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  1. Very based off this.

    This Roleplay is co-hosted by @Cirque and primarily hosted by @Crow

    There was once an era where 'Dragon Shifters' lived in peace and tranquility alongside the more 'normal' humans. They were mystical and magical, and such properties did not go unnoticed forever. Some took it well, others not so.

    These 'others' soon became known as 'Hunters'. Hunters prioritized hunting dragons, for they believed that these Dragon Shifters were a threat. While their opinions were so obscure at first, they started out small. However, their influence spread and their numbers were large enough to wage war against dragonkind itself.

    The Hunters were aligned in a wide variety of organizations, such as the Round Table, St. George Institute and the Van Helsing Clan. What dragonkind lacked for in organization was made up for in sheer power, diversity and size. No side could outmatch the other! Before anyone knew, children were born into a world where they learned to hate each other.

    As battles begin to simmer in the modern day of concrete jungles and silicon valleys, a new force arrives to unite the two. Valhalla Educational Institute, run by Dean Octavia Van Helsing, is a school for Hunters and Dragon Shifters alike to learn alongside each other and learn to fight alongside each other, as opposed to against each other.

    You are one of the new students of this fresh establishment. Can you handle the heat? Oh who am I kidding of course you can.​
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    •Wear your uniform at all times.
    •Fighting outside of combat-related classes is forbidden.
    •Opposite genders must stay in their own dorms.
    •Everyone must be in their dorms at 2100. Lights out at 2359..
    •Vandalism is not allowed.
    •Do not destroy school property
    •Avoid avoidable accidentsCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH
    •Be punctual for classes.
    •Extreme PDA is unpermitted.
    •Alcohol, drugs, or anything of the sort is not allowed.
    •Remember that you're all fighting for the same cause, not against each other.


    3) LUNCH
    4) Fortify (Dragon Shifter only); Hone (Hunter only)
    6) Co-Op

    *RP-wise, this'll likely be skipped, save for History, which focuses on dragon-hunter related topics. Since this is an RP... welll...


    (Red and gold for Dragon Shifters. Blue and silver for Hunters/Humans. All uniforms have a patch with a Dahlia flower on it, which is the crest of the school.)

    Male - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with black slacks. Also, a tie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black, and by shoes I mean shoes, not slippers or sandals. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red.

    Female - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with a black skirt that stops a few inches above the knee. Also, a bowtie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black, and by shoes I mean shoes, not slippers or sandals. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red. One can also choose to wear knee-high socks, tights, or leggings, if they desire.​
  3. [​IMG]
    Octavia Van Helsing
    Dean of Valhalla Educational Institute
    Played by Crow

    Octavia was a low-ranking member of the Van Helsings, a clan who specialized in hunting one subrace of dragons - the Count Dracula, mostly known by the racial slur 'vampire'. Octavia realised that she was too low in her clan's hierarchy to bridge the gaps between the Van Helsings and the Count Draculas, as such, she took a step upwards and chose to carve her own path from small baby steps.
    This school is aforementioned 'baby steps'.

    Riley Markov
    Vice-Dean of Valhalla Educational Institute
    Played by Crow

    A Dragon Shifter of the Yurlungur subrace, well adapted to the perils of Australia. He took this mantle in hopes of aiding Octavia's cause.

    Natsukawa Natsuki
    Hone Teacher
    Played by Crow

    A warrior belonging to a religion that worships Huanglong. His martial arts are difficult to parallel, even with a weapon. He has been born into this world worshipping dragons, but as time passed, he starts to see them as equals and humans.

    Noelle Igrisdottir
    Fortify Teacher
    Played by Crow

    This odd cat-like teacher boggles the mind. She claims to be a Dragon Shifter of the Thorbane subrace, the dragon subrace that inspired tales of the mythical Midgardsomr Jormungandr. However, her 'Dragon' form is a mere cat, based on appearance alone. All of the staff members, even Dean Van Helsing shows evidence of being afraid of her. She is often seen covered in chains. Just who is this teacher?
    The kids love her lessons... probably.

    There will be more NPCs listed here soon. Keep a lookout!​
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    (Insert Anime-esque Picture here)
    (Insert Quote here)

    Age: (Pre-birthday 12 to Post-birthday 18)
    Race: (Dragon Shifter or Human/Hunter?)

    Appearance: (Expand on your picture. Height in metres, Weight in kilograms, Clothing Style, etc. Also, add Dragon Appearance (and a picture, if possible), if you shift. This dragon appearance needs some form of size scaling.)
    Subrace: (If Dragon, what kind of dragon are you? Describe your subrace.)
    Personality: (A good balance between negative and positive.)
    History: Your past, perhaps?
    Abilities: Your performable feats without the usage of supernatural capabilities. Talents like cooking perhaps, in addition to weaponwielding?
    Strengths: (As a person)
    Weaknesses: (As a person)

    Magical Capabilities & Dragon Feats: (Dragon Shifter only)
    Physical Weaknesses: PHYSICAL. Dragon Shifter only
    Weaponry & Equipment:

    Other Information: (Stuff that doesn't fit up there)​
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  5. I'll just reserve one more post in the situation that people need lore questions to be answered.

