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    Hey there, I'm an artist with an interest in characters! And, well, I'm not at the skill level I want to be at yet :3

    So this is my little art thread where you can request me to draw your characters ♥​


    So heres the deal: I really love to draw. Some days I love colouring, other days I love sketching, some days I just want to draw cartoons or write. This thread is a place for me to play with my skills without feeling pressured. For this reason, some people may get sketches and others might get fully coloured pieces. In some cases I may start a piece and lose motivation to do it, but I will always show you how far I got with it. I may also decline to draw your character, but please don't take offense. I am sure your character is lovely and wonderful, it is just that I may not feel comfortable drawing your character for whatever reason at that time (for example, I only draw humanoid characters, can't draw animals at all).


    Here is my mood weather forecast, aka the chance that I will draw a specific subject. Please do feel free to request something even if it has a low chance or isn't on the list. If something really tickles my fancy I may very well take it up. For example, I may draw scenes from roleplays or stories sometimes, if it feels good for me to do so at the time, but it might be lower on the list as generally that is more difficult.
    - I am more likely to draw female characters then males.
    - I am feeling excited about drawing portraits right now
    - I am happy to draw waist up or busts right now
    - I am excited to draw chibbis right now, since I haven't developed a style yet

    - I am open to drawing multiple sketches of a character right now
    - I am on the fence about drawing full bodies right now. I need pose practice, but I find full bodies more difficult. It will depend on the character, personality, and reference materials.
    - I may take character challenges if it excites me.

    - I may draw mini-scenes (usually chibi style sketches of situations)
    - I may draw little emoticons for people
    - I may or may not take on pictures of people with specific props, depending on the prop.
    - I may or may not take on multiple people pictures right now. It will depend on my mood, the characters, and the references provided.
    - I may or may not take roleplay scenes right now. It will depend on the scene itself and the characters involved.

    - Slightly less likely I will draw a character with a pet, depending on the pet.
    - It is highly unlikely I will draw creatures right now.
    - I am not taking banners or avatars right now, this is more graphics then painting. I may take painted banners, but again, highly unlikely.
    - I am not taking landscapes right now as I still need lots of practice.
    Currently, my style is leaning towards:
    Sketch: ★★★
    Cartoony: ★★★
    Anime Colouring: ★★
    Value Pictures: ★★
    Monochrome: ★
    Symbolic: ★★
    Character Reference Sheets: ★
    Realistic Colouring: ★

    Gothic: ★
    Muted Colours/Soft Palette: -
    Bright Pallette: ★★★
    Harmonious Palette with Single Contrast: ★★
    Heavy Effects: ★★

    Please Note:
    •the more interesting/unusual the character design, or the more information that is given in regards to the character, the more likely that character will get drawn.

    •please do state what you would most prefer, even if I am less likely to draw that thing. We can negotiate and I can explain why I may not feel comfortable with that piece, or perhaps I will be open to that specific picture.

    •If I have drawn a character before, I am more likely to feel comfortable drawing them in other situations or in more complex pieces. So if you have already had a portrait of two characters, I am more likely to feel confident in drawing them together.

    So! If you are interested, please provide:
    -Your Request, what you would prefer.
    -Any and all picture references you have of a character along with a written description. You may also link specific individual things seperately that you want in the picture, e.g. clothing, pets, accessories, magical items they may carry with them. Please note: if you provide images with a written description, your request is more likely to get drawn. The more information, the better.
    -If you have a character sheet, please post that, this gives me a feel for the character I am drawing, what sort of pose they should be in, things like that.
    -If you want a specific scene from a roleplay or book you wish drawn, please either link me the actual scene (ideal) or describe it in the best detail you can, being sure to capture the feeling and what you want from the picture in your description.
    -Anything else you see fit to include.
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  2. ♥ Reserving this Post just in case ♥

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  3. Beautiful work <3
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  4. Hello, I was browsing through the different posts and this one seemed just right! I would love to ask you for a Free Commission, if you would be so obliged to do one :)
  5. Hells yeah! Do you have a character sheet or references of the character you'd like drawn?
  6. Ok; see, I had some inspiration for a day and I drew a Male Avatar for myself. This was about a year ago, and my tastes have sort of changed. But, I would love it if you could redraw my character for me, Traditionally or Digitally I don't mind :sunglasses:

    ~~ Spoiler: I copied the CS from: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/throw-me-your-character-ideas.58690/ ~~

    Style: Manga, please.

    Sex: Male

    Age: He's about 17

    Nationality: All Americano :yes:

    Facial features: Sort of a rhombus shape eye, but sometimes his hair gets in his eyes so sometimes he squints.

    Expression: He's smirking at the audience as if he pities them, but he knows how to help... mischievously.

    Hair and eye color: His eyes are the same color as his Clothing Accents <--- and his hair is sort of chocolate-brown, and it's kind of unruly, but it manages to look good on him.

