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  1. "Very well then. I will ensure that our part of the deal is fulfilled father," a blonde lady with a pale complexion speaks.

    "Indeed, my young Elizabeth. While we Tepes never back down on such promises, I am minorly worried, not because the Van Helsing spawnling is attending the same school, but..." the taller man elaborates, "this school is a new school, Poloure Academy. It exists for the purpose of housing both Hunters and us Dragons, and teaching both sides to get along, however that is possible. They have promised to ensure that the students don't kill each other, but..."

    "Father, remember that we are the mighty Count Dracula Race," the one known as 'Elizabeth' speaks, "anyways, I have packed my baggage and am ready to go."

    "Very well. I will be sure to keep updated."


    As Elizabeth Bathory arrives at Poloure Academy, she holds an umbrella to protect her from the harsh rays of light. Her pale complexion, platinum blonde hair and blood red eyes made her stand out.

    "I have my paperwork all worked out," Elizabeth spoke as she handed some papers to the counter.

    "I see," the middle-aged woman at the counter speaks. "Welcome to Poloure Academy, a school for Hunters and Dragon Shifters alike. First day here?"

    "I think it's everyone's first day here, Miss," Elizabeth speaks.

    "Oh, right, my bad. Anyways, fill in this one form and we're all good."

    Elizabeth grabs a pencil and begins to swiftly write through the form like it was nothing. After she was done, she simply shook her hand around, put the pencil down and gave the form to the clerk.

    "Here are the keys. You belong to Dorm 3."

    "Thank you Miss..." Elizabeth thanks as she elegantly walks towards the Spiral stairs. At the end of it, there were two pathways - one leading to the boy's dormitaries, the other to the girl's. She entered the latter, opening the doors of the third with her key.

    "I suppose there is no one yet. Oh? What might this be?"

    A red-gold uniform was seen on one of the two beds, the other having a blue-silver scheme of colour.​
  2. (I cant do Fancy post because of the currect Problem with Iwaku...sorry...and aswell i dont know how would they act so i copy and paste one thing...that oka?)

    "Making friends with hunters......all they are gona end up doing is Killing everybody" Mark the Shifter said to himself as he took slow steps towards the academy,The tall man dint whant to go to this place ESPECIALLY wen Hunters were gona be there....how could his parents have think this was a good idea and aswell "Safe" One,how was he Gona be safe in this place?,but like they say dont Judge books by there Covers....maybe might not be that bad of a Thought actually,soon he would raise his head up and see the academy infront of him...He sigh and would say to himself sofly "Pust' Molniya szhech'" he spoke in his Native language as he would walk up and would be inside,as he was he took Good Glimps around seeing the place...was not that bad as it seems,as he did he would walk up to the counter and as he did he would reach in his satchel and pull out the paperwork and place it on the counter.

    As he did the woman would smiel brightly and take it befor saying "Welcome to Poloure Academy, a school for Hunters and Dragon Shifters alike" she said as mark noded and said "Thanks....Hope there is control here" he mumbled as the woman would respond with positive tone "Oh dont worry control is needed in such place!" she said..Mark gave a cheap smiel and noded as he reasive his room door......dorm 4....He noded and head his way there.

    as he did he would go up stairs and look around for his dorm,soon he would finde it and open it,it was empty and...not half bad i mean was nice and all,he walk inside and said to himself "Wonder who will be my roomate......." he said as to much thinking was preaty bad,placing his satchel on the left bed and look around....yea....he will take left one.
  3. Aurora looked up at her parents as she crossed her arms "I do not see why I must go along with this. It is bad enough that I do not look anything like what those... Things that we call Kin in the east look like. I am civilizaed." She mumbled out. Her father put a hand on her head making her grumble slightly "You behave here do you understand that Aurora." The man said as he stared down at the small girl. Aurora smirked "Of course.. when do I ever get into trouble in a new place. I am always shut up like a clam untill someoen lights something on fire then I open up and realize that.. everyone stupid." She continued on before her father shook his head.


    Aurora walked into the school and gazed around noticing another girl was standing inside. She waited and hesitated for several seconds before pushing forward.

