Dream Dancing (F seeking partner)

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  1. Current Themes:

    1.) Your character is a predator who feeds on the energy of other powerful beings by stalking their dreams and tapping into their subconscious energy. My character is a young witch who has not fully come into power, but you visit her often in order to keep an eye on her growing skills. Over time, she begins to recognize your character both in her dreams and in reality and grows suspicious. She decides to cast a reversal spell which traps them both in the dream-land. They have to work together in order to escape.

    2.) Our characters learn that they each are growing into their own powers of psychokinesis. They meet accidentally during a holiday trip overseas and have an instant connection. After they return to their respective countries, they find the other constantly on their mind. Eventually they realize that they can use their powers to visit each other's dreams. As their powers grow, they are even able to astral-project to keep in contact with each other.

    3.) My character is a skilled practitioner of magic. Upon meeting your character, she becomes hopelessly infatuated. In order to get closer to the object of her desire, she infiltrates their dreams. It begins harmlessly enough, just flirting and spending time together; but eventually, her obsession grows until she keeps them both suspended in sleep for longer and longer periods of time in order to fulfill her lust. This begins to weigh on your character physically and mentally, and it becomes increasingly difficult to decipher between dream and realty.

    + Sexual themes.
    + Dark humor/satire.
    + Fluffy details.
    + Responsive partners.
    + Entertainment value.

    No Go's:
    - Regurgitation of posts.
    - Overly convoluted plots/replies.
    - Stylistic errors. (Personal preference. Just makes it hard to focus. :( )

    Feel free to PM or reply with interest/questions!
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  2. I would love to try the third idea out with you.
  3. 1 and 2 both look fun! If you're still looking for either of those let me know!
  4. That third one sounds like oodles of fun.
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