Draw my Miner/Archaeologist/Hunter?

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  1. Hey! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in drawing an older version of this character for me:
    My Character (open)
    I've already got a basic appearance written out for his older self and a bit of personality as well. He's a fan character for the anime Hunter x Hunter, so I won't blame you if you're kind of confused about some of his details. If you do know about the series, I'd appreciate it if you'd draw him in a similar style, but I'm not all that picky about it. Also, feel free to draw him in different clothing than the ones I mentioned below.Thanks to anyone that decides to draw him! :D

    Older Bell (open)
    Name: Eustass Bell
    Sex: Male
    Age: Fifteen
    Appearance Eustass is considerably taller than most other people in his age group, being around 5 feet and seven inches tall. His body is well-toned and he has a good amount of muscle. The majority of his hair is black and is still covered by a thermoplastic helmet, but it has grown considerably longer and is now at least medium size, but it is still rather messy and unkempt. At times, however, he can sometimes go without his helmet depending on the situation. Eustass now wears a sleeveless white shirt and gray sweatpants similar to what he wore as a child. Often, however, he wears an unzipped black jacket over his shirt. He wears black slip-on shoes and similarly black socks. His eyes are amber-colored and his skin is still pale, albeit less so than it was when he was younger.

    Personality: Eustass is very carefree, a trait he has kept with him since childhood. However, he has grown able to differentiate times when it is appropriate to be relaxed and times where he must be serious. It is still very difficult to get on his nerves through taunts or insults, but he can be very protective of his friends and is known to harbor grudges against the people that harm them. With age, he has only gotten more and more accustomed to seeing odd things. So much so, that if he saw a monster, he'd still be more interested in studying it than running away.

    Eustass' passion for learning about the world has not diminished in the slightest. He still hopes to find out more about the world's history and learn more about the different cultures and beliefs of other people. As a result, he is often amazed by any new findings or interesting information he learns about. However, he is more than happy to learn about topics unrelated to history. As a result, he can often be seen reading a book no matter the subject. All of the reading he's done over the past few years have made him very book smart and a fountain of information.

    Eustass has often been known to have great ambition and can often be seen as somewhat avaricious as a result. There are a vast variety of things that he desires and he will do everything in his power to obtain them. Despite usually being very kind, he can often be stubborn and unwilling to do anything that contradicts his beliefs. Eustass was never a spiritual person, which is why he is unsure of the existence of any type of god. However, he does not deny the existence of them and still views the existence of a god as a possibility, which is why he can be viewed as an agnostic. He is more accustomed to friendship than he is to love, but is still open to such a relationship. However, he has never been very interested in initiating a romance himself. Also, he is unable to control himself when gambling, giving him great reason to avoid doing so whenever possible.

    Eustass' greatest interests lie with his job as an archaeological hunter. From his childhood, Eustass always had a desire to find out about ancient civilizations and cultures, making the job a great fit for him. Despite reaching his original goal, Eustass continues to place countless goals for himself. His main goal is to start a museum containing several of his findings from his work as an archaeologist, even if he honestly has little experience with actual fieldwork. He is no stranger to hard-work and will try his best in anything he does.

    Landscape: None

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