    She carried with her something that she had carried with her anywhere of importance. A long key like instrument supposedly passed down in her family for untold years. She had no idea why it was heavy to even her and it was dangerous. Aparently it had something to do with what her grandparents called Aururum.... or Royalty. Whatever the cause or reasoning for it was didn't matter. She worked with the object forced onto her and now it was as good of a tool as she ever had. It seemed to have dozens of uses... it was magical to begin with.

    She approached the counter and looked at the lady "Hello.. I have everything here." Aurora stated as she finally blinked. The lady behind the counter nodded "Fills these out next please." She stated.

    Aurora took the papers and quickly filled them all out before handing them back and taking the keys "Dorm 4." Was all that was said to her and she nodded. Aurora turned and walked away following behind the unique looking girl. To say the least Aurora herself was rather interesting looking. Her eyes were unlike a normal human and it gave her away to anyone who knew.. luckily she grew up around idiots and everyone thought it was a genetic issue. Let alone the Tatoos on her body since birth.. atleast that is what she called them.

    She moved into the girls dormitory and passed the other girl as she went to the fourth dormitory. She put the key into the keyhole and opened it up. She smirked at seeing no one inside and let out a loud sigh of relief before going over and putting her things away. She finished and took out the uniform given to her in her room. She glanced at it before stripping down and getting herself dressed. Finally dressed she reached down and pulled one of her cases out. She opened it and took out a Violin. She walked out of her room and into the Girls Dormitory as she carried the Violin. Finding a seat on the dorm area floor and began to slowly play it. The noise quiet so she could hear it but not fill the room with music. ​
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  4. Genesis Lancaster

    Genesis Lancaster entered the massive gates of the School, her high-heeled boots clacking noisily across the pavement. It was rather hot, and it made her clothes stick to her body in a rather uncomfortable fashion. She always hated the heat. It made her more irritable than she already was. Her bow was strung across her back, easily accesable, just in case a rogue Hunter or even Shifter decided to pick a fight with her.

    "Welcome, Welcome! You must be the wonderful Genesis Lancaster. Heard great-"
    "Save it. I'm not here for your charity or compliments."

    Genesis snarled, cutting off the woman's speech and walking by her. She was being honest. Genesis was not one for flattery, and would get nobody anywhere. She only shrugged, rolling her shoulders and walking torward the building that could only be the dorms. She had her dorm room. She was in Dorm 1, and breifly wondered who was going to be her roomate. She prayed to the Divines that they werent annoying or irritable. She could only hope, however, as she brought herself to the door. Once opened, she realized that her bags were already in place. A small smirk appeared, and she walked in, picking up her case and bringing it over to the bed placed against the wall to the right.

    Genesis had come to this school of her own accord, only to strengthen her skills. Her Nationality made respect much more difficult. The Elves had been enslaved for years many decades, but they still were brought malice and disrespect across the world. She growled to herself at the thought, busying herself with unpacking. Outside, in the hall, she could easily hear other voices with the girls getting aqquianted with eachother. She had no idea what to do in this situation. She wanted to make friends for the most part. Making friends was a way to get to the top in this time and era.

    She shrugged off the thought and closed the door, preparing her side of the room. She was waiting for her roommate. Genesis had come particularly early, and it was only natural for her. She was an early riser. To her satisfaction, there was a thermostat in the corner, and she cranked it up to blast chilled air across the room. She sighed with relief and finished unpacking, allowing herself to rest of the bed, her knees drawn up and laying flat on her back, idly listening to the chatter outside of her door.

    Alistair Evans

    Alistair had avoided the more than cheery looking woman at the front gates, carrying his leather satchel across his chest, feeling its light-weight comfort across his hip. He kept his eyes forward, hiding his anger and on-coming sneer. He could literally feel the tension in the air, and one of his hands gripped the hilt of his sword tightly. Shifters. If there was anything in the world he could rid of this world, it would be them. Disgusting creaturs with no sympathy.

    He rolled his shoulder blades and brushed off the thought. He didnt care if he came off angry, but he didnt want to tip off Administration that he was out for blood. He had stumbled across this school randomly, and had hardly any hesitation signing up. Good oppotunity to clear out the infestation. Little did he know he would room with one of the roaches.

    Alistair had made his way to the door room, passing a lot of happy looking people on his way. Damn, who could be happy about being here? They were natural enemies, much like the Vampire loathed the Werewolf. In this case, they were all Werewolves, and he was the one to kill them all. The man smiled at the thought, picturing many severed dragon heads lining the walls.

