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  1. PlotEver since ancient times, Dragon Shifters have roamed the lands freely, enjoying their lives much like any other regular person would. Generations ended, only for new ones to replace them and continue. That was until...

    ... the Dragon Shifters were noted to be magnificent, graceful beings, but unfortunately for them, they were noticed not in a good way, but a bad way. The West despised them and saw them as threats, wishing to end them. The East feared them as tyrants who wish to rule humanity, and thus felt that they must be halted. As such, people began to seek out and destroy Dragon Shifters before they could do any damage. And thus, the Hunters were born, and the gentle giants known as Dragon Shifters had to adapt and toughen themselves before they go down the food chain.

    Dragon Shifters and Hunters have feuded for eons, going head to head with each other. Battle followed battle, from the medieval era to modern day. The Dragon Shifters tried to protect themselves, and the Hunters tried to end them. As time passed, children were born into a world where each side hated each other, and nothing less. Peace between the two was practically close to impossible now...

    ... was it?

    All battles will soon come to an end, though, as there is another force greater than either side. It schemes for the best and the worst. The good and the evil. The chaotic and the good. It waits like a predator for prey, like you at the bus stop, like- fine. It seeks to end the hatred and start a new era. It seeks to unite both Hunters and Dragon Shifters, so that they can fight together and not against each other. The two sides must set aside their differences and work as one at an academy designed to strengthen their abilities and teamwork capabilities.

    Will it work out? Only time can tell.
  2. Poloure Academy"I see that you have arrived. Welcome! Welcome to Poloure Academy, I suppose," a woman in her thirties greets you as you approach. "The school for Dragon Shifters and Hunters to unite. You're probably one or the other. You don't seem too happy. Maybe you do. I understand the bad chemistry but don't fret it. I'm just your regular old office clerk. I'm neither your friend or foe, but I guess being your friend is nice. I handle the paperwork here. Oh, I think I'm talking too much, sorry about that."

    The woman hands you a form.

    "Just follow the instructions. Once you're done, I'll read over it, then hand you the keys to your dorm. Have fun! Because you'll need it."
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  3. Application for Dragon Shifters(Insert Anime-like Picture Here)

    Age: (13 to 18)
    Dragon Shifter

    Appearance: Include info that isn't in your picture. Expand on your picture. Height(preferably metric), weight(preferably Imperial), clothing, etc
    Personality: Try to balance it out with positive and negative traits
    Likes: Optional
    Dislikes: Optional

    (Insert Dragon Form Picture here)

    Dragon Race Name: Well, what kind of dragon are you? Ice Dragon? Fire Dragon? Lindwyrm? Long?
    Dragon Form Appearance: Expand on the picture. How big your form is, what differences there are to the picture, etc.
    Race Description: A little description about your Dragon Race for a little understanding

    Abilities: What magical abilities can you use?
    Weaponry: What weaponry do you possess
    Known skills: Outside of weapon usage, what can you pull?

    Other Information: Anything that doesn't fit up there?

    Application for Hunters(Insert Anime-like Picture Here)

    Age: (13 to 18)

    Appearance: Include info that isn't in your picture. Expand on your picture. Height(preferably metric), weight(preferably Imperial), clothing, etc
    Personality: Try to balance it out with positive and negative traits
    Likes: Optional
    Dislikes: Optional

    Weaponry: What weaponry do you possess
    Known skills: Outside of weapon usage, what can you pull?

    Other Information: Anything that doesn't fit up there?

    •Wear your school uniform at all times on campus.
    •Avoid fighting in classes, between classes, during lunch, or anywhere else unless during Fortify, Hone and Co-Op classes when the teacher allows this. Even then, those kinds of fights have rules as well.
    •Absolutely no killing each other. But that's common sense.
    •Opposite genders are advised to stay in their own dorms
    •Be in your dorms by 10pm. Lights out at 12pm
    •Be punctual. School starts at 8am.
    •Vandalism is forbidden.
    •Extreme PDA is not allowed. By that I mean Public Displays of Affection. The other kind of PDA... well don't play with it too much during class
    •Alcohol, drugs, etc are prohibited
    •United we stand, divided we fall.

