DRAMAtical Murder RP



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Howdy! I'm on the hunt for some good old fashioned DMMD roleplay. What I'm looking for will stretch over various kinds of topics and content.
For one, I will legitimately do any pairing from DMMD, except for canon/oc. This is just personal preference.
Secondly, content warnings could range from light and fluffy to dark, explicit, and possibly triggering themes.
Unless you specify what is and isn't okay, expect the darkest.
Setting is varied as well, and could go from simple to complex.
Level of writing can be from a paragraph to novels upon novels, though I understand if posts are a bit shorter.
Grammar, while important for me, will not be strictly enforced. After all, we can't always be grammatically correct or spell things right. However, I expect you to try and have proper grammar.

Now, here are the characters I am willing to play.
Mink :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Noiz :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Virus :heart::heart::heart:

Trip :heart::heart::heart:
Aoba :heart::heart:
Ren :heart:

Below are the settings I would like to play.
Canonverse (always at a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:, can follow up any of the endings)
Zombie Apocalypse AU :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A survived the apocalypse for three days so far. He has almost no supplies and no defenses. Character B—who has put together a small gang of his closest adversaries—finds character A. Character A does not recognize character B, but character B recognizes A. Character B takes A in to their group and tries to win his trust, meanwhile A is wary and does not trust B.
Portal AU :heart::heart::heart:: Character A has been in captivity at Aperture Labs.There is a mysterious voice over the PA, leading character A through the test chambers. Character A breaks into the walls and inner workings of Aperture to attempt to escape, but runs into character B. Character B was another test subject, and they attempt to escape together.
Skyrim AU (1 of 3) :heart::heart::heart:: Character A is a Jarl. The news of Dragons spreads through Skyrim like a virus, and character A immediately calls in powerful adversaries to protect him and the rest of his people. One of these adversaries, character B, is assigned to be character A's Huscarl.
Skyrim AU (2 of 3) :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A, the young emperor, finds himself kidnapped by a terrifyingly powerful cult. He was originally held for ransom and was treated poorly, but begun to grow close with the cult leader..
Skyrim AU (3 of 3) :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A is a traveling merchant and character B is an adventurer. They cross paths while attempting to reach the same destination, and a great beast causes the two to go into hiding. A and B get stuck together in a dark cave system and have to navigate their way out.
Slice of Life AU :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A has decided to spend his last night at a bar. He planned to kill himself after a few drinks, because it may make it easier. Character B had already drunk himself sick, and collapses outside of the bar. Immediately making sure nothing bad would happen, character A goes to B's aid. He brings B to A's house and helps him get well. B convinces A of his positive impact on the world.
Steven's Universe AU :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A is a human living in a small, middle of nowhere town. He gets a visit by a gem, character B. Character B's original objective was to discover Earth's weaknesses and rid the surface of the humans. However, A teaches B about Earth and its people, and B decides to fight for the humans, against his own kind.
Pirate AU :heart::heart::heart:: Character A is a researcher from a British ship. The ship gets taken over by pirates, and they take A in case he made a good hostage. Character B is a lowly member of the pirate crew, and he visits A all the time, promising to one day get him free.
Superhero AU :heart::heart::heart:: Characters A and B are crimefighters who were paired up because their powers worked well together. However, they have conflicting personalities and cannot work well together.
Sci-Fi Space AU :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A is the shipcaptain of an intergalactic police force. Character B is a rogue assassin who disguised himself and got onto the ship to murder A. In order to do so without being noticed, he has to get close with A.
Harry Potter AU :heart::heart::heart:: A and B, two friends from different houses, somehow get selected for the Triwizard Tournament. Neither A nor B had put their names in the goblet of fire, yet both of their names were spit up, making four competitors like from a couple tournaments ago.
Avatar The Last Airbender AU :heart::heart::heart::heart:: Character A is a bender who discovered the new Avatar, character B. Character B has almost no control over his powers, and a cruel supernatural being is attempting mass genocide of all people. A and B must kill this being before it kills them.

I'm very happy to take suggestions, as well! PM me if interested!