    Dorm 4. Seemed easy enough, at the end of the hall. He had to keep from visibly cringing when he brushed across what could only be a Shifter. Over the years, the Hunter learned to detect them without seeing them actually shift. They had a certain earthy smell, almost like before rain, that you could detect under their natural smell. Just touching them made his skin crawl, and he rushed to the end of the dorm hall.

    He was brushing off his shoulder, when he noticed what could only be his roommate. Fuck. It was a Shifter. Out of the hundered Hunters in the school, he had to be paired in a room with one of them? He adverted his eyes and dropped his satchel onto the leftover bed, his muscles tense. He was afraid to speak, afraid of saying something that would induce a fight. He would probably kill him later on, and best not to get expelled on the first day with an easy kill. He would save him for later.
  5. Cecilia "Do I really have to go here? None of my friends, not even one of them got forced in here," Cecilia complained to her father. "And none of your friends are my daughter, are they? Practice, my dear, if you can blend in and get their trust here, you'll do wonderful things," he assured her. Though his voice was warm, he had already turned his body and began walking the other way.

    Cecilia sighed. Nothing she could do about it now.


    Cecilia stepped inside the Academy. It wasn't bad, the building seemed to be in good condition. "At least I'm not living in a crap hole," she sighed aloud.

    "Can I help you?"

    Cecilia turned in the direction of the voice, seeing a middle-aged lady sitting there.

    "Ah, uh, yeah, papers," she announced, making her way to the desk and fumbling with the papers she carried in her backpack. "Here you go," she said, placing them down in order in front of the lady.

    After a pause to take the papers, the lady handed the white-haired girl a form. "Fill this out and you're good to go."

    Getting it over with, Cecilia handed back the form. "Here are the keys. You belong to Dorm 3."

    With a quick "Thank you," Cecilia silently walked towards her dorm, wanting to unpack her stuff already. She was used to moving around quietly thanks to her parents.

    She saw the split between the two genders' dorms and went to her own gender's path. She counted to 3 in her head as she passed the doors and opened it up with her key. As she entered, she saw a very well-dressed girl. From what skin of her she could see, her skin was incredibly pale, almost as white as Cecilia's hair.

    'So this is my roommate, huh?' she thought to herself.

    "What's up, I'm Cecilia. Who're you?" she asked the other girl, her tone almost demanding, as she flipped off her hood.

    Heeyoung "Um, here I go, I guess..."

    Heeyoung entered the school quietly, even closing the door behind her though it was completely unnecessary. With the bustle of students nobody had really heard or noticed her coming in, or if they had they didn't take an interest in it.

    Wanting to make it to her room as quick as possible, she scanned the room for the counter and saw a middle-aged lady staring at papers.

    "Excuse me, ma'am," the small girl approached the desk. "Here are my papers," she bowed as she passed the required forms over to the woman.

    "Ah, yes, mhm, good. Now, would you please fill this form out?" the lady passed Heeyoung a form.

    "Oh, um, yes, of course," she replied, her voice trailing off after the yes. Quickly scribbling to complete it, the young girl passed it to the older woman.

    "Very well. Here are the keys, dorm 2."

    "Thank you, ma'am."

    Heeyoung unlocked the door and let herself in. Apparently her roommate wasn't there yet. She sighed in relief, she was a bit too tense to be meeting people yet. She threw her stuff down and looked at the beds, noticing two uniforms.

    "Oh, this one is gold and red, so it must be mine," she noted. Picking it up, she took a good look at her new uniform. "I like it," she smiled quietly.
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  6. Mark minded his Own Buisnes as he Got inside his new Uniform...was kinda confy atleast,soon he would hear Foot steps and would look back and see some one running...maybe was his Roomate mostly,he sigh and would remove from his bag all the things that were ment to stay in this room and soon look back seeing his-....oh you got to be kidding me,was a Hunter...great...a Hunter...just great,seems they were puting a shifter and a Hunter in one room.....or maybe he was the only one Punish to have a Hunter at his roomate,he look away and dint pay any attention,only getting ready.

    as he did he would sigh mentaly...a academy were hunters and dragons get along Eh?...well ok then Academy! Lets put that to the test! Mark would look at the Hunter on his side of the Room,mark would straighted and would look at him befor saying his name "Good Day...I am Mark solotov its a plesure to meet you sir..." he said extending his arm for a chake,...Ok academy! Were Hunters and shifters get along! well lets proove that! lets see if this Hunter whanted to get along.

