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  1. Here we go again! I know in the past I was apart of something similar like this but unfortunately it never got off the ground. Not sure what exactly happened but it may be because the GM dropped it. I want to jump start the idea again but with different ideas.

    1. You are allowed to use pre-drawn drawings as your face claim. Just make sure the person who drew it is okay with their sketch being used. If it's a character already actively being drawn fanart of feel free to go nuts.
    2. You have the option of either responding with a 6 sentence paragraph w/ at least 1 drawing or a 6 panel sketch. And by 6 panels I mean just 6 boxes unless you want to be fancy and do a manga//comic layout.
    3. To color or not to color, that is the question. Well my answer is either way is fine. Although I may start doing a points system in the future but don't even worry about that right now.
    4. Traditional vs. Digital - I know that some people either don't have the programs, drawing tablet nor maybe the time to use them on a day to day basis. So if you just want to do a quick sketch and take a snap of it that's completely cool.

    If this get's big enough I might even start using a bigger second site platform like deviantart or tumblr (maybe both) to get all the art organized.

    But first things first I'm going to need a few things to get this started:
    1. A Co-GM. If you have a Skype that would be even better.
    2. And an RP plot lol. Mostly why I need a co-gm to share ideas back and forth with.

    If anyone is interested at all or have any good ideas for what this RP should be about don't hesitate to comment below. Even a genre preference would be appreciated.

    Just to actually get something down here are some plot ideas:


      A macabre, Tim Burton style Carnival with all sorts of peculiarities among the strange land of Incarceron. You are a part of this colorful entourage and encounter fantastical sights, strange adventures, and all the while performing eye catching acts that only the Karnival can do!

    • All aspiring dancers, singers, and the all important managers are born right here! The MS Idol Boot camp has had a 95% group debut success rate and 80% with solo artists. Here you will not only be honing your skills and talents but meeting your manager as well as possible future group members.

    • An independent business compromised of top class psychic investigators dedicated to ridding you of all your supernatural ailments.

      This is set in 1800 Britain which has been ravaged by a ghost epidemic for more than 50 years. There are currently 2 other professional companies known as the Hive and the Vatican. They house the top most professional investigators and specialized psychics. You are currently joining an upstart agency which consists of Riddle himself and his trusty assistant, Tristan.

    • The Wonderland Institution, a private academy dedicated to extraordinary children capable of superhuman abilities. As per tradition there are 4 houses that the students are sorted in:

      The Aces, The Clubs, The Hearts, and The Diamonds.

      In these Houses there are 'Royalties', those that have proven themselves academically or by the mastery of their powers. For the last 50 years there has been a role left unfilled. For 50 years Wonderland did not have it's Alice and this time the Humpty Dumpty Locket is not saying who it is. It was a breach of tradition and for a month everything seemed as it should.

      Until a child went missing.

    SAMPLE Character Sheet (open)

    Because I just love repeating myself this is only a small CS to start developing your characters with. This is far from the original and lacks an incredibly amount of detail that you guys have free range of filling in.

    [Drawing of Character here]
    Name (& pronunciation):
    Sexual Preference:
    Species (type of creature):
    Personality Traits (list good or bad):
    Skills/Talents (magical or otherwise. Keep it at 5 for now.):

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  2. Well this is certainly interesting.~

    Genres? Sci-fi, dark/gritty, crime, horror. <3 Those are pretty much my favs. Romance too...

    I don't have many plot ideas, but I'd be happy to co-gm with you. I don't have a skype but do you have kik?
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  3. Hey there, sorry for the late response but yes I do have a kik. Give me a sec and I'll give it to you over PM.​
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  4. -Jumps through ceiling- Holy crap I love Drawing RPs. I'd love to be a part of this (plus "Are you Alice?" and Karnival are interesting)
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  5. I'm in and down for riddle and co. Or carnival.

    Here's a sample of my work. Unfortunately though my schedule won't allow me to co-gm.

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  6. Really pretty~ What supplies did you use for the coloring?
  7. Thank you, I love when people compliment my art. I use a Lead pencil, Copic fine tip for the outline, Copic markers for color.
  8. !!! Dang it I want Copic markers so badly! They're my dream gift which I can't have! -Is envious-

    Keep up the great art by the way ^^
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  9. Thank you, you actually beat me by a few steps there before I was going to start asking for some example drawings. It looks great by the way, you've officially impressed me with the coloring and skin patchwork.