    1. Homeroom
    2. Mathematics
    3. English
    4. Science
    5. History
    6. Free Period
    7A. Fortify (A class that only Dragon Shifters have. It will be used to strengthen their inner capabilities and magical abilities.)
    7B. Hone (A class that only Hunters have. This will enhance their weapon and combat skill.)
    8. Co-Op (A Class for both Dragon Shifters and Hunters alike. They will learn to work together to form great combinations.)

    (Gold and red for Dragon Shifters. Blue and silver for Hunters. All uniforms have a patch with a Dahlia flower on it, which is the crest of the school.)

    Male - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with black slacks. Also, a tie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red, depending on your species.

    Female - A white, collared, button-down shirt accompanied with a black skirt that stops a few inches above the knee. Also, a bowtie that is striped with one's rightful colors. Choice of shoes are up to the wearer, but they must be black. A vest, blazer, or robe can also be worn. It would be outlined (or, for the robe, the inside would be such color) in either blue or red, depending on your species. One can also choose to wear knee-high socks, tights, or leggings, if they desire.

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  4. Student Cast

    Male Dragon Shifters
    Huang Jin
    Leon Jager
    Dorian Thorne
    Mark Solotov Voichek
    Female Dragon Shifters
    Elizabeth Tepes
    Kim Heeyoung
    Genesis Lancaster
    Aurora Gernhert
    Cynthia "Scales" Scorch
    Male Hunters
    Alex Ebner
    Robin Hayes
    Alistair Evans
    Female Hunters
    Yamamoto Nozomi
    Xue Li
    Cecilia Bellamy
    Violeta Lupei

    Boy's Dormitaries
    Dorm 1
    Jin & Alex

    Dorm 2
    Leon & Robin

    Dorm 3
    Dorian & Ravinger

    Dorm 4
    Mark & Alistair

    Girl's Dormitaries
    Dorm 1
    Genesis & Nozomi

    Dorm 2
    Heeyoung & Li

    Dorm 3
    Elizabeth & Cecilia

    Dorm 4
    Aurora & Cynthia

    Dorm 5

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  7. [​IMG]

    Elizabeth Tepes



    Dragon Shifter

    Unspecified, presumed Transylvanian.

    Elizabeth stands at 1.73 metres and her bust size is a D. Her complexion is very pale, almost white, and her eyes are scarlet red. She always carries an umbrella.

    Elizabeth seems to be a gentle one who cares a lot about her peers. This beautiful damsel is benevolent like an angel, and is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

    Of course.

    That is what you want to believe.

    Elizabeth isn't an angel, to say. She is a demonic entity of sorts and no matter how much of a saint she is, she will always have an inner demon. Her inner carnal traits show when she does not get her supply of life energy, which gradually rises to madness. It usually starts off with her being a little moody or angry, often acting... weird and different. It only escalates from there to a very berserk and uncivil state. This is her bad side, her other side.

    She likes 'cute things', to say. Maybe a sweet meal like a parfait or macaron could cheer her up.

    She dislikes pointless feuds, and in turn, dislikes her blood-deprived violent state. She is not fond of sunlight, and prefers shade.

    She is sure to accomplish tasks to her fullest ability, and dislikes giving up. She is usually friendly and cooperative.

    When she unveils her other side, she will be pretty much the opposite - rude and uncooperative, never listening to others and angrily going her way.


    Dragon Race Name:
    Count Dracula

    Dragon Form Appearance:
    She is about 13 metres in length from head to tail, and boasts a wingspan of 26 metres.

    Race Description:
    The name of this Dragon Shifter Race, as classified here, is officially known as the Count Dracula. Humans have given these grand, demon-like Dragons many other names, whether they be in the form of human or dragon. These names are commonly seen and antagonised in human works and media throughout the world, the most noteworthy being - vampire. This is also where the term 'Vampire Hunter', a specific type of Hunter which specialises in the slaying of this species as well as closely-related species, comes from
    There is no known noteworthy difference between males and females of this species. Their bodies are mostly black in hue. At their juvenile years, they can go up to 13 metres in length and have a wingspan that boasts more than twice that size.
    Its diet is mostly unidentified varieties of meat, and most notably, blood and life force. In other words, carnivorous.
    This Race is highly danger-

    She possesses various abilities. Her basic ones are above-human capabilities and senses even in her human form, which makes her more aware of her surroundings. Her defenses are also strong enough to possess bulletproof capabilities, although bullets might still afflict minor damage. Metal daggers can deal damage regularly, and weapons made from silver or garlic do damage pretty well. The only part of her immune to such weaknesses is her wings, which can be folded into a cape.