    Mark just had a serius face,he just had his hand extended for a chake,but he was ready honestly even if this DAM academy said to get along! he was gona put that to the test,if this Hunter just tries somthing he was gona leave this place and Ignore what his parent said "Saftey" HA! we will see that now.
  7. Genesis could possibly feel a presence within the room.

    "Oh-ho~ I guess this little guy needs some work." On the opposing bed, someone had phased into existence.

    "Invisibility tech. I guess I'll have to work on this," the voice originated from a very petite young woman, sitting while wearing a white lab coat over her school uniform. She crushed a piece on metal in her hands, reducing it to screws, bolts and iron parts, before starting to work on them again with a few tools.

    "Oh my, I didn't notice you there," she speaks, "welcome to my humble abode. Our humble abode. However you word it. I see that you are of elven origin. I've only heard on elvens once by name. Interesting. So, what might your name be?"


    As Elizabeth closed the curtains to prevent sunlight, she turns towards the door. As she opened her mouth for a second, her bare fangs could be observed.

    "My name is Elizabeth Tepes," she speaks, "it is nice to meet you as well." Her demonic red eyes shimmered for a bit.
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  8. Leon approached the entrance with his mother beside him. He was dressed rather casually with a white tank top and jeans with rather causal shoes carrying his bookbag. The patches of scales and the furred line going down his arm easily gave away his Shifter side and his apparent annoyance of being here showed just as much. "Remember son, you're not here to wage war with the Hunters. This place is supposed much friendlier than what you have known back home. Remember that."

    Leon sighed at her words, but nodded. "I know mom, I won't cause any trouble, or at least try not to. I'll see you when I'm finished." He said before waving goodbye to her and entering the Academy. "Although I doubt I'll enjoy being with those that murdered my father." He mumbled as he approached the front desk. The woman greeted him in the way he expected her to treat all the students. She gave him some paper work that he had to fill out. After a moment he gave her back the paper work. She studied over it before thanking him and handing him the keys to Dorm 2.

    He went to his dorm and sighed before opening the door. He didn't see anyone inside which didn't seem to bother him. He closed the door behind him and set his bag down next his bed. He sat down on the bed looking over the issued uniform. He personally didn't care to have to wear specific clothing, but unfortunately he had no choice in the matter. He began to unpack his bag trying to keep his clothes somewhat neat and make this new place feel somewhat like home.
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  9. Cecilia She watched the pale girl close the curtains and raised an eyebrow. It wasn't really all that bright, but for now she decided to shrug it off.

    But then she caught a glimpse of her fangs.

    "Yeah, nice to meet ya. Last name's Bellamy, if you care. Shifter?" she ended her response with a question, despite already knowing the answer.

    Alex After going through the proceedings, Alex made his way to dorm 1.

    "Right by the entrance, huh? How convenient," he stated, unlocking the door and walking in. He raised his arms over his head, stretching his back and organic arm.

    "I'd best get to unpacking."

    He immediately moved to the desk near the blue and silver uniform, which signified it was his area. Dropping his bag on the ground, he fished out his laptop and plopped it onto the desk, followed by a charger and wired mouse.

    "This'll do for now," he stood up, satisfied. The rest of his stuff could wait. "Wonder who my roommate is."
  10. "First name, Elizabeth. Last name, Tepes," Elizabeth speaks. She was well aware that the Cecilia girl knew something. Maybe it's a belief, but she knew something. "Might something be the matter?"


    Jin panted as he rushed towards the Counter.

    "Relax kid, you're not late. This isn't first-come-first-serve. What's the rush?" the clerk spoke.

