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  1. I wanted to create the ultimate slice of life drama filled rp. I am thinking of having a hospital setting where 4-6 students are in the terminally ill ward. They all have the same incurable disease and have bonded overtime coming to grips with their inevitable future.

    One day during a normal day their parents see each of the kids saying that there is a clinical study for miracle drug to potentially cure the sickness. they are all selected but they are given a warning. In their previous trials with animals the miracle cure works almost immediately, However they did discover that 50% of the subjects would get a more intense form of the sickness killing them faster and painfully.

    Having spent almost all of their lives in the hospital They all decide to take the drug. They all return to school and live their normal lives. some join sports teams, others join afterschool clubs, some fall in love. During their first two years there is not problems, however during the summer of their junior year in high school 3 of them start showing signs of remission. They realize that they are going to die so they naturally want to keep their friends from finding out and give them the best school life ever.

    I'm looking for serious Rpers who are willing to type at least a paragraph for each post and are in for the long hall. i am open to notes or suggestions but i would like the general theme to be the same. any one interested?
  2. Not adding anymore rps right now due to busy life stuff. I already had to turn down Clyde v.v . But thanks for the invite ^.^
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  3. Sorry, can't join either. It looks interesting, but when our in 6 rps and managing 2, it gets difficult.
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  4. @SoleStride @conman2163 thanks for the consideration. I understand I been there a few times, having so many rp's going on at once.
  5. Yes yes yes, I'm in. This looks awesome.
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  6. Some things I forgot to mention.

    I as the GM will choose who will be cured.

    There can be other characters besides the main 4 or 6.

    Pairing between the character's will be open. I highly recommend going for love triangles (they make things more interesting.)

    A small portion of the rp will be in the hospital. The majority will be at school and their homes.

    Npcs are free to control.

    If you have any other questions ask away.
  7. Hmm, I normally don't do these type of RPs but I will keep my eye on this one and see but for now I am undetermined though I am leaning towards joining.
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  8. I'm surprised how little attention this is getting. I thought people would crave something besides superhero rps. Oh well I'll keep this open for another week hopefully I'll get more attention.
  9. Hmm.. my interest is sparked~
    I've been wanting to do a nice slice of life, drama role play.
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  10. thank you @CookieMonster and @Myka for expressing interest. If we get three more I can put the sign ups together. feel free to tag your friends to see if we can generate more interest.
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  11. This looks really interesting. @Mippu and I will definitely be around to check it out.
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  12. Alright, we finally got a potentially 6. I'll work on the sign ups and send everyone a link (within the next couple of days). Stay tuned
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  13. Awesome follow the link above. Give the opening a read, then create a cs.
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