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  1. [Despite the innocent look some of them are kinky]
    [These are all MxM]
    [PM me if you wanna RP your own plot]


    Plot 1
    "Heart of Gold"

    Muse 1 has just graduated from college and moved to San Francisco looking for a job while Muse 2 works at a fetish shop in San Francisco. Muse 1 decides to go shopping one day and his friends force him into the shop he's highly uncomfortable in. Muse 2 sees this and gets Muse 1 out of the shop and holds a conversation with him. Then Muse 1 came back just to see Muse 2.

    Plot 2

    Muse 1 has been an online dater for years while Muse 2 joined for his first time quite confused. Muse 1 contacts Muse 2 finding his pictures hot and makes conversation. They hold a long time online before they decided to meet up, how will their relationship turn up. What secrets do both of them have.


    Plot 3
    "But I love him"

    Muse 1 finds his perfect match and will do anything for him even if that means covering up abuse. Muse 2 loves to beat Muse 1 for his enjoyment and Muse 1 doesn't tell anyone. Although Muse 2 always comforts Muse 1 telling him he's sorry so Muse 1 won't go anywhere and will stay with him.


    Plot 4
    "He's rich"

    Muse 1 is a poor guy and barely making by in a broken down apartment and paying for nursing homes for his mom. Muse 2 is a rich guy always spoiled and never having to do anything. He isn't always rude though and is falling in love with Muse 1 where he met at a cafe. Muse 1 hides his money while Muse 2 hides his money, what about when they both find out.

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  2. Are all of these supposed to be MxM??
  3. Yes, I forgot to put that in the main post, I was writing this at 1 AM and not on top of my game I'm sorry!
  4. I might be interested in, uh... The first plot?
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