    "He... here'smyform!" Jin nervously speaks as he hands over some papers, then begins to write on the other form provided, filling in any information that needed to be filled in. Afterwards, he proceeded to head upwards towards the spiral staircase after getting his keys. By mistake, he went down the Girl's Dormitary path...
  11. Li Xue
    Li intrepidly entered the dormitory building of Poloure Academy, which she would be calling her abode for the rest of her school career most likely. It was an entirely new experience, and harrowing to the core. Nervous thoughts swam through her head, inundating her psyche with the most inane of anxieties. Would she be able to keep up with the coursework? Could she comfortably talk with everyone? Did shifters hate hunters unconditionally? What should she do when there was a fight?
    Little questions like these immersed Li in a sea of overbearing anxiety, but she fought to hold her own. How bad could this experience be anyway? Well, on second thought, things could be bad. Maybe worse. The strangest of scenarios detailing ruin of some sort began to pop into Li's head, and her logical thinking began to automatically breathe life into these situations and convince her that they very well may happen. It is amazing how a keen mind can be a double edged weapon.
    Li probably hailed from rather unique circumstances than the other hunters, and this further served to enhance her timidity in interacting with others who probably had but a shallow pond of relevance to her. Li shook her head vigorously, her vibrant hair swishing in rhythmic unity. With emerald green eyes besieged by furrowed brows of determination, Li gulped in air and exhaled audibly in delicate manner, lightly closing her eyes in harmony. It was what her tutor had taught her to do in situations where she felt tense and could not grasp the "feel" of the bow. A standard breathing exercise. It made Li think of home where everything was in order, where everything was familiar, where everything was constant.
    Just the thought and image comforted her, and with renewed vigor, Li stepped up to the counter at the front of the building and exchanged light greetings with the woman there, to whom Li handed in her paperwork and received the keys and utility notes for her dormitory.
    "This is easier than I thought, I'll adjust soon" thought Li with her reinforced confidence as she began to briskly stride through the girl's dormitory, making her way to her room with exact, calculated steps expecting her door to manifest with exact, calculated precision.
    Except there was no exact or calculated nature of the girl that Li bumped into on her sojourn. With manners inculcated within her from a young age by rather draconian parents, Li sincerely apologized,
    "Ah, my mistake. I'm sorry about tha-"
    Li was cut off when she perceived the girl's figure more carefully, which turned out to be that of an effeminate boy's.
    Was this man one of those perverts that Li had been warned about by her parents and tutor? Didn't they tell her that they were a serious menace and threat? Was she in lethal danger right now? What did she know anyway, she never spent more than a couple of hours outside her home. But wait, wasn't that terrible for her right now?
    Eyes widening in shock laced with surprise, Li instinctively took a few steps back with her left hand outstretched in front of her like some sort of repellent.
    "Ah, uhm..."
    No coherent words escaped her mouth as her brain froze to uselessness in her state. This was definitely something new, and not the good type of new. Completely stumped in both bodily and mental functions, Li simply stared dumbfounded at this perceived menace, her thoughts slowly formulating coherence in the back of her head with a torpor that was all too pitiful.​
  12. Well, that was pretty awkward. As Jin walked deeper into the dormitaries, he felt odd. As if his room wasn't here. He was ready to insert his key into Dorm 1... "Hmmm... I feel as if this isn't..."

    Oh it isn't alright, and he would soon find out.

    As he walked further, someone seemed to notice him. But for what purpose?

    "Ah, uhm..."

    Jin turns back to see a girl who was the same height as him. "S- sorry miss, this is the b- oh..."

    He then blushes brightly, only to realise his mistake, his eyes begin to water. "S- sorry! M- my ba- bad!" With that, he runs off into the opposite direction, crying like a little baby.

    Jin could feel something from the girl. As if she was... nah, it couldn't be. Could she be? What were the odds? Maybe he'll figure later. Apart from appearing to have the same nationality as him, no other factors were known.
  13. Cecilia "I already figured you gave it to me first name, last name, but thanks for the clarification anyway. I guess. And well, most Shifters don't have fangs. You some kinda vampire dragon or something?" she asked, oblivious to the rudeness of her last remark.

    Alex Alex heard some commotion a little ways away. "Wonder what that is?" he said aloud, adjusting his headset, before walking into the hall, seeing two girls fumbling around.

    Suddenly, one started heading towards the boy's dormitory, crying. Alex caught the smaller child and squatted down to "her" level, patting "her" head with his non-prosthetic arm.

    "Uh, hey, miss? Why're you crying? And this is the boy's dormitory, the girl's dormitory is where you...came from," he realized slowly. The "girl," was just an effeminate looking boy.