    She can suck the blood of other beings, preferably virgins, to regain strength. She cannot vampirize others or perform mind control due to her young age. Her main dragon breath is essentially similiar in concept. It is known as Nosferatu, the signature move of the Count Draculas. Basically, a breath of darkness and shadows is conjured from the mouth of the Dragon Shifter, and when it hits a target, a deal of life energy is drained from it, replenishing the user's health. It also causes physical damage, like most other dragon breaths.

    While she does have regenerative abilities, she can only regenerate while draining life energy from someone via her attacks.

    For now, she can command bats, and that is the only animal she can command. Apart from transforming into a dragon, she can also take the form of a small bat, and can adjust the size of this form. The bigger the bat form, the more it will resemble her dragon form. While exclusive to her bat form, she can fire sonic waves as a form of defense mechanism and echolocation in the dark.

    She can activate an ability known as 'Stealth Count', where any reflections or shadows belonging to her become invisible.

    Some abilities are exclusive to her dragon form, not counting the obvious physiological traits like grand claws, fangs, and such. By stabbing her tail into the ground, she can radiate what she calls 'Necron pulse', which is basically necromancy, summoning weak skeletal minions to attack and distract opponents.

    Her gothic-themed umbrella can be used as a weapon for both offense and defense, similiar to a halberd or spear, or a club. It's really that resistant.

    Known skills:
    Aside from a few hand-to-hand combat abilities, she is a quick learner.

    Elizabeth is part of the Tepes bloodline, a bloodline of Dragon Shifters which Vlad the Impaler descended from. She is the seventh spawn of Vlad Tepes XIII. The Tepes family have a reputation for being brutal, intimidating dragons, especially due to older members having the ability to vampirize humans and turn them into Count Draculas. If you were paying attention, it essentially turns humans into Dragon Shifters, which no other Dragon Shifter species is capable of. This caused Count Draculas, especially the Tepes family, to be feared as demons, to the point that they are called many names, including 'vampire'.

    The Tepes bloodline is more bloodthirsty than most Count Dracula families, and Count Draculas are already said to be pretty close to brutal demons even among Dragon Shifters. Unlike most Dragon Shifters that just let them go when Hunters surrender and retreat, Tepes will pursue and drain the life off the Hunters.

    This lead to a little rivalry towards the Van Helsings, a bloodline of Dragon Hunters that exclusively hunt Count Draculas and related species. This was the kind of environment Elizabeth grew up in.

    Her father, Vlad Tepes XIII, recently had an agreement with the Van Helsings to halt the fighting. In turn, each of these families would send one representative to a school where both Hunters and Humans would co-exist and learn. This school is Poloure Academy.

    Other Information:
    'Vampire' is a racial slur for her kind.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Ravinger Thorne Marlow Collingwood II (Ravi)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male


    Nationality: English

    Appearance: He stands at about 1.78 meters and weighs 68.04kg. He has a knapsack and takes is everywhere he goes; usually clinging on his left shoulder.

    Personality: Adaptable | Resourceful | Private | Lazy | Unmotivated
    Ravinger is a horrible excuse for a hunter, born into a strict family with very high hopes for him. Unfortunately for them, the more they pushed, the more he rebelled. Unlike the majority of the people, he didn't really carry an opinion on the dragons. He didn't care wether they were there or not, just as long as he can sleep in the afternoon. He would often run away and made a temporary base in a forest just outside his family's manor. He pretty much spent most of his time there, hunting or foraging for food and sleeping in his makeshift shelter. He was lazy, yes, but the guy had to take care of his necessities. Which is one of the only things he'll actually get up for.

    He hates sharing anything about himself, not because it's tragic for him or anything, he just hates being reminded of his parents. Ignoring their demands of getting better was hard to actually do, especially since he's had trouble doing it the first time.