    Because there will be a bit of lore apart from our sandboxy school of cool.
  6. [​IMG]
    "Dragon shifters and humans must live in peace, and nobody can change my opinion!"

    Name: Albert Partanen

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Race: Dragon Shifter

    Nationality: Scandinavian (Danish X Finnish)

    Appearance: Albert stands at approximately 6'5 meters. His body is quite thin, being somewhere muscular, but not beefy. Albert has cross birthmark on his left shoulder, which he tries to cover with everything he can. His eye color can also change color at will, but it mostly changes because of seasons and magnetic field. Albert usually wears casual, simple and practical clothes, which can work in any weather. His dragon form color patterns usually repeat patterns of worn clothes: if they are green, blue color of dragon will be more of a lagoon-blue; if they are blue, color of dragon will most likely turn navy blue, or become lazurite-blue. Dragon's length is 7'6 meters, including tail, but apparently, his weight is somewhere between 40-50 kg.
    Appearance - Dragon (open)

    Subrace: Named by modern Hunter-Scientists, Alatus is rather rare species of "dragon-gliders", who had made evolutionary decision to focus more on agility, and tactics. Alatus are identified by long and sharp wings, pointy and sharp tail and smooth head with two small horns on sides. Albert's dragon is not directly an Alatus, as it is from sub-specie named Alatus Laevis, who naturally have gradually increased brain capacity and power, which grants them various mental abilities (Fun fact - most of Alatus species and sub-species are non-flying Dragons). These dragons were one of myths, and hunted harder, since it is believed, that brain of Alatus Laevis can grant person ability to see future. Apparently, whole Alatus species has one strange in common - they can reproduce with both males, and females (aka, they are hermaphrodite) But, due to low count of females, common Alatus species nowadays reproduces via males. Other male in this case gets "softer", and takes wife's role, but doesn't loose any physical appearance.

    Personality: Albert is usually a person in the group, who will try to push it further, and suggest non-aggressive way of solving problems. He is idealistic about pacifism, and obsessed with lives of others. Apparently, he is usually considered "weak" and "fearful" because of choices he makes (Since dragons are meant to be ideally buff and act on their instincts). Albert usually does anything to reach goal he puts in front of himself, but trying to do it in more peaceful way.

    History: Albert was born in Denmark, in mixed family of dragon-shifter and human. His family had mixed ideology - from father's side it was hate towards humans and love towards dragons, and from mother's side if was just the opposite. Apparently... his father was the human, Hunter-biologist. And mother was the dragon-shifter. Being tired of his father and mother conflicts, he once spoke about peace between hunters and dragon-shifters, but his parents just humiliated that opinion, considering their son "crazy" and "a dreamer".
    Next few years, Albert often visited his distant relatives from Finland, training his sword fighting in the woods. But, once, trying to protect group of hunters from a dragon-shifter, he nearly killed dragon-shifted. These years were extremely bad, as mother wanted to disown him, and father wanted to kill mother for that. Not being able to handle the situation, Albert fled, and lived in his friend's house.
    After several mouths, Albert got invited to special academy, with mixed hunters and dragon-shifters. He couldn't not accept the offer, as Albert was happy to study in place, where two races can live in peace...
    or he through so...

    Abilities: As his dragon, Albert is quite agile and tactical. He can wield sword with both hands, or even two swords. Albert also has wide knowledge over biology, so he can easily determine any kind of dragon, listed in modern studies.

    Strengths: Fast & Agile; Tactical; Strong mentally; Sword fighting; Acrobatics.

    Weaknesses: Emotional; Concerned about his parents; Stressful; Idealistic ("Humans and Dragon-Shifters should live in peace, and nobody can make me disagree about it!").

    Magical Capabilities & Dragon Feats: Albert can use series of mental powers and sub-powers:
    Telekinesis: Ability to affect on surrounding matter with thoughts (Unlocked - Medium Level) (Partially unlocked in dragon form/Partially unlocked in human form) Sub-powers:
    1.Elemental Manipulation: Ability to manipulate elements using telekinesis (Locked).
    2.Pure Telekinetic Force Manipulation: Extremely powerful version of telekinesis, limited to simple actions (Unlocked) (Unlocked in dragon form/Locked in human form).
    3.Levitation (Unlocked) (Unlocked in dragon form/Unlocked in human form)
    Telepathy: Ability to affect one's mind with mind (Unlocked - Low Level) (Unlocked in Dragon form/Partially unlocked in Human form)
    Pure Mental Energy: Ability to project pure mental energy, which can severely damage one's mind (Locked)
    In Dragon form, Albert's wings and tail are quite sharp, being able to cut through silver, wood and tons of other light materials.

    Physical Weaknesses: First of all, Albert is not skilled against direct physical combat. He also isn't strong, being more of a thin and agile type. His chest is his weakness, due to special genetical structure of his dragon organs.

