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  1. I've been wanting to do one of these for a while now, and I wanted to see if people would be interested in creating a plot and whatnot.

    So the way a drawing RP works is that you create your character (drawn by you), and it would follow the usual RP methods. You will be allowed to write your posts, though one drawn picture has to accompany it. Or, you can draw your post in a comic style kind of way, or however you want to do it.

    Does the amount of skill the artist has matter? No. It's more or less a way to RP and practice your drawing at the same time. I'd figure I'd ask and see if this kind of RP would get attention.
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  2. Totally into this!
    And what is the theme?
  3. That will be decided amongst the group ^^
  4. This seems really cool, and a great way to improve my art skills as well as my writing skills. :D
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  5. I'd be interested in this
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  6. Cool! I'm still accepting interest, though what genre and what kind of RP would you guys like?
  7. Interested and my vote is for a fantasy styled RP.

    I do mostly doodles but would still like to try. Most likely will do sketches then edit with Gimp.

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  8. Alrighty, so Fantasy has a vote. Any other input?
  9. This seems so cool! I'm interested. :D
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  10. Interested but does the drawing have to be digital?
  11. No, it can be any media. The only requirement is that it's drawn by you
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  12. Out of town June 5-24th.
  13. This sounds great, I'd love to join.
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  14. @Jessica2477
    I feel comfortable with fantasy RP,
    Though i haven't seen a SU RP in a while here.
  15. I could give this a go... been meaning to practice drawing and this is a good excuse :D My vote is for fantasy too, but I think considering we'll need to accomodate everyone's individual drawing styles, the best way to do it might be to do it inside an impossible universe - a world in which unexplainable things are normal. That way people who draw realistically will still fit with people who draw very abstractly. Maybe in some kind of dream world?
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  16. I second a dream world.
  17. Voting for dream!
  18. So it sounds like we're going for a Fantasy Dream world? Anyone have an idea for a plot?
  19. Do you think I could join late? Or would I be able to join at all because of vacation and stuff?
  20. I think you'll be able to, but let's see what happens ^^

    Enjoy your vacation by the way!
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