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  1. Travel can be a really great thing, exposing us to new ideas, ways of life, etc.
    However, it can be hard to find the time and/or money to travel.
    But if you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would your dream destination be?
  2. I think Japan is the best answer. The streets are clean, it has a booming tourism culture in its major cities. There's akihabara, and other shoppin districts, loads of specialty products.
    It has various mountains and hotsprings as well. The entire country is small enough that you can bounce around alot. There are many cultural heritages, temples, hot springs, etc.
    There are also a variety of small islands with lush forests, beaches and even animal islands with nothing but that one animal on it.
    There's a rabbit island, fox village and cat island.
    I've been to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, and around America, but nothing hypes me as much as seeing Japan. I've never been there, but everything about it looks amazing.

    There's also a giant aquarium.
  3. Japan because I'm such a piece of anime trash.

    To be fair I want to go there and buy the much cheaper games and books * ^ *
  4. There are two types of people in the world =P
  5. I do wanna see nature too :P
    The last time I went to Japan it was just city, city and more cities.
  6. Aaaaanywhere?

    I guess I'm going to cheat with this answer, but outer FREAKING space.

    More specifically, a lower or middle Earth orbit. (LEO or MEO.) I want to rotate around the Earth a couple of times and take in the sheer splendor that is the great big blue ball with my own two eyes, in zero gravity. At least once. See how small everything really is. See it all from above.

    As it stands though, NASA does really cool shit all the time, which keeps me content.

    This is live footage from the International Space Station's external cameras, which broadcast down to the Earth in 720P. Watch anytime you want to feel small. It's a marvelous feeling, it really is.
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  7. The top three places I want to visit in this life are Japan, Ireland, and New Zealand. Japan mainly for its more urban areas, but Ireland and New Zealand for its wilderness. I'd love to visit all three for their history, as well. I've dreamed of visiting Ireland and New Zealand since I was but a wee sprog!
  8. Hmm... a tough one, but in the end I'm going to have to pick my home and native land. In particular, Banff. I've just heard way too much about it. Plus it has mountains and lakes and Northern Lights and a whole myriad of animals I'd like to see ^_^
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  9. I've always dreamed of going to Norway or Finland. I love snow and I love the cold.

    I definitely want to visit Japan, France, Ireland, England, and some parts of the US. I've been to NYC once and I loved it :unicorn:
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  10. Does it have more than 300 trees in the general vicinity? Is it below 30 deg. Celsius? Are there minimal wild animals there? Will you have to walk for more than an hour in any direction to find major human impacts?

    Then take me there.
  11. Eh. I've never been really big on travel to begin with. I'm rather comfy where I am now.

    The only tourist destination that I feel like I'd really be gung-ho about, given the opportunity, is visiting the real Abbey Road crosswalk in London. You know, this Abbey Road?? OwO

    If you asked me a couple years ago, I probably would've said Japan, but, eh. The language barrier is a bit of a deterrent. And I've been told Japan isn't very fond of foreigners. O_o

    Update: I found a livestream of the Abbey Road crosswalk. ...It's not quite as exciting, nor as tourist-y as I expected. Ah well, I'd still probably be geeking out if I was really there.
  12. Hmmm... I'd totally visit these places if I could. *tries not to squee*
  13. The minimal wild animals + trees bit seems like an either or kind of thing. Still, Hedmark is probably attainable. Live your dreams! Or something like that. Please don't blame me if a moose eats you, though.
  14. Are... Are you meaning the literal Hedmark? Because I can get there with little effort.

    Also, please don't remind me of the moose incident. It was terrifying. Relatively.
  15. A few here know that I've wanted to visit (and maybe even live in) Norway. The primary reason is simple: So much natural beauty. There's also quite a bit of history, too.

    But, I'll focus on the natural beauty of things. This, for example, is Geirangerfjord:


    So many gorgeous fjords, so little time...
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  16. Iceland is high on my list, but I really want to go to Bora Bora.
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  17. That is bee-yooo-tiful!
  18. Scotland. It seems so beautiful and magical.
  19. [​IMG]
    Anywhere that looks like this would be nice. This particular picture was taken in China, but I wanna see all the places!

    Also, Wales.
  20. My dream destination would have to be a peaceful, rural place where it rains all the time.

    A close second is Amsterdam.
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