Drama Camp!

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  1. "Yes, yes."
  2. " You will have to excuse me friend I'm trying to get acquainted with the surroundings I find Myself in. I look around the place again. I think that Fritzi is having a Wheez of the week at My expense.
  3. Hey man, I'm having shrimp Cup Noodles.
  4. Astorath appeared quietly in the foyer of Kunari's Castle.
  5. Alkura

    Alkura stood up and took off the strip of cloth that she had been wearing as the eye patch, then picked up her things (it was all stuffed into a duffle bag). Wordlessly, she walked out of the place that was her home at one point, and out to the VTOL. She got in quietly, secured her things in a locker, and then sat down and strapped in. When Deanta started the engine, Alkura just stared straight ahead, not looking at anyone or anything.


    Deanta turned around, flipped several switches, and the VTOL smoothly powered up, the engine barely making a sound as it warmed up and prepared for takeoff. Deanta pressed a lever forward and it rose into the air quietly, and then Deanta flipped another switch and it moved forward, accelerating to full speed within a few seconds. It would simply be a matter of hours now until they arrived at their destination.
  6. Something, something, trope inversion.
  7. I love seeing the word "trope" mentioned. I love TV Tropes. I also love Potholing TV Tropes.
  8. I think teams of three creatures per side would be good, you don't get screwed because you have the one element that your opponent counters. because you have up to three elements it's harder to counter. you can also make more complex, interesting teams.

    I've come up with some key words for designing abilities:
    Dark - conseal, corrupt
    Light - reveal, heal, purify
    Celestial - cyclical (this one is problematic, mabye auras instead)
    Ice - Freeze (prevent action)
    Lightning - fast
    Energy - enabler
    Poison - Damage over time
    Water - flexible
    Fire - uncontrolable destruction
    Earth - tanky, persitent
    Air/Weather - omnipressent (mabye auras, or something else entierly)
  9. Summer Sparrow

    "Wow! This place is so awesome! It's just like that movie, Camp Rock!" Summer exclaimed loudly as she practically stumbled inside her assigned bunk room with several bags of luggage. Looking at the rustic camp-style decor and dragging her cases over to the right side of the room, she cast a big wide smile at the girl that was on the other bed reading.

    "Hi! You must be Daisy. I'm Summer! Isn't this place awesome? I totally flipped when the counselor did his number during orientation, oh god when he did that leg girl I swear angels started squealing FABULOUS up in heaven!" Summer didn't even stop to take a breath between sentences. As she dropped one of her suitcases on the bed and opened it up, she was still talking!

    "This is exactly why I love the theater, it's like every guy here is hotter than hell. Of course, all the girls are really pretty too, but I so don't swing that way. I mean, not that I think it's wrong or anything, but there's just something about boys that get me all mushy hot and bothered. You know, it must be those manly muscles. I love a well built guy. But I have to try not to get distracted, cause I told myself I was here for a big break in to acting, not finding myself a boyfriend, though I sure would be a plus!"

    "So what are you here for?" she finally stopped chattering, casting a look over at Daisy.
  10. Raven raised her eyebrow at this...Summer girl. She was obviously not like her in any way, shape, or form.
    "My name is Raven Winterfrost. If you call me Daisy again, I will cut you," She said without skipping a beat. She went back to her comic and continued, "I'm here to learn about tech. Mostly lighting. I wasn't planning on finding a lifelong friend or partner here. Just learn." She sighed and made herself slightly more comfortable and pulling out a cigarette. "Want one?" Raven offered, holding out the pack to Summer.


    Sydney cringed slightly. Of course, she would be roomed with a poor, grungy, lesbian looking girl. She put her hand to her mouth and looked up. This was obviously arranged to spite her.
    "Er. Yeah," Sydney said, turning to the door of their room. She threw her stuff on the bed and started taking over most of the room with her make-up, clothing, and hair products.
    "Uh...I think this side of the room is mine..." Charlie said, pointing to some of Sydney's clothes.
    "Uh, I think the opposite," She replied, sneering and continuing to unpack.
  11. "...Right. I think not."

    Charlie's initial greeting might have been a little naive, but she wasn't about to let walk all over herself. She drew an imaginary line from the middle of the window to the edge of the door, splitting the room in half, and started 're-arranging' Sydney's stuff so it would be on her own side, while unloading her own baggage in a semi-neatly and orderly fashion.

    Charlotte had looked forward to this trip, had wanted to make friends with this girl. But if she was going to be the spoiled little rich kid she currently acted as, Charlie could definitely play the same game.

