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  1. Alright, so I don't have any decent examples at the moment, but hey, free stuff, right?

    I can't guarantee that I will get everyone's requests done, but I will try to get as many as I can. If I don't feel comfortable drawing your character, I'll let you know. I am also not that great at drawing animals, and prefer to do humanoids, but I will give it a shot if you would like.

    When requesting, please provide either a good description of your character, and/or some refs! Thanks~
  2. Huh, I'm surprised no one has taken you up on this yet (least they've been personally messaging you) . Well, I'll be the first. Sorry that it's description based, no refs for my characters. Heh. So I'll give you a few options on characters and you can draw whoever you want.

    Fitzgerald Quintel Farrow.

    Fitzgerald prefers to go by anything but, usually cool with Fritz, Quinn, or Farrow. Fritz is a young man, no more then nineteen standing an even six feet tall. With light chocolate skin, emerald eyes, and pure white hair his ethnicity is ambiguous, if even human at all. Fritz's hair is styled rather odd, the left half of his head is shaven to a short, spiked forward style no more than two and a half inches long, while the right half is kept in a should length, spiked look. Either spiked up or down depends on his mood for the day. The white rough of the shaven half of his head is stark white enough to be blatantly noticeable. Rather toned features give Fritz a distinctive face with an angled jaw, best described as sleek by defined with an average nose. His usual attire consists of baggy black jeans that billow over worn black boots, a black, long sleeved overshirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and a plain gray shirt. Though his attire is colorful more often then not, this color palette is said to be his signature.


    Cal stands at an impressive six foot six with an overall lanky body, some musculature graced his arms and he had the outlines of a toned form but that was it. Years of fist fights have forged him into a spry, wiry teen of eighteen with a fair bit of strength. OCA2, an uncommon form of albinism, and Cal has it. This form of albinism leaves a very little amount of pigment in the skin and hair, while the eyes lack pigment. As such Cal has incredibly light blond hair, short to the head but spiked and piercing, blood red eyes. His features are strong and sharp on a face pulled into a nigh constant scowl. Cal often wears a black tank top that's tight to his upper half and burgundy jeans which pull into red converse sneakers, his lanky body has a slightly sharp appearance, some bones such as his shoulders and hips are easily seen. Though not out of a lack of healthy weight, it's simply how his body is.

    Hope you can do something with these short little descriptions.
  3. Hello ^_^ I hope you don't mind doing a rather nomal looking character... kinda. This is a character I used in a space travel roleplay and most of the other chatacters were in their late twenties to forties while she's a very smart, very young, half Asian medical student who sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyeays, let me sescribe her ^_^

    Name: Aika (forgot her middle and last name >_< oops)

    Sex: Female

    Age: 18-19

    Appearance: Aika is an extremely petite young woman, standing a whopping five foot and probably weighing less than one hundred pounds. She has little muscle on her childlike frame and even less fat. Her body and face resemble that of a young teen, and she seems like she's only halfway through puberty, meaning a small chest, but still does have a little going on there, and not much curve to her hips, though her small waist helps give off a bit of the affect that she does. She is of Japanese and American decent, her father Caucasian while her mother was Asian, so rather than being all squinty eyes, she has rounded eyes and thick eyelashes, giving off more of that childish innocence. Her eyes are a pretty shade of hazel, and she also never has bags under her eyes, despite the fact she does often stay up too late studying and working (home remedies for her). She has very long, silky black hair that reaches to her hips with bangs that skim just over her thin, shapely eyebrows; she often pulls her hair into a ponytail while working or doing something her hair might get in the way of. Her lips are thin and a pale pink color and her face in general is slightly rounded, but not chubby. Note that Aika does not wear makeup except on very rare occasions so her complexion is clear of acne and other blemishes; all around, her skin is a light ivory due to her staying out of the sun unless forced outside. Sidenote, she also has tiny hands and feet.

    Clothes: Aika is a medical student so she often wears scrubs, which are sometimes too big for her body and hang off of her, and a white doctors coat, also too big unless tailored for her. Outside of the office, she wear loose-fitting t-shirts and shorts, usually jeans or khaki, and a pair of tenis shoes or converse. In the rp she was in, she was part of a crew heading out to search for a new planet to call home, (cuz ya know, pollution and crap) and because they are in space, she wears a uniform only slightly different from the rest of the crew since she is part of the medical personal. It consists of white pants and tucked in white shirt with blue lines going down the sides of the arms and legs and across the right side of the chest; the uniform is again, quite a bit too big for her like everything else.

    Extra: Aika graduated highschool at the age of fourteen because of her high intelligence and strict father, and is now currently top of her medical classes at her university.

    Her mother died she was twelve and her father became obsessive and strict with the tiny girl, also very protective over her.

    What even is dating O.o Aika doesn't have the slightest clue how relationships work even though she knows everything about the human body.

    She is painfully shy most of the time and only opens up to people who are hurt or in need, or children and animals because she is a softie for cute things.

    Aika is basically adorable, but she thinks people look at her because they think she is oddly short or young looking and she has low self esteem, but not just because her small size.

    She is very rational and good under pressure and in times of crisis, but if she has to talk in front of a crowd or meet strangers, she goes quiet.

    She reads a lot. Like a lot, a lot.
  4. Name: AryĆ” Venual
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    General Appearance:
    [​IMG] that is her hairstyle and personality
    That is what she typically wears (native-American type clothes)
    That is her eye color and face shape
    Also her hair color

    Short, messy, raven-black hair with startling blood-red eyes. Stands 5'6" and typically wears a black tank top, black cargo jeans that the legs can zip-off, black lace-up combat boots, and sunglasses with reflective blue lenses. She has a pair of silver Dogtags and a black baseball cap she always wears backwards. She has a dark navy flannel jacket, but it's usually tied around her waist. She has a heart-shaped face with very sharp features. She is thin and lithe, but slightly muscular. She has a scar that runs from the outer edge of her right eyebrow through the center of her eye (splitting her iris and pupil) and ending just beside her nose. This makes her right eye a pale pink color instead of the red.

    Personality: a fighter, stubborn, and extremely protective. She doesn't give up and she's always looking for the creative side of things.


    Please let me know if any more detail is needed on anything!
  5. If you are still open!!!


    Name: Lenora Blair
    Species: Human (With powers)
    Age: 24
    Gender: female
    Powers: Teleportation

    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 119 Lbs
    Hair: Long, Blue hair (usually tied up)
    Eyes: Green
    Body: Toned (No where near to having abs), Hourglass figure
    Attire: Whatever seems to look good, mainly t-shirt and jeans (or asgardian looking attire)
    Boyfriend: Loki

    *** Does NOT have that nose ring like in the picture
    ((If it is closed or you dont want to do mine its okay :) ))
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