/dramatic entrance. BAM! I'M HERE.



Original poster
I seriously don't know.
Hai thar,
I'm XAO.
just randomly stumbled across
this wondrous roleplaying site.
what else . . .
i'm having a lot of fun with
this text editing thing. 83
but back on topic.
I'm not really good at
introducing myself,
since i can't find
anything to talk about.
this is irritating you, eh?
s - o - r - r - y.
I'm just insanely bored right now.
and this is my entertainment.
I procrastinate a lot.
&& i liek
hp, avpm / avps, roleplaying,
penguins, mudkipz, smileys,
decorating stuff, annoying
the people reading this . . .
SO . . .
nice to meet you guys. (:
Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Zypher your local J-Pop fanatic and global Roleplay mod, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help as best as I can! ^^

Feel free to check out the OOCs and see if there's any games you're interested in or feel free to make your own!
Welcome to the site.
You amuse me. Welcome to this place of chaos, trolls, derps, and Dianas. Enjoy your stay and don't feed Vay. He's been rather naughty again.

Your Adminie Guy, Rory.
Thank you, Zypher. And I'll check it out soon ~ :3

And Xao thanks you, Dragon! 8D

Thanks, October Knight. C:

Is that a good or bad thing, Rory? Ah, alrighty then. = u=
Thanks for the welcome as well ~ ^ w^
Vay here bringing the welcome wagon..... Its loaded for bears....

My job here is helping you so if your need any don't be shy. I won't eat you.... unless you have something I want, but thats kroot for you. Soce you put so much effort into making you first post on the forums look different I'll spare you the usual trolling and scare tactics and just offer you my claws to shake.

*notices what rory said*

Oh so he found out about that... oh well never do anything you can't be proud of.... or at least can bare to have pegged to your name.



Post here if you get the chance if you would =)

And don't believe Rory.... or Diana... Trust only the marglewoops.
You scratched up that ottoman. That was going to be Ocha's Baffle Daffle Day present. >:[

And it's okay Xao, he's used to this sort of stuff. lol.
Haha, hello there dear.
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you~ <3
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
I hope you enjoy playing here with us!
Hello and welcome, Xao! And apparently you're not supposed to listen to me. D:< You'll rue this day! RUE IT!
Oh, you crazy Staffies.

Welcome to Iwaku. Insanity is mandatory; if you are lacking it, please report to Insanity where Paraou, Orochi and Darkness will yell at you until a suitable level of loco has been acquired.
Or take the path of least resistance and bash your head on the concrete for a while. Then go to my favorite place in the whole world to get yelled at by Paorou, Orochi, Dorkderp, and the other dwellers of INSANITY. Oh, and on your desk there's a stack of memos. One of them says call it the Asylum, yeah loose that.

I was going to link the Roleplayer's Resume here, but that damn Vay already beat me to it. Enjoy your stay though, and don't get too crazy.
Hello and welcome, Xao! And apparently you're not supposed to listen to me. D:< You'll rue this day! RUE IT!

It's okay Xao, just as long as you listen to me, you'll be safe. :D
I'm Sakura :D I think we're gonna get along really well! :D
If you have any questions && stuff, lemme know (:
Vay;; Bears? What happened to the penguins? D8
Erm, okay. Thanks? 8D /shot
Ahaha, okay. Marglewoops. Got it. = w= b

Rory;; Ahaha, okay. = u= b

Kitti;; A pleasure to meet you as well! :3
Thank you. ^^

Torsty;; I do indeed. /srsfaise.

Diana;; Nuuuu-- DDD:
Hehe, thank you. C:

Uninspired Grumpy;; I shall, I shall, muhaha-- /shot. ; o;
Thanks for the welcome ~ ~

Kestrel;; Hehe, alright. Thanks ~ ! :3

Sakura;; Hallo, Sakura! Mhm, I hope so ~ > w<
Alright ; thanksie! C:
Yay more new peoples *runs up to Xao* Hi ^^ I'm Shadow Ike please call me Ike *holds out his paw for a handshake* Well if you have any questions at all just ask and I should be around to answer them for you.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Ike! :3 /shakes paw/
Alrighty ; thanks ~ > w<
I live in Norge/srsfaise.

Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you enjoy it.