    Weaponry & Equipment: Albert usually wields dual swords, (fighting with one normally, and with two - in special and dangerous situations) each being made out of high-degree platinum. He also is skilled in wielding a rapier, which he keeps in secret spot in his room.
    Appearance - Rapier (open)

    Appearance - Dual swords (open)

    Robert Partanen - A tall young-looking man, 27 years old, who usually loves to spend his time teaching his child of how "bad humans are".

    Merida Partanen - Short woman, 23 years old. She is one who raised Albert, and loves to tell exactly the opposite of what his father tells him: humans are nice, loyal and are "a bit" scared of dragons.

    Other Information:
    -Albert has piercing in his ear, which he tries to hide.
    -Albert is bisexual, being attracted more to males, due to specific genetics of his dragon (Which is from new generation) (See "Subrace" for explanation).
    -Albert loves to train his sword fighting and agility in woods, at night time.
    -Musical themes: Depressed/Mental Breakdown:


    (Mix between two)

    -Albert loves to dress androgynous, but prefers male clothing the most.
    -Albert's fighting style is calm, agile and tactical. Each his movement is sharp. From the side, it may look like he is dancing, and drawing invisible lines at the same time. Because of his fight style, Alber was usually called "Freak", and "Balletic Dragon".
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  7. While rules are common sense, I must say - the limit for number of player characters per person is 3. Also, if you have 2 or more characters, one must be Human and the other, Dragon Shifter. The third can be whichever.

    In addition to this, I will do things to ensure that Hunter to Shifter ratios remain close. I have a pretty big hunch that an imbalance will occur.

    Also during the to-come tournament arc one player can only go with one character, and the other characters will have to be put on standby or be spectators and have reasons not to participate.
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  8. I already got two characters planned. A hunter, and a dragon shifter. Will post character sheets later today while contemplating a third character.
  9. #5599bb

    Ariana Clever
    "I know someone who knows someone."

    [Age: 17 || Gender: Female || Race: Human || Nationality: German/American]

    Height: 1.65 m (5'5"ft)
    Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
    Natural Hair: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: Fair
    Build: Naturally petite but roped with lean muscles.
    Casual Style: Popularly known as cybergoth, Ariana tends to stick to neon colored clothes often balanced with black leather when not in uniform. She likes to wear colored dreadlock wigs and won't leave her room without one, leaving her natural hair color a mystery to outsiders. When she can get away with it she wears her latched, knee high boots (black), and her favorite green tinted "biohazard" goggles she keeps on top of her head. For special occasions, she's been known to paint her skin to match the theme.
    Uniform Style: Ariana wears the female version for the Hunter uniform, sporting blue and silver colors. Like most others that consists of a white, collared, button-down shirt with a drawing on the back accompanied with a black skirt that stops a few inches above the knee. Also, a bowtie that is striped with blue and silver. A vest outlined in blue and decorated with pins along the hem hides the drawing on the back of her shirt, leaving everyone non the wiser. She tops off the assemble with her latched boots and a pair of black tights.
    In Combat: While fighting or sparring, Ariana prefers tough leathers and skin tight clothing; nothing that will get in her way or impede her movement.​

    +Charismatic: Ariana is an outgoing person who thrives at social events and loves talking to people. In fact, she made an art of it, knowing the right things to say and the right buttons to push (and the right penny to give) to get what she needs to know. Luckily for those around her she doesn't deal in personal gossip, rather the more sensitive information people would actually pay for. You want to know if there's a party going on? Ariana may be the right person to ask. Want to know if there's news in the underground? Don't ask how she knows, just what she knows. Depending on the topic her prices are surprisingly affordable.
    +Bold: For some of her information Ariana has to wander to some rather shady places not for the weak of heart and deal with people of the sketchy kind. This also means sneaking off campus to conduct her business wherever possible and keeping in contact with the rats scurrying the underground. It goes without saying Ariana isn't one to shy away from something just because it's dark and daunting. Heights particularly don't bother her and if you want to go for intimidation, you're going to have to go beyond big and bad.
    +Curious: They say curiosity killed the cat, but little do they know satisfaction always brings it back. Sure Ariana doesn't mind gathering information for other people and isn't afraid of going to great lengths to satisfy a paying customer, but Ariana also does it for herself, which comes in handy in keeping a stock of information on hand. This also inevitably leads to her always asking questions and unknowingly prying into other's business or asking sensitive questions any other person would be considerate enough not to ask. Not that she means anything by it; she just wants to know but will back off when told to.