    As Charlie finished unpacking, throwing a stray sock on Sydney's bed, she turned around and sat on her bed. "Alright, here's the deal. You can act like the coddled little girl all you want, but you do it on THAT side of the room. I'll stay on this side in return. That means that everything I find on my side of the room is mine, so you'd better be careful about placing things there."

    The New York girl sighed. "Alternatively you could just TRY and be civil to me, and you can expect the same in return. Your choice."

    Why of all people had they roomed her with the snobbish girl? the rate this was going she'd almost rather be rooming with some random guy...
  12. Dario made his way to his assigned room as all the other kids filed out of the auditorium. Once inside he found the room he wanted right away. It wasn't much of a choice as it had a huge mirror at the foot of the bed. He stopped and dropped his bags right in front of the mirror and took a minute to admire himself. Dario was such a narcissus, at times it was annoying to the people around him. He looked at his hair that had a healthy coat of hi quality gel in it, making his natural dirty blond look a deep brown. He blinked his eyes a few times, taking notice to how the light reflected off them.

    "Your one good looking cat." He said to his reflection. It seemed he would be glued to the mirror for the time being, so he decided not to fight it and rather waited for his new roommate to show up.
  13. Lucas was admittedly trying to fight his urge for a cigarette, though he did find out that the introduction was entertaining, and gave him a certain feel of belonging already, at least one of the teachers was here for laughs as much as he was.

    Admittedly, he would have fought the urge to say something snarky about the people he would have to deal with in this camp, unfortunately he’d made a deal with the man who got him in, and that was to be somehow nice. He wasn’t worried about being kicked out, but apparently he was older, wiser and had to show tolerance, sacrifices he didn’t take gladly, liking people wasn’t in him.

    He took his bags and didn’t say much, afraid to ruin his stay too soon, at least he needed to know who he was rooming with, make friends and whatnot, he didn’t enjoy the last time he slept near someone who didn’t like his company.

    He had to room with a certain Dario Vencinto, Lucas was sure that was one of the actors, and in quite short, someone who thought everybody to be jealous of them. Or maybe he was wrong and the guy was an actual actor…

    Lucas laughed, he was only kidding himself, this place was ground for a teenage soap opera, where only the beautiful stayed, and those not gorgeous enough were obviously the bad guys. Not like he would complain, he liked the villains in the horror movies more.

    He arrived at the room, indeed, this man was damn gorgeous, too bad he wasn’t into men. Sure enough he was in the correct room, Lucas threw his two bags into his bed.

    “Dario, right? I’m Lucas,” he said, reaching for the pack of cigarettes on his jean’s pocket, “You don’t mind, do you?” he asked, showing him the pack of cigarettes, he had some courtesy about his smoking, not like he needed to show people he was such a rebel so as to affect their health as well.
  14. Dario completed his "self check out" in front of the large mirror and had started laying out some of his things. He took out his polo shirts and a couple pairs of pants, which had been throughly ironed and pressed the night before. Next he glanced behind him to the small dresser, that had three pull out drawers, and placed the cloths neatly in to the middle drawer.

    As thoughts of the weeks ahead swam through his mind he heard the front door open as his roommate walked in and threw his bags on his bed.

    “Dario, right? I’m Lucas,” he said.

    "Lucas? Whats up man?" Said Dario extending his hand as he did so.

    Dario noticed that Lucas had a rough look to him that was accented by a slight 5'o clock shadow. He wasn't by any means bad looking, just a little rough around the edges. Next he reached for a pack of smokes and asked if Dario minded. Dario shook his head. Cigarette smoke didn't bother Dario. Although he didn't smoke on a regular basis sometimes, especially after a few drinks, he would smoke. It was a very nice gesture of Lucas to ask first though, thought Dario, it seemed that they would get along fine, but then again it was too early to tell.

    "So are you an actor?" Asked Dario unable to tell if Lucas was part of the "cast or crew"
  15. Summer Sparrow

    "Raven Winterfrost? That's almost as bad as MY name! My full name is Summer Lore Sparrow. Weird, huh? I think Lore means flower or something." Summer shook her head at the offer of cigs, dropping some of her clothes on her bed as she stuffed others in to the dresser next to it.

    "Haha! You know both our names have flowers and birds! Isn't that cool? It's like we were totally made to be bunkmates! Me an actress and you working on lighting stuff. Man, I can't wait to start going to some of the workshops. It'll be soooo fun!" While she was blabbering, Summer moved to peek out the window and look out at the campgrounds.