    Likes: Sleeping, afternoons, tea, puns, and food

    Dislikes: Responsibility, disruption, loud noises, fighting, and lectures

    Strengths: Survival, stealth, botany, and accuracy

    Weaknesses: Quick to give up, low pain tolerance, physically weak and slow

    Weaponry: A bolas and crossbow

    Known skills: Cooking, and basic first-aid

    Like previously stated, Ravinger was was born in a strict household. His parents were great hunters and expected the same out of their first born. It worked for the first eight years of his life, until he finally snapped and rebelled. He was sick of being told what to do, and ran away from his home in hopes he could just leave all his problems behind him. Of course, life doesn't work that way and his sister found him three days later. Convincing him to go back, or at least 'live' closer to the manor. After coming back, he was surprised to find out his parents' attention has turned from him and to his sister. He wasn't jealous at the slightest, however, he did feel guilty. He feels uncomfortable whenever he sees his sister's face, which is the actual reason why he's almost never in the house. Unknownst to the person herself.

    Though recently, his sister's been visiting more and more. To get away from it all, he consults his father on the matter. Not very honestly, but he agrees to let Ravinger go to Poloure Academy. Not wanting his precious new student to befriend the things he's been hunting his whole life, he did it without hesitation. Although, Ravi would honestly care less what the reason he's been sent here for.

    Other Information:
    • He's right-handed
    • He'll eat almost anything
    • He's scared of dolls
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Heeyoung Kim
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Dragon Shifter
    Nationality: South Korean

    Appearance: Heeyoung is 1.52 meters tall and weighs 48 kg. She has green eyes and a light complexion. She dresses very simply, usually just wearing a t-shirt and track pants.
    Personality: Soft-spoken and generally friendly, Heeyoung is unique among her kind for not taking an aggressive attitude wherever she goes. Though she enjoys battle, she doesn't enjoy the carnage and destruction that others of her kind seem to. She's quite shy since this alienated her from not just her her family, but her entire race. However, when she is either in combat or angered, telling her apart from a psychopath would be nigh impossible.
    Likes: Sweets that don't take a lot of time to eat, like pocky or marshmallows. Fighting for fun.
    Dislikes: Being the center of attention. Other kinds of conflict.
    Strengths: Strong combat instinct, making her an exceptional fighter.
    Weaknesses: Shy, goes berserk when fighting. Ignorant of non-fighting subjects.


    Dragon Race Name: Pure Wrath
    Dragon Form Appearance: She is 10 meters from head to tail with a 25 meter wingspan. Unlike most of her kind, her eyes are green even in dragon form, which ill-suits her otherwise dark and fiery appearance.
    Race Description: One of the races that created an actually good reason for the fear men held for the Shifters, a Pure Wrath dragon, as the name implies, lives for carnage and combat, essentially being a race of berserkers. Giant, fire-breathing, flying berserkers. With an appearance that could allow it to pass for a demon from hell itself, they tend to inspire fear whenever they appear. They were well-known for being one of the dragons that were nearly impossible to reason with once angered. They sought worthy challenges above all else, the search for a perfect opponent never ceasing. But blasting human structures to shreds wasn't a bad pastime either.

    Females are slightly smaller than males, but otherwise there is little difference.

    Abilities: These dragons spew fire as their main breath weapon. It's quite hot. They are capable of making their breath more concentrated, giving it a concussive property rather than burning, in exchange for lowering the temperature of the attack drastically. Their hide is durable enough to be bulletproof, similar to many other dragons. The main strong point of these dragons is their speed. They move extremely quickly, often leaving afterimages in their wake. In addition, they're physically powerful, easily capable of rending buildings apart with their claws.

    They can consume built-up fighting spirit to launch a black-colored beam from their mouths. It's extremely powerful, but uses up the user's will to fight and energy, rendering them pacifistic and tired for a little while.

    Weaponry: She carries a fairly small machete, barely over a foot long, as well as a bo staff, which she uses for nonlethal force.
    Known skills: Heeyoung is an extremely skilled fighter, having been raised up almost entirely on combat due to her species' habits.

    History: Heeyoung never felt quite at home. Though she enjoyed fighting with her siblings and friends, she never understood the joy the rest of her kind got out of chaos and destruction. Eventually her relatively pacifistic nature was too much for her parents to handle. They couldn't comprehend why she didn't enjoy the wanton destruction and chaos the others did. As a result, she was simply ignored, to the point that Heeyoung fled from home at the age of 13, not that anyone would search for her.