    -Prideful: Ariana can sometimes overestimate her abilities and this can lead to causing trouble for herself and others, especially if her pride as an informate of sorts is at stake, and if asked something she doesn't know or have any access to she'll just talk as if she knows what she's talking about and blame it on outdated information if she gets caught. She'll at least try to rectify the situation before it gets to that point though, by finding out the correct information herself. Her pride can also push her to take on opponents twice her size just because they underestimate her or lead her into avoidable situations just because she didn't want to back down from a challenge.
    -Reckless: Ariana is one of these people who don't look before they jump and would rather deal with the consequences later than waste time worrying about them beforehand. This can also lead her into avoidable situations. In fact, Ariana is just a magnet for trouble and would highly benefit from a suit of bubble wrap. She's been known to do things on a whim, often ill prepared, and jump into other's business when she sees fit, especially if there's a problem she thinks she can solve.
    -Unlawful: It was her brother who taught her to distinguish between what rules will bend and which will break, and Ariana is all about testing the limits of authority. She may not be a rebel without a cause, but she isn't exactly a law bidding citizen either. This had lead her to getting into trouble with authority on numerous occasions and yet not enough to be considered unruly; just enough to be put on the radar for trouble makers. Some will blame her insatiable curiosity. Ariana blames the overly orderly of things that begs to be tested and poked and prodded at. Besides, keeping everyone on their toes just means no one is ever bored or falling into a state of complacency.​

    Ariana's childhood was as normal as a daughter of a pair of hunters could be; complete with a strict parent and an annoying older brother. Despite being two seperate genders they looked fairly alike with the same wispy blond hair, fair skin that is impossible to tan, and green eyes the shade of their mother's jade necklace (a gift from their father to bring out the color in her own eyes). This annoyed Ariana to no end and thus her quest to stand out as much as possible. It was her father who supported the vibrant change in wardrobe while her mother was all about being practical and discrete on the job, so when she went out hunting with her mother for a little girl time she made Ariana dress in tough leathers and pinned her hair to her head. It's a practice she begrudgingly keeps to, to this day.

    Make no mistake though, she wasn't particularly close with her mother. In fact, between her mother's merciless training and her brother's ruthless sparring, the only person she felt she could remain close to was her father. When he trained her, it was with more tact and a guiding hand. Don't get her wronged, she loved her mother, but it sometimes good feel like not every moment of her life was "sink or swim". But what Ariana didn't know was that the way her father trained her, and the way her father trained her brother was completely different. After all, she was his baby girl. What he couldn't foreseen was the intense rivalry that struck up between the two siblings due to the difference in training. Her brother would say it was because their father's training was making her soft but Ariana got the feeling he was just jealous she was treated differently than him.

    When her mother finally learned of an academy accepting both dragon shifters and hunters alike she was appalled. Her father argued it was a good learning opportunity. Her mother took his words as "a good opportunity to learn all the shifters strengths and weakness" when that was not at all what he meant and decided Ariana would attend if only to collect that sensitive information. In the meantime her brother would be sent out on a pilgrimage to get stronger. This only made the rivalry tear into a full blown rift between the siblings and all Ariana could do was watch as they slit apart for the first time. She remembers her father patting her shoulder that day and saying from then on what she decided to do was up to her. Ariana still doesn't know why she agreed to attend.​

    Body Paint: In addition to being skilled at using polearms and staffs - much preferring the later - Ariana is an artistic soul with a love of painting. Her favorite canvas is skin and she loves transforming people and blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

    Information Gathering: Ariana has no qualms against using her charisma to get what she wants to know. After all, anyone who knows the basics of psychology and sociology knows people are naturally drawn to open and out going people. Not that Ariana knows anything about psychology or sociology (if she did she'd make more effective use of it) but the Indians didn't need to know science to make the most effective bows seen in their age.

    Bi-Lingual: Ariana considers herself fluent in both English and German, though her English isn't as good as her German. This can sometimes lead to some misunderstandings (mostly on her part).​

    Polearms and Staffs: While Ariana had trained to use polearms she was never a fan of the extra weight the various blades added to the end. While blades at the end of sticks certainly had their uses, nothing could quite compared to the quick, agile staff.

    Acrobatic: One cannot simply learn how to use a polearm or a staff and not learn how to do fancy flips and dodges. After all, everyone knows a user of such weaponry's weakness is close combat, and when everyone is dying to get into your personal space it's definitely a good idea to learn ways of getting away from them.

    Long-Midrange Combat: Depending on if Ariana is weilding a staff or a polearm. She can distance herself from an opponent and still do considerable amounts of damage (especially if that polearm is a spear).​

    Short Range Combat: While Ariana is arguably flexible enough to get away from an opponent in theory, that's all she can do; get away and/or go on the defensive. Most of her weapons are useless at close range and can only do minimum damage but hey, Ariana has always been the type of person to take what she can get.

    Brute Strength: Ariana's philosophy comes at no surprise: "You can't hit what you can't catch". In other words, if a brute-fighter where to land a hit or two she'd be in big trouble (if she hadn't lost the match yet). Not necessarily a weakling as she needs some upper body strength to wield and block with her weapons of choice but she won't be forcing her way through a fight with strength alone anytime soon.

