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  1. A fine day. A fine dollar.

    The sun rises. The moon vanishes into the void of nonexistence.

    At Valhalla Educational Institute, the youthful looking Dean Octavia Van Helsing gives her speech in front of a great assembly. Her aura was melodic, charming and mysterious.

    "Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls. My name is Octavia Van Helsing. You may call me Dean, Dean Octavia, Dean Van Helsing, and so on. Just don't call me by my first name alone. I for one, welcome you to Valhalla Educational Institute. Today is the start of a humble day in history, a humble day for Dragon Shifters, Hunters, and even those external to the eon-long conflict that my forefathers have partook in. Don't see this as an end, see this as a new beginni- OH OH OH AAAAAHHHHH!"

    Some winds blew the Dean's papers away as she held her skirt to prevent the wind from blowing it up too.

    "Give me a few seconds, everyone. This is so embarassing... alright..."

    The Dean coughs, and her aura returned to normal as the speech continued.

    The various individuals in the crowd paid attention. Mostly anyways. These were not ordinary individuals, one might find out later on.

    Alright, some were ordinary, but others were out of this world.

    It was small compared to most schools, but it was certainly there.

    "Can't trust a new school," a bespectacled young girl utters underneath her breath, "There's 'new and improved' and there's 'new', eh, random person beside me?"​
  2. [​IMG]
    ~~ Albert Partanen ~~
    ~~ Dragon Shifter ~~
    ~~ Valhalla Educational Institute ~~
    A young looking boy was not paying any attention at all, quietly standing by the left wall. His headphones were vibrating from massive dubstep he was listening to, but the exact sound of music was hidden by powerful sound-proof technology. But at some point, he decided to take off headphones, and finally listen to the woman...
    that was a bad moment to take headphones off.

    Powerful scream sliced through atmosphere of calmness, as Albert quickly moved his arm back, taking out one of his dual swords. But... ugh... it wasn't really a trouble you can solve with a sword. He quietly shrugged about women's skirt, with a soft movement putting his sword back on his back.

    "Hmph, perverseness of this wind is scaring me" Albert whispered sarcastically, preparing to take headphones on again.
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  3. @Crow
    "O-oh...oh...how beautiful..." a blushing girl says, sitting in the seat next to the bespectacled young girl muttering about the school. She looks to her side when the girl is done muttering. Ruslani, our red faced maiden replies with a big, almost creepy, smile on her face.

    "O-oh...I don't even care how new or improved or progressive this school is...it's simply beautiful. Yes, so, so, beautiful. I'm surrounded...by so many dragons!" She starts giggling almost hysterically. Of course not loud enough to bring too much attention but then suddenly stops herself, putting her finger in her mouth and biting down on it seemingly gently.

    "He...he...he he...how I'd love to get my hands on one of them...oh wouldn't you?"​
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  4. [​IMG]
    ~~ Albert Partanen ~~
    ~~ Dragon Shifter ~~
    ~~ Valhalla Educational Institute ~~

    @Crow, @Lyra Meiko
    Albert looked at two girls: one was whispering something about education, or so, and another was saying something to the first girl, with a creepy smile. Albert smiled widely in his head, blushing hardly. One thought rose after another, but he decided not to yell "KYAAAAA!!! OH, FORBIDDEN LOVE!!!" On the whole meeting room... but it sounded pretty nice in his head.

    Anyways, he continued to sometimes look at girls, blushing hardly, and smiling like some perverted psychopath (Just because he can). So, he decided to play a light trick on the second creepy smiling girl - she was extremely scary for him. Albert didn't want to do it to the last moment, when gust of wind flew in his direction, bringing whisper of girl wanting to get her "hands" on "one of them". Albert's head exploded with amazingly gruesome and dirty thoughts, as creepy girl's shirt flew up in the air almost automatically.

    He didn't even had to think about it, as it floated in the air, falling on thousands of pieces. Small pieces of, now ruined, fabric lightly fell on the creepy murderer. Albert almost started laughing, but thought that it will make him look like a psychopath, so he just took on his headphones... right before first student screamed, pointing at that creepy girl.
  5. Laura Weiss, Hunter, Valhalla Educational Institute

    Laura looked onward, as their great dean delivered her speech to the incoming class. She wasn't one to see much point in such hullabaloos, and was only half-paying attention. The only real reason she was her was to face new challenges. Right now, the only challenge she was being faced with was the boring speech the great Octavia Van Helsing was giving.

    That was, until her skirt almost flew up in the wind. Laura couldn't help but laugh at the sight, wondering what kind of dean she could be, that a simple gust of wind caught her so off guard. Her papers were now everywhere, though their contents remained unknown to the crowd. "It always like this here? She doesn't seem very competent ta me."

    Rissa Bokdottir, Dragon Shifter, Valhalla Educational Institute

    "Everyone makes mistakes sometimes," Rissa barked, her attention directed towards the girl beside her. "She's still the dean of this place, so show some respect. Otherwise, she might have to kick your butt." Rissa's grimace turned into a smirk, reveling in the thought of the dean putting her foot down on the disrespectful masses.

    "Yeah, yeah. I'm not here ta punch her anyways, though I will if she wants a challenge." Laura was confident, that much was evident.

    "Your arrogance is at least impressive," Rissa stated in annoyance.

    Mizushima Umi, Hunter, Valhalla Educational Institute

    "Isn't it lovely, koi?" a red haired girl, dressed in a fish suit inquired of the blue haired male standing next to him. She was unaware of how by surprise she must have taken him with her sudden interjection. "School is only beginning, and our classmates are already beginning to get along so nicely..."

