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    It is after the war with Voldemort(He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named) and everyone is working towards rebuilding the school. Voldemort is dead and Draco's family has gone into hiding. After a long time of debating with his parents about his education(not that he really needs it,he just wants to be away from them),he is finally aloud to head back to school. Draco,grudgingly but slightly proud of himself for convincing his parents to let him come back,came back to Hogwarts to help rebuild the Slytherin quarters.

    Draco walked around the school,heading towards the Slytherin common area when he spotted Potter coming towards him,it looked like Potter hadn't noticed him yet so Draco tilted his chin up, brought on a disdainful look and walked with self-importance past him. "Potter." He said snidely.
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    After the war, Harry had moved entirely out of the Dursley's. He had lived with the Weasley's for a while, and though they begged him to stay, he always felt a little like he was intruding. He got his own apartment only a few miles away from them and settled down quite nicely. Then Harry was whisked back off to Hogwarts to finally finish his education at the wizarding school. He was rather pleased that they were allowed back, now everything was settled down after Voldemort was killed.

    Harry had his head down at some book, feeling oddly like Hermione but he had forgotten to do a reading due only in a couple minutes. Harry's head jerked up when he heard a familiar sneering voice. "Of great, your back?" Harry grumbled under his breath. "Thought you'd be rotting in Azkaban like your father" he mumbled more to himself as his green eyes landed on Draco. "What is it Malfoy?" He asked in a clearly irritated voice.
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    Draco sneered slightly in Harry's direction and rolled his eyes. "Sorry to disappoint,Potter." He said rudely after hearing what Harry had said about him being in Azkaban. Draco had hid a small wince at the words underneath his snide comment and frowned internally at being reminded of where his father was. With his father being stuck in Azkaban,his mother had become a very large nuisance and he was glad to be away from it. "Did you become the mudblood during your time away?" He sneered,seeing how Harry had his nose buried in a book.

    Draco himself was not much of a reader but the book that Harry had caught his interest,he remembered reading it during is time away as well and it was actually not bad,which made Draco chuckle softly. If I liked the book,he must hate it. He thought to himself with a smug smile. "I am on my way to Slytherin common area,why are you in this side of the school?" He couldn't help asking since he was actually curious as to why Harry was in this area,he was very rarely in this area of the school.