    She ran blindly, simultaneously enraged and depressed at her situation. Ending up in a human town, she hid her identity as a Shifter and tried to live among them. She made a friend, a human, and revealed what she was to him. Fortunately for her, the friend was very understanding, and recommended she head to Poloure Academy if she wanted to be accepted as a dragon, even among humans. Taking the advice, she applied.

    Other Information: She hates having it pointed out that she likes fighting.

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  10. (WIP)

    "Mark solotov Voichek..."
    Male Dragon Shifter

    Mark is 1.81 Meters Tall From head to Toe and a Light skin Color,having a slight Strong Build,Purple eyes and so,he has a Mark similer to his necklace on his left palm,Mark is mostly wearing casual wear but never missing the Necklace he seems to wear everyday 24/7 even in baths,He has Rather Long limbs and neck and has a straight posture.Mark is Mostly seen wearing white with black or white alone wen it comes with clothing but aswell casual white with decals on his shirt.
    Mark is slightly serius man but Posetive at word,but silent in some way especially near Hunters is wen he is most silent,do wen it comes to his own kin he is kinda the Opposite always nice and Overall Honest,Hunters is nother story.Do he is Overall somtimes To honest and gets geting himself in trouble but he is nice and serius.
    >Using Bow and Arrow
    >High up Places
    >Lighning and Flashes of light

    >Crowded places
    >sometimes his size

    Mark is Very good wen it comes using a Bow and a Arrow,he has been traning himself to use one for the reson its silent and you can recover back the arrow,other than that he is Good wen it comes being creative...well most of the time but overall he always Improvises and has Multiple ways of solving....or messing up something.
    His weaknes is well himself,somtimes very easy to distract and aswell slightly cocky gets him in the wrong postion and wrong places but rather than that wen he Improvises he might end up faling and getting in even worse Problems.
    [​IMG]{Dragon Race Name}
    Fatalis Subspeacie
    {white Variation}

    {Dragon Form Appearance}
    White Fatalis is strikingly different in appearance from its relatives. It is covered in luminous white scales, and a line of fur runs down its Head and tail. Its horns are antler-like in nature, and the structure of its head is significantly less reptilian than that of its counterparts.The coat of the White Fatalis produces a bright white aura. When enraged, the throat and chest of the White Fatalis glow a menacing red and becomes surrounded with red lightning sparks,But retains similer overral apperance to its Relatives like short arms and legs and Long serpentine neck and tail and Masive wing spand.But unique for its fur not like its More Common Counter parts.

    There body mesures around 31 Meters Long,simple reson for there long neck and tail making most of there mesurment but if removed there long neck and compleat masive tail they would be a short 9 Meters Long.But there wing spand is close to there Body mesurment of 39 Meters long,reson behinde such long wings is to lift there Heavy body.
    {Race Description}
    This speacie of dragon is well known for being Observative and Overall there "Royal" like Manners,theas Speacies have seen to always walk in a Straight and Slow Fashion and Overall being silent,always watching and serius in nature that is the reson for people saying they are "Royal" ,But There are actually 3 Variations of the same dragon in the family Being Grey Black the orriginal,Red Crimson and White Aura being its subspeacies,Theas speacies are well known for Having magical Properties Red Crimson being the less wille White Aura Being the most.

    Males and Females of the speacie have 1 Different being there Hornes,females dont have Horns wille males do have from 2 to 6,But for the white aura subspeacie the females dont have Fur but do have hornes.The speacie Overall is rare but white or "Albino" Being the rarest in the family.

    Mark in dragon is Full of Arcane Properties abble to call down red lightning from the sky or aswell shoot from his mouth as his signature move,he is abble to also imbue His claw with red lightning to attack its adversaries.Aside from its Thunder being his main move he is aswell abble to breath out from his mouth a Long Vortex-Form of fire and swip it from one side to a Nother.