    Lack of Information or Direction: Ariana thrives on information and is good at running recon before a mission, but make her go in blind and she's as useful as a lion out of the jungle but she can often compensate. Take away her information and give her no direction and she really is at a loss, especially since up till now there's always been a chance to run recon or a clear objective given to her by her parents during training.​

    Weaponry & Equipment
    Retractable Staff: She had originally taken up polearms like glaives and spears to appease her mother, but she has always held love for the staff. Not only is it faster than the cumbersome polearm but also possible to conceal. Her staff of choice is metalic and collapses into a silver cylinder that can easily be mistaken for a pencil case. When she needs to extend it, she gives it a twist and it extends out from both ends.

    Leather Armor: Ariana doesn't leave home without it. It consists of a leather vest with attached shoulder guards, bracers, a pair of fingerless gloves, slacks, a belt, and a pair of combat boots. She even has a separate set of goggles to match the leather theme. Under the vest she wears black, long sleeved under armor. For the time being she keeps it on an armor stand.​

    Devin Clever: Mr. Clever is an American man belonging to house Clever, a smaller house of hunters that are unknown beyond their home town. While raised a hunter, he only found himself hunting out of self defense and often questioned he family's tactics. He met Chriselda Sturm while visiting family in Germany (in other words, his family sent him away to learn what it meant to be a true hunter) and for him it was love at first sight.

    Chriselda Clever: Originally Ms. Sturm, Mrs. Clever was raised rich and spoiled, her family merely hiring hunters for protection. That was until she met a peculiar young man who claimed to be visiting family. Except she knew a hunter when she saw one, having spent most of her life around them, and used that knowledge to convince him she was a hunter as well, but not a very good one. Mr. Clever fell for her trap and agreed to tutor her. For Chriselda, he was her ticket to more interesting life.

    Olric Clever: Mr. and Mrs. Clever's first born and Ariana's older brother. The two siblings have a strained relationship birthed from what was once a healthy rivalry. He was sent away on a pilgrimage to become stronger while Ariana was meant to "mess around in a disgusting school". He always believed Ariana got off easy and being a daddy's girl didn't help matters in the least. Since the day he left the two haven't been in contact. ​

    Other Information
    Combat Style: Ariana's combat style is hard, dirty, and fast from training with her mother and brother, who fought harder, dirtier, and faster. He made it hard for her to keep up and it impacted the way she fought greatly. She goes into a fight with a sink or swim attitude, making her a different person on the battlefield.

    Objective: ???: The only reason her mother wanted her to attend the Academy was to gain information. The reason her father sent her to the academy was to find her own way. With two different objectives given to her she doesn't know what she's going to do or who she should appease. On the other hand, her curiosity does get the best of her...

    Romance Novels: Reading romance novels is Ariana's guilty pleasure, and where a hormonal teen would hide a stack of porn she hides romances novels that range from innocent to erotica, and consist of every gender pairing imaginable. One of them is even of a shifter x hunter romance, which only seems to further confuse her already ambiguous stance on the whole shifter vs. hunter mentality.​
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  10. I'll possiblycreate two characters. Though for my Dragon Shifter, I'm not sure if I want to use one of my usual females or use the main antagonist male from a book I'm writing.
  11. [​IMG]

    "Oh, how beautiful of an experiment you'd be...I'd just love to watch you. Don't worry, you can trust me. I'll only hurt you a little bit."

    Name: Ruslani Thera

    Age: Fifteen

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human [Hunter]

    Nationality: Belarusian

    Appearance: Ruslani is about 1.8 meters in height and weighs 64 kilograms. Looking a bit older than her age, she has stark black hair which reaches down to her hips. Her complexion is slightly olive, which suits her reddish brown eyes well. Typically she prefers loose clothing, often wearing long flowing robes and cloaks. Her clothes are mostly black and dark purple. She does love dark colors as they keep in heat. These outfits tend to cover up her hour glass style build. She also likes to adorn herself with jewels and metals.

    Personality: Rulani is a bit of an introvert. She is not one who enjoys engaging with conversation and isn't quite good at talking either. She can speak okay, it's just the things that she says that freaks her out. For example, she more often addresses people as objects rather than living beings. She is not afraid of being blunt either. With little sympathy, she is not afraid to say things people do not like to hear. She is also the sensing type. She enjoys making careful observations and coming to conclusion based on facts rather than feelings. It is not often that she goes along with the logic of instinct, though finds pleasure in observing things that do. In that way, she is the thinking type, valuing logic over emotional decision making. Furthermore, she is the type that likes to organize and makes sure that in any of her experiments, variables are controlled. In that regard, she is very sadistic in her own right. She loves to watch the struggle of instinct and how different life forms react in different situations. In that way, she doesn't have too much of a desire to kill. She prefers to watch things suffer alive.

