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  1. A Battle between two friends.
  2. Character:

    Name: Kreen Trench.

    Age: 22

    Appearance: Blue tattered robes (a red magic circle painted across the chest), with a brown sash wrapped across the chest (with three slots for items), a small satchel on back, and black leather gloves.

    Height: 5'5

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Neck length, raggedy, blonde.

    Weapon of choice: Ash black wooden staff, with a purple stone fused in the top.

    Fighting Style: Uses magic circles he creates to trap and ensnare his enemies, allowing him to draw close and absorb their energy into any crystals he has. He can also release small amounts of power from the crystal in-bedded into his staff, but only simple magic such as fireballs and blinding light. Can also use the magic circle on his robes to absorb the power from the crystals directly into him, giving a large burst of magical ability for a short time, but also results in severely damaging his body.

    Items: Ash black wooden staff. Four crystals, one in the staff, the other three in his sash.


    Kreen is the defender of his small village, Shatteredstone, in the world known as Nightmare's Dwelling- a world that has far been plunged into darkness of war, fear, and death. Nightmare's Dwelling used to be a normal almost peaceful realm until the five most powerful mages began a conflict between themselves, a struggle over who would gain control of a powerful, newly discovered world. In their conflict, a gargantuan battle occured and resulted in the release of the new world's occupants: Demons and Creatures of hell, and a disease of age and rot. It did not take long for the entire realm was consumed by the darkness, save for a few last standing kingdoms and villages.

    200 Years had passed since The Day of Release, and the disease had taken it's tole on the realm. Any wilderness shrunk to soot and blackened ash, and any wildlife was corrupted and turned into unsightly crooked creatures, to the point that no mere mortal's blade could harm them. As hope was fading for the realm, it's own race of humanity slowly adapted and learned new types of magic to repel the creatures.

    One of these types was discovered by Kreen a magician in training. It was discovered that only magic was strong enough to harm the creatures and demons of Nightmare's Dwelling. Kreen experimented with small crystals that the corrupted trees of the realm would produce instead of apples or other fruits. He soon combined his magical skill with them and learned the ability of sapping anything's strength.

    With this new magic learned Kreen created a staff made from the darkened trees of his realm and harvested many crystals and was soon able to learn one of the perfect ways to combat the creatures that dared to invade his village. He would create magic circle traps to ensnare the creatures of darkness so he may get close and absorb the creatures' power into the crystals. Although, many creatures were far too powerful for one mere crystal and required more.

    He continues to protect his village and swears that he will until the day he dies.
  3. Name: Bakira Shiru

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Black leather pants, leather boots with silver metal plates along the top, long black robes with spikes protruding from the shoulders like cloth pauldrons, and a wide brimmed hat black hat.

    Height: 6'2

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Black hair that spikes upward.

    Weapon of Choice: Six foot staff with a ruby, a sword that he conjures, and his cat.

    Fighting style: He utilizes three that he can rapidly switch between, the first is a magic style that utilizes concentration and complex illusions and magical feats, the second is a style that utilizes quick speels such as dark blasts, lightning bolts, and fireballs, and the third is a custom sword style with a magical sword he can conjure.

    Magister of illusion- His first (and favorite) fighting style. When he uses this one he can concentrate and weave complex environment changing spells, and cause illusions to trick his opponent. This is generally not a close quarter combat style.

    Magister of sorcery- His second fighting style, this style utilizes his staff as a magical channeling tool to fire lower level spells off rapidly. This is usually a medium range style, but can be altered for close combat.

    Magister of desolation- His third fighting style. He can conjure a magical sword known as the Dark Ultimatum. This sword is made of his magical energy and is linked directly to his will. The stronger his resolve the stronger its cutting power and durability.

    weapons: Staff, Dark Ultimatum, and a black cat


    Bakira grew up alongside Kreen, and both were apprentice magicians, but they followed very different paths. Bakira was seduced by a witch of the forest. She had seen the boy's potential, and decided that she craved it for herself. Using her "womanly" charms she tricked the young boy into a study of dark magic. He excelled in complex spells and illusions, but always had a flair for martial prowess so he taught himself the way of the sword as well.