    "You wanna come exploring with me?"
  16. Carson was running late due to car troubles and had missed the spectacle which she would later thank god for. Toting an army duffel over one shoulder, hair thrown up under a baseball cap, Carson made her way toward the registration desk. Seemed she was the only one or maybe it was McGuire stamped across the bag, either way they handed her a packet without her asking. A slight shrug was given as she turned away from the desk and dug through the packet for a map and her room assignment.

    A brow quirked as she read the name. Foreign and it looked male to her. Last Carson had checked they didn't co-ed bunk at this camp so maybe she was mistaken as to the gender orientation of the name. Of course Carson would'nt put it past anyone to mark her off as a male. Between the cargo pants and loose shirts she normally wore, if she didn't have her hair down, she was often mistaken for the opposite gender. The name didn't help much. With a shrug to get the bag more firmly placed on her shoulder she made her way off to find her room and get settled in.

    Upon finding her room she nudged the door open and prepared to either have the most hellish or most wonderful summer of her life.
  17. "Dom" Prochazka
    Dom, unlike Carson, had not been lucky enough to miss out on the opening...er...festivities. He gathered that there were the usual "getting to know you" activities planned later that night, but for the moment, he had time to kill. He'd arrived early and had time to set up his half of his room before the assembly, leaving him with...really nothing to do. Dinner wasn't for another...he glanced at his watch...two hours.

    In the mean time, he was lounging on his bunk reading a book. Specifically, a fantasy novel titled Warriors of Flame. He heard the door click open, and he looked up. He quirked an eyebrow - the individual in his doorway was either a girl, or the most feminine boy he'd met who didn't wear eyeliner.

    "Get lost looking for your room?" he inquired, setting his book down and swinging around to stand up. "I can probably help you with that."
  18. Lucas pulled out a cigarette and lit it, putting the pack and the lighter back in the pocket. He took a long drag before speaking to Dario, well, there went the Italian jokes.

    “Nope, I’m a sound guy,” he said, shaking hands with Dario briefly, then he moved to his side of the room, wondering which bag he should unpack first, “Would’ve brought a guitar or some shit to impress the chicks playing shit songs but I broke a string…”

    “Anyway, I suppose you’re on the pretty people crew, right?” he asked with a smirk, moving to open the windows of the room and then back to unpack his clothes, not like he had too much of them either way.

    “Judging by the girls I’ve checked out though, everyone’s from that crew,” he said, pulling out some shirts, most of them from bands he listened to, and with them, an mp3 player, having never bothered much to get an iPod or anything of the like, “But on other subjects, you know there’s gonna be a musical right? You gonna be in it?” he inquired, already quite sure that Dario, however nice he seemed to be, didn’t know much besides acting.
  19. Raven cringed as she listened to Summer. Her voice made Raven want to beat her over the head several times with a morningstar. "Uh...No. I'm alright." She stood up and looked at her watch. "Dinner should be soon, right? I think I'll take a walk by myself beforehand."
    "Oh! Maybe I can come with and we can--" Raven slammed the door on Summer's annoying, nails-on-a-chalkboard voice and personality. She lit her cigarette and made her way down to the courtyard in between the girl's dorm and what looked like the boy's dorm. She took a drag and looked up, seeing a some curtains open and a very toned guy taking his shirt off in front of the window. She smiled and blew out the smoke. Maybe this camp wouldn't be so bad.


    Sydney frowned. "Fine. I can already see this is not going to work out." She pulled out a silk comforter and laid it out on her bed before grabbing her cell phone and dialing a number. "You probably shouldn't unpack. You'll be leaving soon." She waited a bit until someone picked up the other line.
    "Ah, yes! This is Sydney Michaels in room twenty-four. My roommate is being...uncooperative....Yes. Can she get a room change?...What? No no no no no. I. Don't want the change. I like this room very much, except for the person that is sharing it with me....No....NO!...Ugh! I pay your salary!" She hung up the phone and sat on the bed, clearly frustrated.
    "Looks like I'm stuck with you," Sydney sighed, crossing her arms.


    "CAAAAAMPERS!!!!" The directors voice rang out over PA's in both dorms. "Dinner will be held shortly where you will be informed about the productions that will be going on in the camp. I hope to see all of you there! Chao!" The PA popped, signaling the end of the broadcast.
  20. "Yeah, that's me." Cameron responded. "My counselor sent me here. Something about not having many friends."

    He moved over to the other bunk that had a bag on it, "Are you using this bunk?"