    Genre: He's the Mature Kid that's kind and helpful, but can still act childish sometimes. I'd like him to be wearing a black hoodie with the hood outlined with a sort of magenta color <--- and a striped black and magenta <--- shirt underneath it, but on top of it all is a Black backpack with magenta straps <--- and a black star on one strap. The hoodie has pockets about 2/3rds of the way down, and one hand is stuck in it while the other is holding a strap of the backpack, the opposite one of where the star is and virtually in the same place. As for his pants... just a pair of blue jeans should suffice.

    I hope this is a good reference... it's the boy I drew! ^.^ Good luck, luv!

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  7. I'm just hoping your gonna feel up for drawing a portrait of Rose.

    Name: Rose Drake

    Age: 26, birth day is 9/10/ what ever date would make her 26 on her birthday.


    Height, 5'10"
    Weight, 113 lbs
    Body type, stocky with curves
    Skin?, Peaches and cream skin tone. Her skin is durable but not the best when it come two Sun light and burns easily.
    Hair color, blonde
    Hair type, naturally straight.
    Hair style, down to her shoulders
    Eye color, brown ish crimson.
    Normal outfit: black, knee high dress with gray tights , black boots and a black over coat with gray sleeves.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

    for reference....
    Zaelia is a space wolf girl basically.
    The two reference images above the third is her in uniform.
    The third one is her sleeping attire which basically is a tank top and some striped boxers.
    Either outfit is acceptable
    I would like this in chibi, anime/manga, or cartoony
    Eyes vary from pale cyan to cyan.
    She loves eating meat and catching alien criminals.
    Now will you accept this offer?
  9. Hello, I was hoping that you wouldn't mind drawing my favorite rp character.
    I would love it if you could do a full body shot of him, similar to the references that I have.

    Here are two attempts that I've made at drawing him, but they just don't have that something that I've been looking for to accurately represent him. And they really aren't as good as I wish I could've drawn them.

    Here are some other images that I sometimes use to portray him, but they lack his wings and his tail, and that something which I just can't find.

    And here's my wordy description that doesn't do him justice.
    Leone Valcrosse doesn't try to impress anyone. A pair of jeans, a comfy tshirt or longsleeve, and a pair of black steel toed boots, and he's set to go fight off evil or go to the bookshop. He's mostly serious, as he knows that he make make a joke for his life and doesn't want to torture anyone with his sense of humor. His black hair is often messy, no matter how hard he tries to tame it. His sharp blue eyes rarely show emotions, and he tends to wear a thoughtful expression when he thinks no one else is looking.
  10. If you are still doing these could you PM me? :3
  11. Age: 20 but looks about 14
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Short purple or red hair (to chin)
    Bluish-green eyes or gray
    Small boobs
    Like 4 freckles where the nose is
    Clothes: A hoodie that is too long and skinny jeans. Purple high tops. Black box frame glasses.
  12. age:13
    height: probably an inch too short for her age
    appearance: wavy dark brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes, freckles, has a small cut in her forehead that is not that noticeable
    style: tomboy/nerd
  13. Hello everyone!

    I was off this site for a few months and hadn't realised there had been interest :O

    I will shoot you off some PMs to you and start working on these pictures :D
  14. I'm currently working through SecondBest's and AshenAngel's characters, but I'm back open for new requests :D
  15. Still available?
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  16. yup! Do you have a character you would like drawn :D?
  17. Yes i would like too mademoiselle.

    Style: The Style that you do (I like the blue one)

    Sex: Female

    Age: Early 20's

    Skin color : White

    Hair color: Ginger

    Eye color: Green

    Outfit: Commoner clothes in the medieval age

    Expression: Smiling

    She has this beautiful figure and motherly attributes

    (Is this info okay or no )
  18. It's a good start :D I'll PM you for the extra info I need :3
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  19. Hello, miss. I don't know if you'll be up to this, but I'd really love my character drawn for a RP I will be joining soon. So, here goes.

    Name: Li Kin Wo
    Age: 17
    She is often daydreaming or reading. She also has a habit of talking to plants (even though they can't answer back). She almost always has a dreamily sweet smile on her face that reflects her all around kind, peaceful, and loving aura.
    Physique: I apologize in advance for not having pictures for reference. I know they help. Anyways, this is for an Avatar The Last Airbender RP. I figure that information should help. Li Kin is tall (for her age and gender, standing at 5'5) and has a curvy build. She has droopy, burning blue eyes with fine, straight, shoulder-length chestnut colored hair. She has prominent cheekbones and concerned looking, relatively thin eyebrows. Li Kin's skin is cream colored.
    Clothing: (I actually do have a picture in mind for how I want her clothes to look, but you don't have to follow it.) The colors of her clothes are mostly black, but keeping in mind that she is an earthbender, light and dark greens should be tossed into the color scheme.

    << So yeah, something a little bit like that, but with more flow (like bagginess) around the shoulders and hips, keeping tight around the waist.
    Landscape: She's either at the library in her homeland or in a garden. There's (no no no no no place she'd rather be~)! I made a bad joke. Forgive me.

    Other: Li Kin Wo was born with an odd mark on her palm. It doesn't exactly mean anything, but it resembles a lotus flower in full bloom. It is a dark brown color.

    Thanks for even looking at this and I hope you're up for it. I think it's amazing that you make these wonderful works of art for people and don't even charge. Bubye now~
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