    The villagers fearing the witch burned her at the stake. Bakira had been trapped inside their house as it was lit ablaze. He survived, and now is seeking revenge. He plans on massacring the village, and will annihilate anything or anyone who stands in his way.
  4. Bakira emerged from the edge of the black forest. As he walked his black robes rippled around him in the wind. Villagers screamed and tried to flee from his advance, but it was futile. His rage was visibly tangible erupting from him in arcs of black lightning as he slaughtered villagers left and right. He finally stepped into the main square bodies lying in his wake, and began to set buildings ablaze.
  5. The villagers' screams called his attention away from the outer southern perimeter of the village. Kreen ran as fast as he could to the village's square. He glimpsed around him at the chaos that was ensuing. He followed the arc of one of the bolts of black lightning back to its user and his brows furrowed in anger. "Bakira! Cease this at once!" He raised his own staff to his right and used the amethyst crystal in it to absorb a bolt of lightning that would have hit a nearby fleeing family.
  6. Bakira turned towards the rival magister. "Kreen, how dare you intervene." Bakira planted his staff into the ground with his right hand, and pointed his left at a building directly to the left of Kreen. "Solvite Obstaculum!" Bakira yelled as the building exploded violently outward as though from a bomb launching shrapnel and fire.
  7. "No!" He paused at the destruction of yet another building and pointed his staff at the corrupted Magister and fired three fireballs in rapid succession. "Are you truly as decieved as we thought?!" After firing them Kreen charged forth, his left hand grazing the ground as he ran.
  8. "Disperge et celaverimus" Bakira said and black lightning hit the balls of flame causing them to explode and create a wall of smoke obscuring him from Kreen. As he was hidden Bakira said "qui exemplari, et disappear" as he created a copy of himself and vanished in a cloud of smoke.
  9. Not knowing of the other's strategy he continued to charge through the smoke. Upon seeing the fake copy he threw his spare hand forward, hoping to strike him, but his hand merely phased through, causing him to stumble. He turned around and looked around him. "Don't shield yourself with cheap tricks Bakira! If you wish to do harm to our village, then fight me face to face! I shall not allow this destruction to go on any further!" He swept his staff along the ground, encircling himself in magic circles, burning bright white.
  10. Wisps of smoke formed themselves into Bakira's form on a rooftop to Kreen's right. "These are no cheap tricks. Circumdo!" Bakira yelled and pointed his staff towards Kreen as the remaining smoke rose like a pillar spinning around Kreen like a tornado. Taking a small step forward Bakira yelled " DARK MAGIC ATTACK!" as a ball of swirling black magic was launched at his opponent.
  11. Kreen coughed as the smoke obscured his vision. He raised his staff. "White Light!" His staff glowed brightly, allowing him to see almost clearly through the smoke. At the sound of the dark magic conjuring and the vision of it he gritted his teeth and shouted. "Hana Light Magic Barrier!" A barrier of white light surrounded around Kreen. He prayed it would be powerful enough to hold of the attack.
  12. The blast hit the barrier, and the explosion that ensued shook the very foundation of the town. Cracks appeared along the barrier, but it held. Holding his staff above his head Bakira yelled as dark energy swirled around him and he prepared for his next assault.
  13. Kreen panted and coughed, much of his power had been drained in that single barrier. His former friend was much the opposite of him, he could wield large amounts of magical power at a time, where as himself could not and had to rejuvenate himself with crystals. Kreen had to take a chance, he couldn't take another hit like that, he wouldn't be able to hold it back. He took out one of his spare crystals and held it to his chest. "Magical Fusion!" A dark sphere enveloped his chest as his eyes glowed white with magical power. He fell to his knees for a moment from the shock but quickly recovered as he raised his staff towards the other, a sphere of light forming at the tip. "Hana, Light Magic Beam!" As soon as the words left his mouth the sphere shot out in a beam of white light towards the other magister.
  14. "Oh I don't think so!" Bakira yelled as the magic energy he had coalesced suddenly surrounded him and created a barrier of solid black energy. Slamming his staff down he created a vortex through the roof and fell through landing on his knees. As the beam of light hit the now empty shell it would blow it away completely.

    "If its a close quarters fight you wanted" Bakira said as he summoned the Dark Ultimatum into his left hand "All you had to do was ask. He closed his eyes focusing his magical energy and began creating a perfect copy of himself except with black eyes to wield the sword.
  15. Kreen cursed himself as his attack had missed. He decided to prepare himself as well for the other's next attack. He dug his staff into the ground and slammed both of his hands down to form three magic circles in front of him. he raised himself back up and awaited his opponent's move. "Damn you....."
  16. Completing the copy which took the Dark Ultimatum Bakira and his clone smiled. He made its eyes look identical to his own and then closed his own eyes beginning to charge his magical energy once again.

    As the true Bakira charged his energy the copy charged out from the house and leveled its sword at Kreen. Suddenly it threw its sword high into the air above Kreen and the blade spun at high speeds as it fell towards him.
  17. Kreen followed the sword with his eyes. "Hana. Light Barrier." This time he created the barrier with ease. He took an empty crystal in one hand and held it upwards, hoping to drain the energy from the dark sword.
  18. Bakira still inside continued to charge his magical energy, more and more coalescing around him into a dark aura. His staff pulsed and began to glow brighter as his robes began to lift from the sheer amount of magical energy he was gathering.

    The clone smiled and Vanished to reappear in a flash of dark energy, and since it and the sword were made fo the very same transported itself and caught the blade as it fell landing feet first on the barrier and then jumping off. The crystal drained some of his dark energy, and his guard lowered slightly, but his purpose wasn't to defeat this other magister anyway. "Face it Kreen your going to die here." The clone said in what seemed to be Bakira's voice.
  19. Kreen didn't respond as the barrier disappeared. He created three more magical circles in front of him in a row leading towards the building. He retrieved his staff as he jumped above them creating light barriers from the circles for him to jump off of until he was falling towards the top of the building. He pointed his staff downward. "Hana! Light Magic Beam!" Kreen fired a beam of light downward hoping to cause damage to the real Bakura. "Be cleansed by light!" His power wa now tapped out with this attack.
  20. Bakira didn't even stop charging his power as his swordsman disappeared leaving the Dark Ultimatum stuck into the ground and reappeared shielding his master from the blast. As the clone was eviscerated and Bakira took some minor damage he was enveloped in the same white light that destroyed his clone.

    Opening his eyes Bakira smiled as they were now black with energy rising from them. "I hope that wasn't the best you've got" Bakira said. "Time for me to show you the true power of a mage!" Bakira yelled throwing his hand out an enormous ball of black energy appearing in it. "DARK MAGIC ANNIHILATION!" Bakira screamed as it flew towards his opponent.
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