    But those are the moves Than can be preforme wen he is not in Phase 2 also known a "Frenzy" as describe above his neck and chest would glow menacing red and wen this happens he has a few sets of new moves abble to do,wen in Frenzy his body is sorrounded by Lighning Crackle and dose who get to close might be Shock,but aswell wen in frenzy he is abble to summon Masive lighning bolt that take good space,but first the area were is about to strike turns red giving anybody the chance to escape and not be penetrated by a masive red lighning bolt but if hit it might aswell do masive damage or even kill the target,But his most strongest move is wen he close his wings infront of him and lighning starts to hit him,slowli charging him to releas a Powerfull Lighning Blast from his mouth abble to take down reanforce walls with one strike but wen this move is Preform he gose back to his normal phase and aswell Fatigue and weak.
    Mark has a Bow and Arrow that he uses abble to cover his arrows in red electricity.
    {Known skills}
    Mark is Very good Painter and aswell a gamer
    Mark Lived with both of his parents both being same speacie but different speacie,Being his father grey and his mother Crimson,but as he was Born they were not aware of him being a white or "Albino" of there kin,There blood line have been Hunted by Hunter since the begining for the reson there "Godly" acts,some even confused them as Deitys in the pass and Hunted down to stop them from being destructive especially the white aura for its ability to rain Lighning apon those it whants,But in reality theas were only peacefull Giants that had no reson to hurt anybody....but wen the hunters started to hunt shifters down they started to become agresive giving them more accidental meanings to be hunted down and quickly,Back to this time Marks parents knew the danger and even so briging there speacie to be indanger to poof away.

    Marks parents hide in the snowy regine of russia were they would be safe from the near dissaperance,as mark grew his parents teach him how to wield his abilities of his Lighning and aswell in human form,but he did have his parents fire breath,white auras are not sopos to breath fire but mark could.as years pass his parents would discover the academy and was sure it was safe for mark,they send him there and hope he would be safe,but they remain Hiden,they hope he would be abble to controle his abilities aswell as he still has no full control over them...but most of all his safety.
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  11. Well, Ravi looks alright so far. I guess he's accepted.

    I like the look of the other two apps. Hope to see their end result.
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Leon Jager
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male Dragon Shifter
    Nationality: North American

    Appearance: Height: Stands at 6 feet, Weight: 184lbs.

    -Patches of scales can be seen going down his arm and legs and a small white furred line goes from his shoulder and follows the underline of his arm on his elbows side to where his hand connects to his arm.

    -His eyes are pure red with a black slit in the center easily showing him as a shifter as well as matching his dragon forms eyes.

    -His skin is slightly pale white giving him a near albino appearance.

    Personality: Leon is considered a rather patient person when it comes to certain matters, however he has a very bad temper when he reaches his breaking point and is known to be arrogant at times possibly due to his age. Being essentially born for battle he's always up for a fight, no matter who its against. His parents hope this academy will help calm his fiery attitude though they are highly doubtful of it.

    Likes: Sparring
    Showing off his skills
    Silence when he's trying to rest.

    Dislikes: Huge crowds
    Silent studies

    Strengths: -Very good at hand to hand combat and small arms such as long swords which he can form with his weaponized ice magic. Often has the muscle to back up his words.

    -He carries a high moral and a surprisingly tough will to fight even if critically injured.

    Weaknesses: -His mouth can often lead him into trouble that could be easily avoided with both other shifters and hunters.

    -Still holds a high distrust against Hunters.

    -His eyesight is not that good at ranges after 10 yards which makes him ill suited for long range weaponry.

    His hide is softer then most dragons making him more vulnerable to wounds that some tougher dragons would merely shake off.


    Dragon Race Name: Blood Feathered Frost Dragon

    Dragon Form Appearance: Measures at 18 meters from head to tail with a 30 meter wingspan. Carries the same red hue on the back of his legs and down from the tip of his head to the edge of his tail giving a straight red line down his back.

    Race Description: Blood Feathered Dragons are just a fancier term for white dragons born with a fur covering their scales and a red hue on the edge of their feathered wings. They were purely bred for battle and ranged from many different elemental dragons. Although one trait always stays the same with them, they are always white with red edged feathers. No matter if it was a dragon of fire, earth, wind, etc. the colors always stayed the same making them easily distinguishable whether in their human form or in dragon form. They are considered fearsome creatures due to their ruthless fighting bred personality to counter the Hunters. However they are also egotistical due to their belief in being bred for battle makes them better at fighting then most others and can often lead them into suicidal situations which some tend to believe their sole purpose of creation is merely to bury themselves in as much blood and bodies as they can before they drown themselves.