    Anyways now we've got two votes for Karnival but Sav and I have been talking about a possible K Project adaptation.


    If you haven't heard or seen the anime here's a visual ^^^

    We basically want to implement the whole different gangs and supernatural abilities into the RP but of course I would like some feed back before anything happens. So what do you guy think?
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  10. I'll be honest I was really looking forward to either Karnival Or Riddle and co.

    I've seen that anime and I wasn't moved so to speak. I don't really like the whole gang war idea. The only saving grace were like a handfull of characters but that's it.

    Hope this doesn't come off to aggressive I just wanted to share my opinion.
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  11. Gotta agree with Kurogane. Was hoping to do an original plot instead of a fandom thing of an Anime I've never seen before.
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  12. Well, I'm leaning more towards the Carnival idea. ^,^ I've got a little idea for it.

    A ringmaster tricking people into joining his circus, and once they've signed the contract he genetically modifies them and they're essentially enslaved to the circus. I've got a pretty good character to play the ringmaster and I feel like that despite the dark setting there's plenty of room for all genres. Romance, action, horror, drama...it could all be fit in.

    It'd be a hard life in the circus, everyone's in cages. Kept like animals. Punished, like animals. Though if you can get on the ringmaster's good side, your life will get easier. Which would also make it easier for you to escape, that is, if you still want to. That could be the goal for everyone? They see how you're treated better when the ringmaster has gone soft on you? But it would take lots of cunning and intelligence.

    There can be a supernatural facet as well.
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  13. This inspires me to draw two characters... Who might end up looking like dolls. Still, I really like this concept ^^
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  14. That sounds awesome. We can have all the performers or freaks be like terminally ill patients and the ringmaster approaches them with a deal. "I can save you, but you will belong to me" kind of deal.

    We can seperate it into two factions the star performers who when mutated got enhanced reflexes, strength, speed etc. and attractive. These performers would be on the ringmasters good side.

    Those that get mutated and gain enhancements but become deformed become the freaks who are treated like animals. The ringmaster could treat them like lord Frolo treats quazzy moto from hunchback of notredome. You know you are deformed, ugly, no one wants you, your only alive thanks to me.

    Wow, just got ten different shades of inspired. Thanks @Sav
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  15. The ringmaster would treat everyone poorly, good looks or no. He's not that vain, lol. And everyone has an equal opportunity to get on his soft side, looks aside.

    Also, the my ringmaster is Bisexual as far as romance is concerned but leans more toward males due to what happened to his wife. c;

    Would you guys come up with your own genetic modifications or would you like for me to suggest some?
  16. -Had a handsome dude in mind-

    I'll be trying to come up with my own genetic modifications, but I'd love to hear what you think of ^^
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  17. No no, I live for feedback so that was very helpful.

    To level out the depth of the land, Incarceron will be a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. There will be Kingdoms, Royals to impress and gain favor from, as well as creatures living among the 'normal' folk. Hybrids are uncommon but they do exist. Technology is more magic based than anything but highly advanced and originating from a specific Kingdom. Wars could break out and revolutions could take place but keep in mind that for the Karnival all of this is just background noise unless they waltz right into dangerous territory (or me just trolling for some action).

    This gives you guys the option of being a Supernatural creature. Since this is a group of modified individuals there is no set amount of how many hybrids there can be.

    As for actual positions I don't know if I should provide a set number since there only seems to be three members right now. If more join in I might have NPC's like the physician a.k.a healer, circus clowns, successful mutations, and the failures etc. played by people. Just to give you guys a number count there is a total of 16 members currently, including the Ringmaster.

    There's definitely going to be a small social system in the Karnival with the Ringmaster on top and failures on the bottom but I'll work with @Sav to flesh that out. In the mean I'll be bringing in a sample CS so you all can get a chance to develop your characters while we're both away doing "serious business".
  18. Oh and before I forget, 2 characters per person to keep everything nice and tidy.

    If anyone has any questions or inquiries just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you quickly.

    The SAMPLE CS will be edited into the first post in the thread to make it easier to find.

    But this is just to flesh out your characters so you're welcome to drop bits and pieces of what you had in mind in here but to keep it clean I ask you wait until the official IC is up. Although nothing is stopping you from PMing and collabing with each other :p
  19. -Tempted to make a Merman type guy-
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  20. Tempted to temp you into making a merman guy

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