    History: Ruslani is the only child of two hunters and grew up in a home that was almost always covered in snow. Therefore, she was quite sheltered, not particularly liking the cold, and was educated at home for most of her life. To the dismay of her parents, Ruslani did not like going outside and did not have much physical strength, so she wasn't really suited to being a hunter. Without many living things to keep her company as her parents preferred traveling to domestic life, she often just sat at home reading books about people and animals and plants and such. When she came to be a little bit older, she started going outside a bit more and would collect small plants so that she could observe them in real life, not just printed. When she started to get bored of their dormant nature, she started capturing small insects and mammals just to watch their behavior. Her parents let on this behavior for a while, often leaving her home alone for long periods of time while they traveled, until they became alarmed by her ability to capture large animals having previously thought she was too weak to face anything bigger than her, once coming home to a bear in their living room bound with curtains which used to be on their windows. They decided the best way to tame her curiosity would be to bring her something she would never find nearby, carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Traps. While they bored her a little bit, she was simply happy that her favorite subjects, her parents, were bringing her mysterious things she'd never be able to find on her own. Limited to observing carnivorous plants, she started to experiment on them to quell her interest. In this way, she was able to learn a lot about different chemicals and how they interact with living things. As a product of her research, she now knows how to make some of the most helpful medicines and some of the most lethal poisons. Realizing that Ruslani did have the potential to be a hunter, even though her talents aren't exactly of the typical one, they decided to send her to the Valhalla Educational Institute. Even though they didn't particularly support the premise, they knew that the idea of becoming close with dragons would interest Ruslani greatly and that any other way she would not be interested in any sort of hunter related training at all.

    Abilities: Other than her vast knowledge of creating poison and medicines, Ruslani also enjoys cooking and baking. She prefers baking a little more, though. She especially enjoys adding her poisons and medicines to her food, loving the shock that comes when a creature who is enjoying her food realizes there is something more. Other than that, she is a fast reader. She can read and comprehend books at an accelerated rate, her favorites being non-fiction biology books.

    Strengths: Most of Ruslani's abilities comes from her mind. She has good focus and has great observational skills. She is good at keeping her composure, most of the time. She is good at identifying weakness, however is often not strong enough to utilize this knowledge. She is, however, quite flexible and has a bit of agility. She is good at avoiding, if anything. When trying to capture something bigger than her, she often just tries to provoke it and then dodge away constantly, waiting til it gets tired enough so that she can grab it with ease.

    Weaknesses: Other than her stark inability to talk to people as well as her almost non-existent strength, she is also often seen as a little lazy. She doesn't put in effort in places where she is not interested and only ever does the bare minimum of what she has to. She will only put in extra effort if she sees something that will truly benefit her and she is no natural genius, so her grades are only average. She doesn't fail at all, but stays right on mark so she is allowed to keep doing what she wants while still having time to do just that.

    Weaponry and Equipment: Ruslani personally thinks that physical weapons are kind of brutish and probably couldn't bother carrying most of them. So her "Weapons" per say are mostly biological and chemical. She is currently trying to create plants into weapons so that she can carry and use them with ease.

    Family: As she is an only child. Ruslani's human family is only her mother and father. The three person family broke off from any other blood relatives so Ruslani has never met anyone else that shares her blood. Not that it matters, as she doesn't care for the idea of a "family" anyways. If anything, she names all of her carnivorous plants.

    Other Information: Ruslani, while not often having emotional reactions, does blush easily, especially if she has thought of a new experimental idea while interacting with someone or sees something that interest her greatly. She is also sometimes so focused on her work that she forgets to eat and is anemic. Her parents are often worried because she refuses to eat in front of people, so they never see her do so. She also does not really like music. She prefers silence, or natural noises. So, in that regard, she isn't particularly fond of computer based technology either.

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  12. __ariaria_original_drawn_by_hiiragi_yashiro__1e9f6e1efc417e7b308aee9edf8d1480[1].png
    "I'm not your average fisherman."

    "Laura Weiss is the name, fishin's the game."
    Laura Weiss

    "16 years of fishin' n' fistin'."

    "Female, last I checked."

    "I wouldn't really call myself a hunter, but..."
    Human Hunter

    "Land o' beer and babes, as Uncle Gerard calls it."

    Laura comes in at 1.678 meters tall and weighs roughly 50 kilograms. Her light red, almost pinkish hair barely graces her shoulders. Her eyes are a light brown color, which she personally dislikes, stating that it's a bland color. Some might view her preferred attire as a bit...redundant. She typically wears hoodies, even though she always dons a hat. Having come from a long line of fishermen, she's grown accustomed to wearing anti-slip gloves, which help in gripping fish. Not seen, she usually wears black shorts that stop about halfway down the upper leg, along with a belt to hold her "weapons" of choice, and black leggings. For footwear, she chooses to wear black and white high tops. She's not ecstatic about the school uniform, and believes that the top could be "a little less bright".

    Tomboy is the best word to use to describe Laura's personality. She grew up in a mostly male family, so she developed most of their mannerisms. Because of this, her father commonly called her the son he never had. Laura is an outgoing person that likes to make friends, even if she's a bit too straightforward at times, and brutally honest. She isn't one that knows how to hold her tongue, and she's liable to speak her mind whenever she feels like it. Regardless of this, she doesn't like being the one in charge, having a certain disliking for a little something called "responsibility". That said, she's still one to stand up for those she makes friends with, almost to the point of initiating fights with people who do anything against them.

