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  1. Please realize this is hard for me to type as I tell you the news of my brothers passing.

    Waking up into your room, looking beside you and seeing your brother sitting there on his laptop, just typing away at his laptop at 2 AM, something you would find so frustrating. You just want to sleep and he won't stop his loud typing, well now it's something I miss. Recently my brother, Coralaliah, went in for surgery, nothing major didn't even need to be put under he said. It went well till the cut they made got infected. It spread to his bone and that's when it was bad, he was in the hospital and it was it was to late.. He's no longer here to annoying me at 2 AM. I miss it so much I want to wake up and find him there but I don't. All I know is he is watching me whenever I do wake up looking for him.

    Although this is about me I just had to get that off my chest. Before my brother passed he kept talking about Iwaku and how I should join because he saw me roleplay with my friends over skype and forum's. I am somewhat into the same type of stuff as him, I'm bisexual, and I'm into more of the lay back let someone else lead the roleplay. I'm into being the healer or the supporter of a roleplay. I usually roleplay as a guy sometimes if at the time I'm feeling it I'll go as a girl. I'm 15 and a sophomore at my school. I'm straight A student, in a bunch of clubs including swimming and diving, stage crew, national honors society, and band. I'm the over achiever I know but when I finish my homework I like to kick back and roleplay so, I finally built up the courage to come to where my brother talked about and here I am.
    I can't wait to meet the wonderful community and friends he had here. I would prefer not bringing him up though. Thank you for understanding. I can't wait to meet you all.
  2. Well that is the saddest opening story I have ever heard. T_______T

    Welcome to the site, Sean!
  3. So many college appraisals are being sent to Iwaku these days.
    Hey, welcome to the site. Here you can kick back and relax, I'm in no position to say I'm proud, but I really respect your vigilance. I kinda fell into an inescapable hole per say, I'm an only child, and have a... lack of role models... so I find it pretty tedious to appreciate school for what it is ( I'm a S-F student T^T),so instead I'm extremely nice and extremely proper, usually. Anyways this is your welcome so.....
    Happy roleplaying to you!