height:: (in cm)

    ::Weight:: (in kg)
    45. something

    ::Prefer to be::

    Likes to joke around, in more of a sarcastic way. She is short tempered and a bit sensitive, but tries to hide her actual emotions.

    ::Likes and Dislikes (each 3 points)::
    L-Dogs and animals
    DL- People with no manners
    DL- waiting
    DL- being told what to do

    ::Dorm Number::

    ::Theme Song::
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  4. [​IMG]

    Full name: Titus Isaiah Wheeler

    Nicknames: (The) Mastermind

    Age: 19

    Nationality: American

    Height: 178 cm

    Weight: 72 kg

    Trainee as: Producer

    Prefer to be: Composer/Producer

    Personality: A seemingly cold intellectual, Titus will tend to manage his emotions by instilling them into his latest musical project as opposed to openly talking about them. He tends to be a jovial and endearing individual when you get past his commanding exterior.

    Likes: Strategy, intellectual madness, explorations

    Dislikes: Complacency, lethargy, ineptitude

    Dorm Number: 10

    Theme Song:
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  5. [​IMG]
    Full name:
    Wang Zi Qin

    The King




    74 kg

    Staff position:

    Sly and out going person, a person who likes to tease people and especially his trainee. Wang rarely take thing seriously which probably why he want to open his own company, the only time he would be mad is when someone pisses him really hard or someone who's younger than him doesn't have sense of respect, that's when General Wang appear, a sadist person that doesn't let his prey to escape.

    Likes and Dislikes:
    -Blackmailing his celeb- he would be someone to watch out for people that sign under him especially freshly debut celebrity, you don't want to have a slave contract with him XD

    -Watch people in despair- it's simply entertaining to watch people especially his rival to fall into despair

    -Counting Money- Wang just can't resist money, if he's a cartoon then he'll be the Dream entertainment's mr. Krab

    -People that pisses him off- Do not I repeat Do not pisses him in any form or he'll have a grudge on you, by the time he doesn't use his blackmailing trick, it's show that his dead serious to make you down to the pit of darkness.

    -People that earn more money than him- his ego are way way to priceless

    -Celebrity that wasted his money

    Theme Song:

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  6. Got it.
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  7. Done. Also, I may or may not add or just simply replace the theme song
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  8. your character just got my
  9. you too girl got my
    gawd I just put a big meme aren't i?
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  10. [​IMG]
    ::Full name::
    Danny Alcott (Kai's bro)






    ::Prefer as::

    Short tempered, just as his sister, except he shows it more. His anger is shown more through his music.
    He does have a soft side for cute things, but only his sister knows that.

    ::Likes & Dislikes::
    L-cute things
    L-trying new things
    DL- he does seem to have a problem with how different his and his sister's music is
    DL- people with no manners and quickly judge him
    DL-People who tell him what to do


    He is bisexual, but leans more towards guys

    ::Theme Song::

    I was listening to that and I ended up just really wanting to make a rapper

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  11. [​IMG]
    Full name:
    katana wright
    Nicknames: kat, kitty
    Age: 16
    Nationality: american
    Height: (in cm)
    Weight: (in kg)
    Prefer to be: Idol/ Soloist/ Band/ Actor/ Actress/ Producer/ Other Role
    new singer
    Genre: (if on singing career path)
    hip hop
    really naive at first shy, easily amused, and easy to fall in love with someone. care free and innocent kind of person
    Likes and Dislikes: (each 3 points)
    likes making people happy, pizza, and cute fuzzy animals
    dislikes jackasses, when people try to pick on her friends, and when someone practically shoves there emotions for her down her throat
    Dorm Number:
    she's bisexual and doesn't have a preference
    Theme Song:
    (its stuck in me head)
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  12. this should be fun hehe
  13. Yes, yes it should.
    I wanna play more than just a guitarist and rapper....but I'm just gonna keep to two characters for now xD
  14. haha im debating on throwing another character in but i want others to join in first lol
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  15. [​IMG]
    Full name: Takinustu, Miyari
    Nicknames: Tanuki, Miya, Taki
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Japanese
    Height: 152.4 cm
    Weight: 67.8cm
    Trainee as: Idol
    Prefer to be: Soloist/Voice Actress
    Genre: J-pop


    Miya is considered easy to approach and is rather friendly. She enjoys meeting new people, and makes as a trustworthy friend. The girl is fairly average and doesn't stand out much, until she is behind a mic, and can demonstrate a wide range of keys and pitches, able to change her voice to suit the kind of character she is playing. Miya is pretty modest, and in result she gets embarrassed when others talk about her talents. She hopes to succeed in her job, but is still unsure. People often ask her to cosplay, because she can do good impersonations.

    + Ribbons and cute things
    + Anime
    + Dressing up in Cosplay
    + Listening to different kinds of music
    + Humming while working
    +Tanuki-related anything

    - Wannabes and Fakes
    - Talking about her self other than answering questions
    - People who never seem to be quiet
    - People who dislike something without even trying it
    - Sour food
    - Players

    Dorm Number: 3
    Theme Song:
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  16. accepted~
  17. Thank you very much!
  18. Heads up guys I'll be probably making the IC soon~! and for people just come here, sign up still open~!
  19. Y U U ♂ I N O U E


    » Nickname(s) «
    Yuu-chan | Aikon | Ōji
    » Age «
    » Nationality «


    » Height «
    » Weight «
    » Trainee As «
    » Prefer To Be «


    » Personality «
    If one were to describe the male in one word, it would be unique. Yuu was never one to follow the crowd. For as long as he could remember, he was always doing something different from everyone else, which made him stand out a lot more. Because of this, the blonde, unintentionally, became somewhat of a trendsetter, which is good for what he's training to be. Although, once everyone caught up, Yuu was already to the next thing. With his short attention span, he was always jumping from one thing to the next.

    Despite being an Idol, Yuu doesn't have a huge ego or anything of the sort. He happens to be quite modest and humble. He likes to remind people that he's a normal person, just like them, and that there really isn't anything special about him. That being said, the blonde likes to go out and do simple things when we can, always wearing some kind of disguise to blend in. Most of the time, he's discovered and ends up running from huge crowds or being surrounded by fans.

    Yuu acts exactly how he looks: naïve and innocent. The blonde is very carefree and is always with a smile on his face. He's a bundle of sunshine and everyone can see this. Because of his bubbly, friendly nature, many has found him adorable. That happens to be another trait that could help him in his climb to stardom. Yuu is a mixture of maturity and childishness, which causes others to admire him. He is very observant and intelligent, despite the way he acts, and can catch on things pretty quickly. He's a calm individual and rarely gets upset.

    » Likes & Dislikes «
    + Sweets x Being Interrupted
    + Dancing x Horror Movies
    + Laughing x Being Used
    + Friendship x Arguments
    + Photography x No Privacy
    + RomComs x Rumors
    + Clothing x Spiders

    » Dorm Number «
    » Theme Song «

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