    Laura Weiss was born to a long line of fishermen. Because she was the only child her mother managed to birth, her father taught her in the ways of fishing, rather than having her mother teach her how to be a house wife, which she wouldn't agree to anyway, being the tomboy that she is. She enjoyed her father's work, but it wasn't always easy. On top of bad fishing seasons, they also had to be wary of the constant warring between hunters and dragons. She never understood why they always fought while she was growing up, her and her family having always lived away from whatever sort of conflict might've brought it all on. Her life was simple, until the Valhalla Educational Institute was officially opened. Laura's father viewed it as a way for mankind and dragons to finally settle their differences, and suggested that she enroll. She was reluctant at first, but her father convinced her that it would provide plenty of fun challenges, which she loved. And so, taking along with her only two wire guns, which she used for catching fish, and two hunting knives, she joined VEI, hoping that whatever knowledge she gained there would someday prove useful.

    "Punch it enough times and anything'll break."

    Coming from a family of fishermen, she's a master of her craft. If it swims in an ocean, river, or sea, she can catch it. She's also exceptional in any variety of grilling, and makes some damn tasty fish. In addition, Laura is a great fighter, having grown up fighting her uncle's sons, even if she can be a bit reckless with her swinging sometimes.

    "These two right here are all the strength I need."
    Laura is a very strong individual, physically, but she's also strong mentally. She doesn't allowed herself to be swayed easily by the opinions of others. She also has a very trustworthy gut, which has yet to fail her.

    "Fight like a man!"
    Laura is one with a number of weaknesses. For one, she's excessively stubborn. Secondly, she has a relatively short temper, and believes that fists are great problem solvers. She's also lacking in analytical capabilities, so anything with complex fighting patterns is beyond her.

    Weaponry & Equipment:
    "The only weapons I need."
    Laura carries two wire guns, each of which has a hook attached at the end, and two hunting knives.

    Laura grew up with a relatively large family consisting of her mother, her father, her grandfather, two of her uncles, one of her uncle's wives, and two of his sons. All of them, save her mother, are fishermen.

    Other Information:
    As can be expected, Laura hates losing. Any sort of loss will be met with an immediate demand for a rematch. She's also absolutely terrible with technology, having never had to deal with it at home. Her "fists can fix anything" attitude doesn't help things.
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  13. 1470385120147[1].png
    "Give me a pencil, and I'll give you a masterpiece."

    "My name is Rissa Bókdottir, and don't forget it!"
    Rissa Bókdottir

    "You're judging me for being young?!"

    "Female, of course!"

    "Don't you recognize the great Pencil Dragon species?"
    Pencil Dragon, Fox Variant


    Rissa is 1.52 metres tall and weighs 45.4 kilograms. Her hair is a light red color, a sign of her relation to the Icelandic fox, holtaþórr, famous for its red coat. As in the image, she often flaunts casual wear, not being one to understand that some situations require formality. Her "dragon" form is simply that of a red-coated fox, being of the fox variant of pencil dragons.

    Rissa is a pencil dragon, a dragon subrace that specializes in their ability to "draw" things into existence. Due to her variant being connected with the god Thor, most of her kind focus on creating lightning. Elder versions of her variant are capable of creating massive storms akin to more severe hurricanes.

    Rissa is a very sassy being, typical of one her age. She's also prideful, on account of her lineage. Being of the somewhat legendary Pencil Dragon subrace, she sometimes places herself above others, even though she's mediocre with her own powers at best. Rissa does, however, know how to display respect towards those she knows are above her. She has a respect for hierarchical organization and believes it to be of great importance in establishing superiority.

    Rissa was born to a large family with numerous siblings. Out of all of them, she ended up being the most troublesome, being the type to constantly outdo her brothers and sisters. She learned about their hierarchy system from a young age, and quickly came to learn to respect it's necessity. In terms of their placement in the hierarchy, Rissa belonged to what would be considered a somewhat low class family. Rissa never let this fact get to her though. She was still a legendary Pencil Dragon, after all.

    Her parents trained her and her siblings, and she always seemed to be the one struggling the most. This, unlike their position in the hierarchy, did upset her. When the Valhalla Educational Institute was introduced, she insisted she be the one allowed to go, seeing it as the perfect chance to get an advantage over her siblings. After some deliberation, her parents decided that it would indeed be best for her to be the one to go, though their reasoning behind sending her was in hopes that the discipline there would straighten out her superiority complex.

    Rissa isn't much good at anything, outside of drawing, hence why her parents did most things for her. She's looking to develop more useful skills as a result of attending VEI, though she'd never admit to it.

    Rissa has a respect for authority and hierarchical organization. She's also a very persistent individual, not being one to easily give up on her aspirations. Likewise, she pushes others to better themselves, having a disliking for people that don't try while she has tried so many times before. In this way, she's a good support. Sort of.