    "Sorry about that," he apologized, standing up and rubbing the back of his head with his left arm. "I'm Alex, what dorm are you in? I'll help show you around, if you want," he offered, lowering his left arm and offering it to the small boy.

    Heeyoung Heeyoung had been pactically silent in her room, so hearing the commotion outside was no problem for her. Unfortunately, most of their conversation was filled with "Ah's", "Um's", and abrupt cut-offs in sentences, complete with stuttering, so she didn't really know what they were talking about.

    The small girl breathed in and out. "Okay, I'm here to make friends, I can do this," she told herself. Perhaps if she talked to someone as shy as she was it wouldn't be so bad.

    Stepping outside she saw a Chinese girl that was about the same height as her. Heeyoung let out a sigh of relief that she wasn't rooming with some Amazonian warrior or something,

    "Um, excuse me?" she tapped the other girl on the shoulder. "My name is Heeyoung Kim, what's yours?" she asked, hands behind her back, twiddling her thumbs.
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  14. Aurora listened to the commotion going on down the hall and got up from where she was quietly playing the Violin. She turned and went back into the dorm room to put down her Violin before walking back out and proceeding down the hall. She looked at the commotion and waited as the girl ran away. She didn't know what was going on but it looked rather chaotic. Going against her better judgement she walked up and saw another girl introduce herself. Taking it upon herself to do some as well she walked up. And put her hands behind her back.

    "Hello you two.. You are the first two I have actually seen talk to each other so far.. Uhh... Im Aurora.." She stated before nodding her head slowly.

    Social interactions were not her strongest trait but she had interacted with alot of normal humans back home. She just hoped they wouldn't judge her on being a Shift if they were shifters themselves. "So... Uh.. yeah." She mumbled out before turning and walking back to where she was sitting before. She took it upon herself to then sit back down and looked up and down the hallway once more. Once she finished that act she let her head rest against the back of the chair and yawned. ​
  15. As Heeyoung had just introduced herself, she heard a "Hello" from behind and whipped around, surprised.

    The girl simply introduced herself and began walking back. Heeyoung began wondering if everyone in this school was like her, shy and bad at talking with people. It would make things easier for her if she was, by some unlikely chance, the most social person at the school. Li was still staring at the other girl who'd run off to the boy's dorms, so she decided to try to talk to this other girl.

    She approached the other girl fairly quickly, feeling a little confident and not wanting to waste any time. "I, uh, don't know if you heard me, but I'm Heeyoung Kim. Nice to meet you, Aurora," she smiled, a little sheepishly, as she introduced herself once more. She slowly extended her hand, meaning to shake hands. Her arm trembled slightly as she did so. Hopefully Aurora didn't think she was being weird or anything.
  16. Aurora looked up at the girl as she approached and tilted her head. The way she moved was alittle odd as if she was moving faster just to get closer. Never the less she nodded slowly. "Hello Heeyoung.. Interesting name.. What nationality if you don't mind me asking." Aurora said shfiting her accent away from her normal German accent to more of a French accent to hide her nationality. Being Fluent in more than a dozen languages had its benefits and the ability to put on an accent helped.

    When the hand was extended Aurora just stared at it for a moment. She finally took the girls hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you." She stated quickly. She didn't feel awkward at all but was still different in the way she conducted herself. She rubbed the tatoo on the side of her face for a few seconds before groaning "So.. What is there to do around here then.." She asked knowing almost entirely that the girl would have no idea either. ​
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  17. Heeyoung tilted her head. She could've sworn the girl had spoken a little differently just a minute ago.
    "Um, I'm Korean," she answered, scratching the back of her neck.
    "I'm not really sure, sorry..." As the other girl expected, Heeyoung had no idea what exactly they could do at school. She'd just arrived, after all.
    Glancing at the violin, she asked, "Are you really good at it? The violin, I mean."
  18. Genesis Lancaster

    Genesis opened one eye to see what could only bee her roomate. She groaned inwardly. It was a Hunter. She didnt really want to be paired with somebody who had once killed their kin for a living, but clearly, she had no choice in the matter or else she would go complain right here and now. It always surprised her that Hunters would actually come to a school where they had to get along with their natural enemies, but she wasnt in a position to complain, since she was one of those people.

