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  1. This is the first time I'm making a role-play that has fantasy features, so bare with me here.
    I really love this MMORPG. I have been quite obsessed with it, so I thought I could make an RP based on it.

    About the Game Drakensanng is an MMORPG online where you are able to be a dragonkinght, ranger, spellweaver, or a seam mechanicus.

    The game world, Duria, is oriented in the medieval Europe. Players can choose to do quests, go through dungeons, or just simply kill monsters.
    Strange portals have opened and even stranger creatures ventured out of them.
    They have been attacking the Anderworld and now it is up to you to save it.

    On the picture belong, the listed areas are of urban areas, (I have not gotten later than level 26, I deleted my character at one point, I haven't seen passed Slifmoor.)
    here will be any dungeons you can venture through and where most of your quests will take place ==>>http://drakensangonline.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeons

    In The RP In this RP you get to play as one of the four character classes. You are allowed to have multiple characters, but only if you can handle them.
    You will be handed quests if you are to speak to someone that holds quests. You are able to join guilds and work along side other players.
    This is most likely going to be a slow paced RP because I will have to hand you all quests individually, unless you are working in a group with others.
    You are allowed your own companion as well, horses, dragons, even giant spiders to ride (yes...they have those) . I want to add a bit of romance as well. The main urban area is Kingshill, so if you want settle down there for a bit go ahead.

    CS Name:
    Character class:

    Not much has to be stated here. :/

    any questions for it just ask so i can add more to this

    This is a work in progess!!!
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