    Rissa can be pretty stubborn, and she often doesn't know when to call it quits. She's headstrong at times, and is known to act on impulse. She isn't very analytical, though she can still tell from a glance if someone outmatches her. She also has a superiority complex, and puts herself above those she's certain she outclasses.

    Magical Capabilities & Dragon Feats:
    As a Pencil Dragon, Rissa is able to "draw" things into existence using her tail. She can draw anything that exists, so long as she knows what it looks like and how it functions. In addition, "drawings" of manmade items are fragile, and break easily. "Drawings" of naturally occuring objects, however, do not share this trait. Being of the fox variant, her speciality is in creating lightning bolts.

    Rissa's current skill level has her capable of creating several lightning bolts, as well as drawing basic manmade items into existence.

    Physical Weaknesses:
    Pencil Dragon's weakness is their tail, which is unarmored to allow for more flexibility and fast motion. The base of the tail, however, is armored, and their tail will grow back so long as the part of the tail that's armored isn't removed.

    Weaponry & Equipment:
    Rissa doesn't carry any weapons, as her tail is all she needs to be effective in combat. She does, however, carry a sketchpad and writing utensils around with her, as she prides herself in her artistic abilities, drawing being one of the few, if not the only, things that she's good at.

    Rissa has three siblings, two brothers and a sister, and grew up with her mother and father.

    Other Information:
    Though she can't cook, Rissa loves food, particularly sweets, and will indulge herself if allowed to do so.
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  14. __original_drawn_by_tsubaki_teatime0__3b02873ce33ae14a8e3a02577c764c24[1].png
    "Isn't the sea lovely, koi?"

    "Mizushima Umi, koi!"
    Mizushima Umi

    "I'm 14 years old, koi!"

    "Girl, koi."

    "I'm called a hunter, but I want to make friends, koi!"
    Human Hunter


    Umi is 1.6 metres tall and weighs 51lbs. A bit of an oddball, and a fish lover, Umi often wears clothes with an aquatic motif, such as kimonos with fish designs, or waves. Her family and friends don't find it weird, merely attributing it to the girl's love of the sea. Her hair is red, like the sun as it's just setting upon the ocean, and her eyes are an aquatic blue that could mesmerize anyone who witnessed how deep they appear.

    Umi is a friendly girl, almost to the point of being too friendly. She's actively outgoing and attempts to make friends with people whenever she can. She's naturally a very caring person, though she's only a sub par listener, and isn't the best in coming up with solutions to help people solve their problems. She's also a curious spirit, always searching for new information and new things to discover. This has caused her to get into trouble on more than one occasion.

    Umi's friendly nature is probably attributable to the circumstances of her upbringing. She was an only child, and so she had to make friends if she wanted other children to play with. Her parents made sure to provide her with plenty of encouragement, not wanting their girl to develop into an introvert as most only children tend to do.

    They were successful in their endeavors, and Umi grew up being friends with just about everyone in the small town she lived in, located near the sea. It was a fishing town, and Umi's father often brought her down to the water to watch the fishermen and the fish. Though she loved fish, she still understood why fishing was necessary. As a result of being surrounded by the sea all her life, Umi came to develop and intense love for it and all the creatures within. Her parents purchased plenty of books for her to satiate her curiosity with, but she preferred to be hands on and experience things for herself.

    When the Valhalla Educational Institute's opening was announced, she saw it as a great opportunity to make tons of friends, and begged her parents to let her go. Though they didn't think it suited her well, they agreed to let her go, understanding that it was an experiment in practicing the possibility of coexistence.

    Umi is exceptional at baking and catching fish, though she always releases them. She's also fairly athletic, having been quite physically active as a child. Her agility is one of her strong points.

    Umi has a natural feel for others that enables her to easily discern their mood, even without them revealing it to her directly. She's also a passionate and confident person that takes pride in what she does. She's also quite the intellectual.

    Due in part to her excessive energy and overly friendly nature, Umi isn't always the best at reading cues. Likewise, she isn't especially good at adapting to sudden change, as it takes her a while to fully grasp situations at times.

    Weaponry & Equipment:
    The only item Umi carries with her is a fishing net. She doesn't view herself as having need for any weapons in her endeavors to make friends with her fellow students, and feels positive that the faculty will protect her should anything come against her.

    Umi grew up with her mother and father as an only child.

    Other Information:
    Umi has a somewhat annoying habit of adding the word "koi" to the end of almost everything she says.
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  15. Quite the cast we have here.

    I'll wait for more dragons to come, post my own applications, then review the above applications.

    My characters will be pretty gimmicky so I'll wait for more apps before posting my apps.
  16. Mind if i make twin dragons instead of hunter and dragon?
  17. You can make three charas, so sure.

    EDIT: You have to have a hunter character in order to make two dragons though. Just keep that in mind.
  18. Alright thank you for the information. Give me some time and i'll have all three character forms up.
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  19. Hmm, one guy in a school of girls... I've seen enough anime to know how this turns out xD
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