    She seemed to be reveling in the atmosphere of it all. Turning her gaze towards the male beside her, Umi smiled and gave an excessive bow. "Mizushima Umi, friend of fish! You can call me Umi, koi!"

  6. Ruslani, in all honesty, was to lost in thought and so focused on gushing over dragons that she didn't notice what had happened to her. However, she did start to notice when she broke out of her delusion, sensing stares and hearing shrieks. The stares were from both hunters and dragons, but she was only really focused on the dragon.

    She looked down at herself and spoke with apathy.

    "Oh...how indecent," and while she was not quite embarrassed by the partial nudity (of course she was wearing something underneath her shirt to keep her decent), seeing that so many dragons were staring at her made her blush quite red out of happiness and excitement. She started to laugh quietly under her breath until the man behind her got up, pulled off his shirt and quickly handed it to her.


    "Quickly, put this over yourself."

    He said, looking away from her and sitting back down, seeming annoyed at the situation and murmuring. The man in question, Hanae, seemed to think it would be more accepted if he had no shirt on as opposed to her having no shirt.

    "Whoever caused this magic should feel shame," he mumbled a little more loudly, keeping his eyes closed and his arms crossed over his chest.

    Ruslani looked at the shirt, slightly caught off guard. She slipped it on soon after and made sure to smell the sleeve.

    "Ah...dragon..." she giggled once more to herself.​
  7. [​IMG]
    ~~ Albert Partanen ~~

    ~~ Dragon Shifter ~~
    ~~ Valhalla Educational Institute ~~

    @Pravitas, @Lyra Meiko
    Albert didn't quite notice when a girl said something behind him - his head was bumping because of that simple action with telekinesis. He never used it to destroy anything, even if it was for his disgust, and now was ashamed of his action. When he quite listened up to what girl near him was saying, he answered.

    "Oh yes... Already getting along... Mizushima Umi you say? My name is Albert, Albert Partanen" He held out his hand for a simple greeting action, and looked in the way of that psychopathic girl. After it was done, he, with a nearly emotion-less face (only some little smile-like grin, showing only good part of him), approached the girl, and started, with extremely sorry voice:

    "You might wonder how your shirt flew off - I'm extremely sorry to confirm that, but it was me. I just heard something strange in your speech, but I doubt that it was really that, and I hope that we will get along. As again, I'm extremely sorry" Albert was trying to keep a worried face, but his eyes were looking deeply inside that girl, clearly saying "Say something like that again - I won't stop on your clothes".
  8. @RecentlyInsaneRussian

    When he approached her, she was still in bliss from being able to smell the shirt a dragon gave her that her heart nearly exploded when another dragon got into such close contact with her. She was in such bliss that her face simply showed it more and more, not seeming to pay attention to his aura.

    "Oh no no no...I'm sure whatever you heard was just right." she says as she seems to take short, almost pant like, breaths.

    "And I don't particularly mind...because of you I've gotten such a wonderful...wonderful specimen. Heh. Heh." She laughs her short laugh, wrapping her arms around herself and hugging her chest.

    "My name is Ruslani...and what might yours be...? I'd love to know..."
  9. [​IMG]
    ~~ Albert Partanen ~~
    ~~ Dragon Shifter ~~
    ~~ Valhalla Educational Institute ~~

    @Lyra Meiko
    Albert was continuing to smile, as sudden outburst of telepathy crushed into girls head.

    "Oh, I see it now. That psychopath really did mean it. Ugh, concentrate Albert, it will be a scandal if you would impale someone... But I would like to do it though... Ugh! Stay determined"

    It was clear, that Albert's thoughts accidentally transformed into telepathic message, which sent directly into Ruslani's head. But he actually didn't notice anything.

    "Oh well. I'm glad to know it. My name is Albert-" sudden outburst of his telepathy threw additional description to that word "Don't get used to know dragon's names, sicko" But he continued, like if nothing happened "-and I'm glad to meet you. Unfortunately, I'll have to go-" "Hah, I wonder if you can hear my thoughts - probably not, because telepathy can only work to sane people" "-, goodbye!"

    Albert walked away, quietly putting on his headphones.
  10. @RecentlyInsaneRussian

    With telepathy bursting in her head: Ruslani audibly squeals, blushing even more darkly, and slipping to her knees.

    "O-oh my gods...dragon magic is...a-amazing! Amazing! Wait! Wait!"

    She reaches out for him longingly, but staying on the ground.

    "Speak to me more in my mind! It's just too wonderful!"

    At Ruslani's sudden outburst, Hanae looks over with a slightly disgruntled expression.

    He murmurs under his breath. "What could he have possibly done to her to make her act this way..."
  11. [​IMG]
    ~~ Albert Partanen ~~
    ~~ Dragon Shifter ~~
    ~~ Valhalla Educational Institute ~~

    @Lyra Meiko
    "...?" Albert turned, to see hardly moaning girl, calling out for him to "speak in her mind". Albert blushed hardly, his face cringing because of lust which filled the tone of her voice.

    "God damnit! Did my thoughts actually go in her mind?!" Apparently, while thinking this, he looked on the guy by her, sending him the thoughts too. "Ugh! Double ugh! Triple, Quadruple, it won't help me! Stay determined. I need to think of something to cool down the situation - from the side it probably looked like I mind-raped that girl..."
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