    -In his Dragon Form he is capable of releasing cold air from his mouth to freeze opponents or objects at close range which he can easily shatter given his strength as a dragon.

    -He can buildup energy in his fore claws and release it in a thin jagged frozen line that can rupture the ground and even cause small ice spikes to form on the frozen area.

    -Instead of freezing the ground he can form small to medium sized ice spikes to hurl at opponents as a mid range attack.

    -If grappling with a opponent at close range that he can't seem to keep up with he can release a cold aura around his body to force the opponent to move away protecting him from flanking strikes.

    Weaponry: -Capable of forming ice blades such as daggers and long swords in his human form that are nearly as strong as steel as long as its in his grasp. Other wise it becomes extremely fragile and will shatter at the smallest force.

    - His Dragon form's talons are extremely durable and more than capable of tearing flesh, wood, or even thin metals with enough force.

    Known skills: Known to be decently quick learner and considered a jack of all trades, master of none. At least for areas that interest him.

    History: Leon grew in a area that was plagued with the war between Shifters and Hunters. Being that his mother and father were both Blood Feathered Dragons, his mother being ice and his father fire he got most of their traits. While he didn't inherit his father's fiery powers he did inherit most of his looks. As he grew his mother taught him how to use his powers effectively. Although when he was only 5 his father was killed when Hunters ambushed his and laid siege to the area his family and a few other dragons called home. They were forced to flee and join another group of a dragons. As time went on Leon held a grudge against the Hunters for murdering his father. His mother on the other hand caught wind of the academy accepting both Shifters and Hunters to work in tandem with each other and felt it would be good for him. Though he despised the very thought he wouldn't go against his mother on the matter. He just hopes she'll be fine while he attempts not to purposefully hurt any Hunters at the academy.

    Other Information: Anything that doesn't fit up there?
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  13. Will be putting up a CS tomorrow :]
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Jazmin Morales
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Dragon Shifter
    Nationality: Mexican

    Appearance: Include info that isn't in your picture. Expand on your picture. Height(preferably metric), weight(preferably Imperial), clothing, etc
    Jazmin is a petite girl who stands at 157 inches and weighs 65 kg. She has medium brown skin and short black hair that is long in some parts, mainly the bangs of the front and the back. She wears aztec-esque jewelry in her hair and gold bangles on her wrists as well as on her neck.
    For attire she tends to wear long tunics and capris with sandals or boots, or short dresses with sandals or boots.
    Personality: Jazmin tends to be on the shy side until she gets to know you, it's then that she gets super chatty to the point of being a hindrance and an irritation. Jazmin loves to talk and she doesn't really have a filter so she'll often point people's flaws out without thinking of how they would feel being exposed like that. If this is brought to her attention, she will apologize profusely and do whatever it takes to back on the person's good side, but after all is forgiven she;ll go right back to what she was doing, but she will avoid the topic that set the person off in the beginning.

    High Stamina
    Fast runner
    Too Curious for her own good
    Physically weak
    Bleeding Heart


    Dragon Race Name: Whispering Sprite Dragon
    Dragon Form Appearance: Expand on the picture. How big your form is, what differences there are to the picture, etc.
    Race Description: Whispering Sprites are one of the smallest race of dragon. They are about the size of a small car and are feathered as well as scaled. They have beautiful feathered wings and a forked tongue. They're facial appearance is akin to that of a snake, save for the shiny stones that are embedded in it's skin. Whispering Sprites are relatively silent when flying save for a tiny whooshing of air that can be heard. Whispering Sprites are more scout than fighter, but they will retaliate when cornered or threatened.

    Abilities: Whispering Sprites can manipulate wind by means of flapping their winds or blowing air from their mouths.
    Weaponry: She is capable of forming wind blades, and of course she can scratch with her claws but since her legs are so short she reserves that for hunting.
    Known skills: She is known for her swiftness and quick thinking.

