Drawing >.<

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  1. Not sure how to add an attachment.. Let's see what I can do o.o
    Oh, by George, I think I've figured it out!
    I draw girls. Pretty much make them up as I go..

  2. Beautiful Elf! I am completely in love with her. Great work of art, keep going at it!
  3. I'm jealous! D:

    Jealous Kitty's are not good! Just kidding (about the not being good thing, I am still jealous haha)

    GREAT WORK. This is really beautiful! I have been wanting to upload some of my pictures I've drawn, but I'm afraid of them sucking too much. And this picture proves me right x3 haha ^^ I hope to see more of you pictures!
  4. Gorgeous.
    nuff said.
  5. Oi I love this XD the outfit is interesting and the face is really cute. Absolutely love it.
  6. thanks, everyone =) I appreciate your input, very much so! ^^
  7. The drawing itself is very nice, but her pose could use some adjusting. I do not think it is quite possible for her to stand like that as she would lose her balance rather quickly. She would look better if she was sitting on something I think.
  8. This is so super cute. I like it a lot~