Drama Festival, must find song to perform

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  1. My school is going to a drama competition/festival at the end of February, and I need to figure out a song to perform. It must be from a musical, not a song from the radio, movies, shows, ect. Please help if you can. I need to figure out some ideas by the time school gets back on the 4th. Personally I'm trying to stay away from Les Mis, as the movie has just come out, everyone will do something from that (also overdone productions such as Rent, Phantom of the Opera, ect.)
  2. Avenue Q - It Sucks To Be Me

    Most of their stuff is -ahem- very adult themed so make sure you're gonna be able to perform it.




  3. If you're looking for something a little more rock and roll, I'd recommend checking out Hedwig and The Angry Inch. The lead is actually a male, but he's a higher male so it MAY be in your range (You could always search for the sheet music in your preferred key anyways I suppose). But they're fresh, fun tracks to sing. I always had a lot of fun with them. A couple of fan favourites are: