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Before time began there was once a realm named Elicien. A world that held nothing but land. Created by a lonely Goddess of light and creation, Aeliela, it held a large castle that had been created all over an entire mountain. Alone and bored by herself, Aeliela's first creations ever were immortal twin daughters; Zatla and M'rror. They grew up with the sweet love of their mother but both of them could feel the loneliness that had taken over the world of Elicien. One of the twins Zatla, Goddess of love, beauty and courage, decided to take it into her own hands and encouraged her mother to create others. Other immortals with different attributes. Deities of different domains. M'rror, Goddess of fate and destiny, decided that because the world was filled with nothing but immortals, there wasn't much need for fate or destiny. Gods and their fates weren't as fulfilling for M'rror so she begged her mother to give her a reason to be needed. A reason to continue on as the Goddess she is.

Feeling terrible that her daughter felt useless, Aeliela happily grabbed a hold of her strong power and created a whole other world. One based off magic and yet filled with creatures with destinies that M'rror could guide. Aeliela created two for each creature she put in the lands of what was called Dransin. The name of Aeliela's lover. A God of journey and adventure, which is the reason why Aeliela is constantly alone. Not that she doesn't mind her husband to travel the worlds; learning the secrets of each universe he stepped onto.

The first Dragons: Konri and Alarr. First Elves: Thal and Syvila. First Witches/Wizards: Kaphaela and Alun. First vampires: Bisur and Anolev as well as the first humans: Natoalus and Enev.

The first beings to ever be created within Dransin. The pairs were soulmates, meant to learn and create their own families. Like Aeliela had done within Elicien. She'd given the women the ability of fertility, giving them the blessing ability to build their own generation.

Its been over 3 thousand years since the birth of Dransin, things have changed for the worst. The world of Dransin seems to be ruled by the hands of a horrible man. King Idaz is a man who strikes fear within the heart of its people and he rules most of the lands that had been found within Dransin; a world that was still a mystery. Hidden secrets. He has created a war between creatures that looked nothing like humans. Those who seemed to be blessed with gifts from the gods. King Idaz had been angry that they were the only creatures who rarely got to use magic; usually the soul of a human was far to frail to be able to contain magic. Once every 300 years is there a human who is able to control natural magic. Such as elemental magic.

Angry that mortals were being looked down upon by Aeliela and her people, Idaz swore that if he couldn't be a god in the world of immortality... he would be a god within Dransin. Take over to run out those putrid monsters that the gods favored and make sure that the only race to survive this war... would be humans.

There was nothing the Gods could truly do to interfere with mortal worlds and it caused Aeliela to cry in fear for the children she had held precious to her. Every being she created, touched by her love and soul. Sadly enough even Aeliela knew that were life and light was, there would always be darkness.


A god of darkness that Aeliela knew well. A man she held a past with, far before the creation of Elicien. One that has scared Aeliela since the beginning she realized how to take her current form. An immortal body.

He has haunted the edges of Dransin, sending sadness and death across villages, kingdoms and other lands within the realm.

Because of what Aeliela had done for her first two daughters, Zatla and M'rror, the two of them decided that it was time for them to stop the pain and suffering Dransin was going through. So the two goddesses decided to create new species. Which had been called Kimas. Creatures that had been gifted with a skill and a form of magic. Each one of them had been gifted by one out of 6 gods/goddesses. Certain gods who gifts would come in handy on the legacy of the Kumas.

The Kumas waited until there were over 5,000 of them until announcing their presence by traveling the world and saving villages, towns and cities who had been in the clutches of Ar'ck. By using his own creation, King Idaz.

Enraged at the rebellion that was growing against him, their king, Idaz decided that anyone who was hiding a Kuma in their home or involved with their kind were to be executed within the heart of Dransin. The kingdom that Idaz himself sleeps in. A place only one person has ever entered and left alive

Her name is Syndra Aelassin. Current heiress of the lineage under the mighty Konri and Alarr. Within present day of Dransin, the supernatural were in hiding and had decided to stay clear from the many humans who blindly follow Idaz in the dark. Dragons, within Dransin? They were thought to have been extinct within both the world of 'monsters' and humans. Though the creatures the gods adored knew that Dragons still existed... they just accepted that the Dragons kept to themselves.

Now that Syndra is 18 years old (far older in Dragon age) she must accept the destiny that she had been given since birth. The fate to rule a special group of Kumas that were going to change the world... for the greater or the better, know one was sure. M'rror wasn't all that precise on the details when it came to sending prophecies down to them.

Within the world of the Kumas, they are ruled by a man named Elokron and his wife Eli'i. Though Kumas were all special in their own ways and blessed by different gods, there were 6 specific Kumas (they called them marked Kumas)that had the blood of their gods going through their bodies. Thicker then regular Kumas. This gave them the power to be far stronger, faster, smarter and durable then the Kumas who only had the skills that were gifted upon them. Regular Kumas were loved by their gods, the marked Kumas had been touched by their gods.

They had ancient blood in them and with that came power. With that power came the destiny to take Idaz off the throne and put someone worthy enough on it. Each one of them had a task when it came to choosing the knew ruler. Their fate was to place a crown on the head of a man who was worthy enough. After this task was over they were left with two choices. Stay and watch over the new king... or go their own separate way.


Wow, longer then I thought it was xD ok well here's the plot:

This rp is pretty much based off a group called The Kumas, led by Syndra Aelassin. A young Dragoness who is trying to her prove herself to parents who have only seen that she is useful for taking down Idaz. Each marked Kuma (and nonmarked Kuma) will have a special place or reason within the rp (if you have an idea please pm me). Kumas were originally created in order to take out the darkness that Ar'ck, God of darkness & death, within Dransin. The stronger ones each have tattoos and are called "Marked Kumas". Which are pretty much Kumas that have the blood of their god in them which flows stronger then that of a regular Kuma. They can have 2 powers each, a regular Kuma usually have one power or just extra strength, speed and reflexes.

The goal is travel and collect magical relics that certain Gods have placed among Dransin in order to help the marked Kumas grow stronger. To help them defeat their current enemy, Idaz. And yes, the enemy will be taken down... to be replaced by another one. Each enemy is different. Now the main idea of it is to take down those who have been touched by Idaz. Until they are able to find a way to banish Ar'ck from Dransin for good.

Now, I need help with some ideas and I know a lot of you are to lazy to read this but if you are interested, some ideas would be lovely~
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