    History: When shifters started being hunted down by hunters, the Whispering Sprite Dragon Clan went into hiding. At the time they were a large village of aztecs and they found refuge in one of their temples. They stayed there for years with generations upon generations of Whispering Sprites being taught to always remain hidden and never interact with those who weren't their own kind. However, when modern times started rolling around and people started to 'discover' ancient ruins, they were forced to leave. They made a new home in a small village in the newly founded Mexico, and over time that village evolved into a neighborhood, which still stands today.

    Jazmin was born in that neighborhood and never left, until her clan began to split apart due to a major disagreement. After all those years of hiding, many dragons were tired of being cowards and they wanted to confront their tormentors. The clan soon split in two, with one side taking a completely different name, 'The Roaring Sprites' and preparing for battle and the other side remaining the original, Whispering Sprites and panicking. Seeing that the neighborhood wasn't safe to remain in at the moment, Jazmin's parents sent her to the academy so she could be safe but also to broaden her view of the world.
    Other Information: TBA
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  15. [​IMG]


    Name: Dorian Thorne

    Age: 18

    Dragon Shifter

    Nationality: Swedish-American

    Dorian is a fairly attractive young man, with sharp features riddled with scars and bruises. He stands at 1.88 metres tall. When out of uniform, he tends to wear scrappy, haggard clothing that has a rebellious charm to it.

    Personality: Dorian is cocky, with a fierce attitude and a colourful vocabulary. He’s the type of person that gets up every time he’s beaten down, and spits in the face of the enemy. He doesn't make friends very easily due to his snappy nature. He can be very friendly and soft spoken to those that he respects.

    Likes: animals, coffee, naps, fruit, quiet, literature

    Dislikes: Sweets, loud noises, milk, bright lights

    Strengths: He is very committed, earning him excellent grades and helping him excel in everything he does. He’s very observant, able to remember the smallest pieces of information.

    Weaknesses: Dorian is short tempered, and can lose control of his mood. He’s also extremely stubborn, set in his ways and beliefs. He’s emotionally unstable, and can be upset quite easily. He holds grudges.

    Weaponry: A black tanto blade he keeps hidden on his belt.




    Dragon Race Name: Avian Draconis: Bluejay

    Dragon Form Appearance:
    Dorian is about 10 metres long from head to tail, and just under 4 metres tall. He has a wingspan of about 8 metres.

    Race Description: Dragons belonging to this race have a bird like appearance, with feathered wings and thick plumes running along their spines. They resemble existing species of birds in pattern and colour, ranging from wrens to peacocks. Avian dragonis are a very proud race, often extremely vain, caring more about their appearance than anything else. They're quick on their feet, and are more prone to flight than fight. However, if forced to fight, they're very skilled. They tire their opponent, dodging their attacks, slowing them down. They have a venomous bite, so acidic it burns through flesh and bone within minutes. This species can change the properties of the venom, and it can also rapidly real wounds and stave off poison. This species has a blue flame, which is much hotter than orange. Older dragons of this species can even have a white flame.

    -Rapid healing
    -Venomous/healing saliva
    -Blue fire

    -Long, hooked talons that can tear through most materials
    -Tough, fine scales that are resistant to fire
    -Venomous bite and strong jaws

    Known skills:
    -Adept at flight
    -Extremely agile

    Before moving to this school, Dorian was home schooled by his adoptive mother. He doesn't have any blood related family apart from a sister, whom he hasn't spoken to for years. His biological parents were killed by hunters several years back, and Dorian has never been able to forget that.
    Dorian lived a tough life, prone to getting himself in dangerous situations and fighting fights he was unlikely to win.
    Life has dealt him a bad hand, making him the bitter character he is today.

    Other Information:

    Nil yet.​
  16. Woah, that's quite a high Dragon Shifter ratio. I think I'll stop Dragon Shifters from coming in when there's 8 or 9 of them, then continue to allow when the ratio has been balanced.

    Dorian should be good to roll. Don't wreck too much.
  17. Reserving a ahifter ^^
  18. Aha okay, thanks! The next character I'm working on is a hunter, so that might help balance it out a little.
  19. Well I was going to fix my sheet up a bit this morning, but I got called into work an hour early to cover for a co-worker. Guess it'll just have to wait till this evening because its a pain to edit stuff on my phone.
  20. Im gona Finish My shifter today ^^ and maybe make a Hunter but i dont know :/ Im somtimes forget a character and all that so i might have one but maybe two so who knows
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