    The Elf sat up and arched and eyebrow, almost knocking over her weapon. She stood up and stretched out her back muscles, giving out a little yawn. She wasn't really tired, but more bored than anything else. She listened to her speak, and close the curtains, which particularly annoyed her. She had a dreading feeling she would only be in the dorm rooms to sleep.
    The bit about not hearing many Elfen made her angry, but did her best to put on the most fake smile she could muster. She had ruby colored eyes and paper white skin, something that surprised her. It wasnt everyday you saw an Albino lurking the streets, especially a Hunter.
    "Genesis. Genesis Lancaster. Shifter."
    She felt uneasy suddenly, and wanted to leave the room as soon as possible, but held back the feeling. She always got that way around Hunters, so she shook off the feeling and addressed the woman who she would have to learn to live with.

    Alistair Evans


    Alistair let out an obvious sigh of annoyance and unbuckled the belt that held Scyche. He placed it carefully on the bed before shaking off his jacket, placing it across the headboard of his bed. The Shifter started talking to him, and Alistair did his best not to whip out his sword and drive it into his throat to stop his endless babble. How on earth did this Academy expect these people to actually get along with eachother?

    Alistair rolled his shoulders, listening to the sore muscles pop and groan, before turning to face the Shifter. He never really understood them. How could they stand to be monsters as they were? Didnt they feel shame in themselves? Divines were the Blessed, and for those creatures to walk the Earth like they were made Alistair sick to his stomach. He let out a little laugh, and shook the Shifter's hand. It made his hand burn, and he took it back, trying to hide his distaste.
    "Alistair Evans."
    His russian accent was thick, and his words were slurred. He had been around his Foster family enough to make his accent strong but also slight, thick but also understandable. He shifted his weight onto one of his legs, and crossed his arms over his chest. Alistair didnt recognize his accent, but by his last name alone, could recognize him of Russian origin as well. Mark was already dressed in the school attire, and Alistair had been slacking and had not even glanced at his own uniform yet.
    "Shifter, Yes?"

    @Crow @Yonsisac
  19. "Yes indeed i am a shifter Alistair...You must be a Hunter"
    Mark said as compared to the mans accent,Marks was Very light and mostly Absent compared to the Hunter infront of him,but mark was little supriced as thus there was one of his land here as his Roomate,that was Nice atleast,and Ironic part is how the Chance would have been of geting some one from were he was as his roomate.....must be Very low but a hunter...stupied hunters but oh...Mark better go with the academy rules,mark will be nice to the Hunters yes...yes indeed...But this dosent mean he is gona Tolerate one,he imagens wen he needs to sleep,only imagens this...Alistair Looming over in his sleep ready to kill him....Mark would be VERY suprice if he dosent die this night,VERY suprice as there is a Hunter as his roomate.

    As Mark would hear him and hear his....Speech he gave a Grin and said "Seems we are Both from the same place now are we?"he said with a grin that would soon dissapear,he saw the Hunter without his Uniform and well he needed to put that on,but mark wonderd what would be the different between the Hunters and Shifters Uniform,he knew his was Gold and red but he dint remember anything of the Hunters Honestly and was rather Curius.
  20. "That is quite the racial slur for my kind," Elizabeth speaks, "but I understand. A lot of people say that. Vampire, Baba Yaga, Aswang, just to name a few. Personally, we prefer Count Dracula. I suppose it is nice to meet you. By the way, do you have anything planned before the first assembly?"


    "Interesting name. I guess I'll introduce myself as well," the young, bespectacled lass tipped her glasses, allowing them to reflect the light that beamed in from the window. "My name is... Nozomi. Yamamoto Nozomi. I'm the greatest inventor. If I'm not, I will be. As we walk towards a new era, I am assured that we will be comrades under one... umm... yeah, roof. Roof. Nice to meet you," she then lets out a hand to ask for a handshake from the elven.


    "Eek!" Jin was a little frightened by the appearance of the taller one, patting him like a little child. Technically he was a little child, but, yeah. "I- I'm in Dorm 1... I think... I... I can manage my way around."

    It was clear that Jin was easily frightened by his surroundings. With every bit of his courage, he questions.

    "S- so... what's your n... name?"
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